Cardiff fans have produced an interesting reaction to the news earlier on Tuesday confirming that Newcastle supporters had been given a massive 6,000 ticket allocation.

The Cardiff v Newcastle match is the last away game of the season for the Magpies.

With so much potentially riding on the game, the title and/or automatic promotion, the demand for away tickets was always going to be high.

Last month saw claims that Newcastle had asked for 10,000 tickets and that Cardiff were going to try and make 8,000 available.

When ticket details were then announced, Newcastle stated that 3,400 tickets had ‘initially’ been allocated.

Now though, many Cardiff City season ticket holders have received a letter which explains that they will have to move to accommodate Newcastle fans.

The letter states that fans are being moved due to safety concerns, with Newcastle fans guaranteed to be in the home sections if demand can’t be satisfied.

Cardiff fans have been informed that instead of the usual 2,200 away allocation, there are up to around 6,000 places allocated to Newcastle supporters if the demand is there.

Therefore, Cardiff City are telling these season ticket holders that they will be offered alternative seats, with both the Safety Advisory Group and South Wales Police backing the decision.

Cardiff fans commenting on the news via CardiffCityForum, Facebook, Wales Online, Twitter and CCMB:

‘We should welcome the passionate and likeable support that Newcastle always bring with them. It will be a fantastic atmosphere.’

‘Fair play, should have given them the 10,000 they requested though. More the merrier!

As for the people being moved, surely you can deal with it for the day if it means a better atmosphere and more money for the club?’

‘We should give them the usual 2000 tickets it’s our GROUND our FORTRESS. Not Happy!’

‘Why are people complaining about 6,000 tickets, the ground will be bouncing!

Rather see the extra 4000 away fans rather then empty seats like usual.’


‘It will be a great night hosting football mad Newcastle supporters so why not open the top of the new stand to house them all.’

‘Fully support this. But if the only seats that I can sit in are the red ones then on a point of principle I will not be there. I am a true Bluebirds fan but sometimes you have to stick to what you believe.’

‘Not only do they change the date, now they want my seat as well!’

‘More income for the club and better atmosphere for the game. The club also showing they are willing to accommodate away fans if the demand is there. Can only see positives.’

‘It’s not as if we would sell out so why not give them this, bit of extra cash for the club.’

‘It’s half empty behind goals anyway, good luck Newcastle u have my backing.’

‘I’d rather have a cracking away following and more fans packed into the grandstand or other stands, all creates a better atmosphere.’

‘And me, it could be there championship title good luck Newcastle.’

‘Good to see that City are only charging them £24 and have not taken the opportunity to “ROB THEM BLIND”, as other clubs do to us all the time.

Good on you City.’

‘It’ll be nice to actually have a bit of atmosphere in the ground, even if it is from them lot celebrating promotion.’

‘They were entitled to 10% of the seats and it’s on telly so why not just give them that and put them in the corner like every other club ?

They’ll be back down again in a season anyway.’

‘They can have my seat seeing as we,ve decided to make it a geordie day of celebration.’

‘It’s on the tele so probably very few walk ups. I don’t mind city making a few extra quid.

I don’t think this is a massive love in for the toon it’s just to make another game into a better one for both sides.’

‘Had my letter this morning and changed to the grandstand, I personally agree with this as it will make the club money and nothing on the game.Should be an interesting atmosphere.’

‘Give them the 10,000.’

‘Undoubtedly some people will moan about this, but it’s a sensible compromise with plenty of notice.

You just know that some people will turn up on the day oblivious to the whole plan! But this is a good idea, especially as the Family Stand has been more than half empty since we left the Premier League.

I’m waiting for someone to post on here that it’s all Vincent Tan’s fault that they can’t have their usual seat.’

‘I want my usual seat. It’s Tans fault.’

‘I dont see why we didnt give them the ten thousand they asked for its not like we need a win and will make us money.’

‘Had my letter this morning and couldn’t believe what I was reading because as most posters on this thread have already said this is about one thing, MONEY, however the snake oil salesmen that infest our club say this is about “Crowd Safety” – REALLY.

What has surprised me most about this is that the EFL are allowing it as surely providing such a large allocation of away tickets gives Newcastle Utd an unfair advantage over other clubs who have visited the CCS this season.

As someone has already mentioned this will make for a very interesting atmosphere on the night and the risk is the atmosphere will be massively pro Newcastle. With such a close fight with Brighton for the Championship Title if it remains the same as it is today on the evening of this game how will Brighton feel about this? In my opinion the club should have provided the 2000 tickets or 10% of capacity and no more, like the 3358 they allowed Villa.’

I don’t want to see 10,000 geordies at our ground, it’s going to seem like an away game for us.

Never mind the money…it’s only a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things. We could give them the same as Villa had (around 3,500).

The Club has missed a trick here. Newcastle would be a very attractive game for Cardiff fans. The biggest game of the season for many, so all the Club had to do was offer free or cheap tickets to OUR fans and market it as a end of season sellout.

I’m sure we could have got close to a 30,000 crowd. We got 28,000 for Derby last season and we would surely have beaten that. Instead we are “selling out” to the toon army. I’m old enough to remember 10,000 Sunderland fans and 8,000 Sheff Wed fans at Ninian Park for their end of season promotion seasons. It wasn’t very nice to be honest…’

‘We could still offer cheap tickets and I don’t think we will sell out!’

  • Geordiegiants

    Pretty positive comments in general. I have to admit I would be a bit miffed if the shoe was on the other foot. I remember the euros and the Albania game at SJP. The price for my seat was astronomical so I sat where the away fans sit now, I was a bit pee’d off to say the least.

  • Blackburn1066

    10.000 Geordies the pubs will love it

  • HappyToons

    Some nice comments from Cardiff fans and great respect and credit to them. The real fan will see the sense of allowing a huge away following if there is nothing in it for the home fans. Would we begrudge say Barnsley 10k fans if that was the last game and their promotion and we were mid table averaging 27k? It would be a foolish club to allow a massive away following if the home team had a lot at stake.

    To be fair Cardiff see it as a TV game which would probably knock 5k off the gate in the first place and we can take up the extra.