Joey Barton was today found guilty by the FA of placing 1,260 bets on football matches that broke their rules.

The Burnley player has been banned for 18 months and fined £30,000 but says he will appeal.

As part of his public statement, Joey Barton has listed the 30 bets which he says the FA had most issues with and 23 of them were when he was at Newcastle United – these are all listed below.

Official FA Statement – 26 October 2017:

‘Joey Barton has been suspended from football and all football activity for 18 months with immediate effect after he admitted an FA misconduct charge in relation to betting.

It was alleged that between 26 March 2006 and 13 May 2016, he placed 1,260 bets on the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of, or occurrence in, football matches or competitions in breach of FA Rule E8.

Following the Independent Regulatory Commission hearing, the Burnley midfielder was also fined £30,000 and warned as to his future conduct.

Written Reasons will follow in due course.’

Extract from Joey Barton response to being found guilty – 26 April 2017 (See full Barton statement HERE):

‘Raised at the hearing was that between 2004 and 2011 I placed a handful of bets on my own team to lose matches. I accept of course that this is against the rules, for the obvious reason that a player with an additional financial stake in the game might seek to change the course of it for his own personal gain. However I’d like to offer some context.

First, in every game I have played, I have given everything. I’m confident that anyone who has ever seen me play, or played with or against me, will confirm that to be the case. I am more aware than anyone that I have character issues that I struggle with, and my addictive personality is one of them, but I am a devoted and dedicated professional who has always given my all on the pitch.

Second, on the few occasions where I placed a bet on my own team to lose, I was not involved in the match day squad for any of those games. I did not play. I was not even on the bench. I had no more ability to influence the outcome than had I been betting on darts, snooker, or a cricket match in the West Indies. I should add that on some of those occasions, my placing of the bet on my own team to lose was an expression of my anger and frustration at not being picked or being unable to play. I understand people will think that is childish and selfish and I cannot disagree with that.

Third, I should point out that the last of these bets against my own team was six years ago (and in a reserve game), when I was going through a particularly troubled period, and when the FA were not nearly as hard on gambling as they are now.

One thing I can state with absolute certainty – I have never placed a bet against my own team when in a position to influence the game, and I am pleased that in all of the interviews with the FA, and at the hearing, my integrity on that point has never been in question.

I’m keen to be open about it, here are the thirty most pertinent bets as determined by the FA:

(23 of the bets involved Newcastle United when he was playing for them and these are listed below, the other 7 were when he was at Man City & QPR)

Newcastle v Tottenham (24/9/2008) Newcastle to win £25 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v Sunderland (1/2/2009) Newcastle to win £5 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v Sunderland (1/2/2009) Newcastle to win 2-1 £2 (Bet Lost)

Hull v Newcastle (14/3/2009) Newcastle to win £5 (Bet Lost)

Hull v Newcastle (14/3/2009) Newcastle to win (as part of a bet involving other matches) £5 (Bet Lost)

Forest v Newcastle (17/10/2009) Newcastle to win £22 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v Derby (28/12/2009) Newcastle to win (as part of a bet involving other matches) £50 (Bet Lost)

Stevenage v Newcastle (8/1/2011) Newcastle to win £497.50 (Bet Lost)

Stevenage v Newcastle (8/1/2011) Newcastle to lead at HT and FT £250 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v PSV (6/8/2008) Draw at HT and PSV lead at FT £30 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v PSV (6/8/2008) PSV to lead at HT and FT £5.65 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v PSV (6/8/2008) PSV to lead at HT and FT £24.35 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v PSV (6/8/2008) PSV to win £40 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v PSV (6/8/2008) PSV to win 1-0 £10 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v PSV (6/8/2008) PSV to win 2-0 £10 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v PSV (6/8/2008) PSV to win 3-0 £10 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v PSV (6/8/2008) PSV to win £81.67 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v PSV (6/8/2008) PSV to win £158.33 (Bet Lost)

Man Utd v Newcastle (17/8/2008) Man Utd to win £300 (Bet Lost)

Chelsea v Newcastle (22/11/2008) Chelsea to win £48 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v Chelsea (28/11/2010) Chelsea to win £500 (Bet Lost)

Newcastle v Chelsea (28/11/2010) Chelsea to win (as part of multiple bet which includes singles and doubles) £350 (Bet lost on Newcastle but other part of bet paid as a win)

Newcastle Reserves v Arsenal Reserves (9/3/2011) Arsenal to win £100 (Bet Lost)

In all of these 23 bets on Newcastle games, whilst Joey Barton was employed by the club, he managed to lose them all! (As detailed above, he won some money back on one bet but that was because he bet on a number of matches, Chelsea not beating Newcastle as he’d selected, but another match being called correctly by him).

Whether backing on Newcastle to win or lose, he managed to get it wrong.

Whilst his excuses are pretty pathetic, this clearly was a case of somebody with too much time and money on their hands, and too few brains to comprehend what he had to lose in terms of his football career.

The only game above where he actually played was the defeat at Stevenage when he backed Newcastle to win in two separate bets, only for NUFC to lose that FA Cup game – though Barton himself did score a 25 yard screamer to pull the score back to 2-1 to Stevenage, before they eventually won 3-1.

As for betting against his own team (Newcastle), Barton claims he wasn’t playing and so couldn’t/wouldn’t influence the result.

Obviously no well thought out betting syndicate scandal, just a sad individual betting against his employers (and the fans, his teammates etc), pretty pathetic.

The sad nature of his betting is summed up by fact that he was even betting on a reserve match and couldn’t even get that right as Arsenal’s second string failed to win on Tyneside.

With Lee Charnley’s arrest and the HMRC raids on St James Park and the training ground, just another day in the life of Newcastle United…

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Typical Bin Dipper, lose all his bets, gets a 30 grand fine & banned.
    you couldn`t make this one up

  • Lord

    That losing record is almost better than John Carver’s.

  • edinburghmag

    With a record of Newcastle predictions like that he looks like a sure fire replacement for David Prutton on Sky Sports

  • GToon

    That is absolutely hilarious. Poor bloke. You would have thought playing for the useless bunch would give him some inside knowledge.

  • Marcus Marsh

    Slightly off topic, but very current. I see HMRC have made arrests at both Newcastle and West Ham today on tax fraud charges. I wonder if Newcastle will be denied promotion due to financial irregularities like Swindon Town were under Ossie Ardiles.

    • Leazes Ender

      Its covered elsewhere but Jim is trying to bury the story under a pile of dung.

  • Stephen

    Hardly grandiose stakes.
    Even if these bets had won, prorata to what his wages are/were not enough to bother him.
    Surly can’t warrant finishing his career.