Wigan fans are watching their team rapidly heading towards the third tier.

After eight years of life in the Premier League, that all came to an end in 2013, as the club were relegated AND won the FA Cup.

These days though, that season four years ago is now looking a decent memory.

Pulling in only 10,787 for a home match earlier this month against Bristol City, nevertheless there are 1,200 Wigan fans heading to Tyneside today.

Selling out this reduced allocation sparked an interesting discussion amongst fans of the Lancashire club, about the respective crowds the two clubs pull in.

Comments from Wigan fans via their top message board Cockney Latic:

‘Who would ever have thought that Latics could sell out their (1,200) allocation for Newcastle yet Newcastle couldn’t sell out for the trip to New Springfield.

Yes we know they had 4 times more at Wigan than we will have at Gallowgate and it’s a Saturday and that match was midweek but they were top of the league yet we are virtually doomed.

Newcastle must also have thirty times the drawing power of Latics with dozens of satellite towns in the North East that have a bond with Newcastle and also thousands of exiles from the region who support Newcastle.

I just thought that is a fantastic show from the Loyal Latics but one that will be ignored by the media. Well done to you all.’

‘Cracking effort. Hopefully can dent their promotion push!’

‘Barring a miracle on our side we won’t be enjoying 4700 Black Cats at Wigan next season.

Sunderland are looking as doomed as us.’

‘Newcastle fans support their team through thick and thin .

It hurts the fans more than the greedy players, owners and know they’ve no right to believe they should be in the premier league because they’re a ‘big club’.

Respect given.’

‘No they don’t.

They are as fickle as any other fans. I remember several times in the early eighties and again in the early nineties Newcastle having crowds in the low teens of thousands with average crowds of 16 to 17 thousand.’

‘A couple of times, compared to well above-average crowds the rest of the time.’

‘The facts are that a handful of times 35 years ago, Newcastle half-filled their ground. And as much as it hurts me to say it(!), that doesn’t make their fans fickle!

Considering they haven’t won anything of note during my lifetime, have high ticket prices, and have had a succession of owners who treat them with utter contempt, the fact they still get close to 50,000 every home game is remarkable.’

 ‘One thing you can’t say about them Geordies is that they don’t support their club. They’ve always had decent support, especially away.

I agree though, they are fickle in the sense that they never seem to be happy. They even moaned when they had Bobby Robson in charge.

Geordies, Spurs & Arsenal are the worst English supporters for moaning IMO..’

‘How many would follow the Toon if they had Utd,Liverpool,City and Everton on the flamin doorstep. This is the point everyone misses when comparing our crowds.’

‘Say what you like about Newcastle fans being deluded or mugs, but they’ve stuck with their team after both their recent relegations & sell out almost all away games, even though they are repeatedly fleeced by ticket prices.’

‘Newcastle have no other team to class as local but for Sunderland how is it not a realistic comparison. Latics has 4 gigantic clubs all with richer history and success than Newcastle will ever see.

They are one of those clubs like Leeds who have fans everywhere for no logical reason other than a fan base. We would have to be in the greed league for a generation winning titles and cups to take support from the very noisy 4 neighbours whereas the Toon have no competition in a very large densely populated area.’

 ‘Hardly a sell out,the away end holds 3000+ we’ve sold 1200 in one section but still a good turn out for a small club doomed.’

‘It’ll be like the Man Utd game – fans seeing this as a last chance for a long time to be visiting stadiums like this for a game in front of over 50,000.

Soon we’ll have to rely on winning two League/FA Cup ties to even have a sniff of playing at the likes of Newcastle.’

‘It’s a decent following considering, so made up. Should be a good atmosphere…. well, until we go behind.’

‘Newcastle is in a part of the country where football loving fans are in ample supply with very few clubs to support.

Go north of the City and the next teams you come across are Hibs and Hearts ffs. Towns north of Newcastle like Alnwick, Ashington Cramlington etc are a very long way from other clubs so if you want to watch football its the Toon or nowt.

The world’s game is football and folk want to be involved by being at the game. This means that when they got relegated last season those who spat the dummy and didn’t want to go again were easily replenished coz its supply and demand is it not. They are lucky enough to be in such a vast catchment area unlike us .

So yes i’ll defend our attendances to the hilt coz of nothing more than geography.’

  • 1957

    If they had lived through some of the dross served up in the 70’s and 80’s their ground would have been empty

    • Leicester Mag

      Too right who can forget a front 2 of Shinton and Rafferty. A midfield with Walker and Cartwright pulling the strings, players who’d fit in well with a pub 5 a side team. Don’t think anyone under 45 can appreciate how bad we have been

      • gallowgate26

        Hey, don’t disrespect Bobby Shinton no.9. Top goalscorer of the era. ;)

    • Jezza

      Good point. It’s also worth remembering that football attendances were considerably lower on a national scale back then. We were still one of the best supported clubs in the country at the time when we were getting crowds of 20,000 to 25,000.

  • Jamie Smith

    Thing is, on the one hand you get this argument that we have no competition for a huge support base but on the other hand other fans love to blether how we’re not a big club and have no god given right to be in the Premier League etc.

    Suppose you’ve got to just shrug and enjoy your matchdays

  • Rambler

    The population of Wigan is larger than that of Newcastle I believe?

    • wowski13

      Not even close. Wigan is about 100,000 people, Newcastle is nearly 300,000. If you look at Tyneside its actually 3/4 of a million people.

      • Rambler

        Ah right yes, Wigan borough population the same as Newcastle, not Wigan Town.

    • Jezza

      The catchment area population is probably similar to that of Newcastle. Wigan Athletic’s problem is that they are not even the biggest club in Wigan. They are forever in the shadow Of the Wigan rugby team.

  • Viking21

    All due respect to Wigan, but do these people not realise how many people have been born in Newcastle since the 60’s and 70’s? I was born in 90 and there’s nee chance I’d support anyone other than NUFC – I think some people miss the point

  • Geordiegiants

    They have a very valid point. Some of our fans are an absolute disgrace. We all have opinions, good and bad, but some of the things I’ve seen written on here or heard at the match are shameful sometimes.

  • Vito Genovese

    Funny to mention Cramlington as some kind of town where the locals follow NUFC due to nobody else to support. The vast majority of people who live in Cramlington were born in Newcastle and their parents moved there from the Newcastle and North tyneside during the seventies.
    Satellite town – Black and White Town!

  • bobbi fleckman

    why do we care?