Newcastle fans don’t need reminding how heartbreaking it was to suffer relegation last season.

After finally splashing some cash in the summer of 2015 on players like Gini Wijnaldum, Chancel Mbemba & Mitro, we were lumbered with a clueless “Head Coach” and we looked hopeless despite all that spending.

Then in March last year it looked like we might have some hope after Shhhteve was finally sacked and Rafa Benitez came in as Manager. Unfortunately, with only ten games left it was too late to save us and coupled with Sunderland’s annual run of late form and freak results against teams with nothing to play for – and managers who weren’t in permanent positions (Everton & Chelsea), we were relegated.

Our smug neighbours from down the road survived and had the brilliantly original and not at all cliched idea of flying a plane over St James Park. The same day we stuffed third placed Spurs 5-1 and convinced Rafa to stay with us to guide us back to the top flight.

At the same time the Mackems were mocking us, they were celebrating another glorious 17th place finish with a draw at Watford.

Oh how things change in a year…

I don’t want to tempt fate, but, it looks as if we are going to return to the Premier League at the first time of asking (hopefully with a trophy to show for it) while Sunderland are free-falling in the opposite direction. Karma’s a b*tch ey?

Because of this I’ve heard a lot of talk in the pubs on match days about how it’d be a good idea to give them a taste of their own medicine and do the same to them as it looks like confirmation of their inevitable relegation will be around the same time as our (probable) promotion.

Now I dislike the mackems as much as the next toon supporter, maybe more since I live in Washington and I have to deal with them on a regular basis. It’s a bit like living on the Gaza strip but with more Lonsdale tracksuits.

Even though I’d love to have a laugh in their faces at the irony of their smugness, I’d rather just enjoy our own success without the need for chipping in for a plane to fly over the SoS with a message for a couple of minutes.

I’ve always thought it was a tacky gesture when it was first used (Ironically against David Moyes) and on every occasion since.

Wouldn’t it be a more befitting gesture of our fans and our city to donate the money it would cost to hire the plane to a charitable cause. There are many to choose from with the heartbreaking Bradley Lowery and the many other ill children, the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, the homeless,  I could go on…

Sunderland fans don’t need reminding that it has come back to bite them. They know it deep down, they’ve been preparing for it for some time. David Moyes said they were in a relegation battle before they’d even kicked a ball.

Maybe this is why they were so eager to gloat at us, after McClaren’s “top 8 target”, the money spent and the hysteria surrounding Rafa’s appointment, it was unthinkable that we’d go down. With Sunderland though it wouldn’t be so much like kicking a man when he’s down, rather standing on a chicken drumstick in the street that someone dropped the night before.

I hope this reaches out to the masses and we can show that we are not petty and are the best fans around.

Let us just enjoy the rest of our season and hopefully we’ll have a party to look forward to after the Barnsley game!

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  • Gareth Marshall

    It’s a lovely sentiment, but nah, let’s stick the bloody boot in. This is what football fans live for!

    • Albert Stubbins

      exactly- the bs about showing our class? who are we exactly like? what have we won? leave the bs patronizing to the like of Arsenal and Man yoo- unless anyone hasnt noticed, we get very little chance to have a laugh at their expense- I agree- let’s put the boot in whilst we have the chance!!! NUFC/SMB


    Totally agree, we should let our low quality neighbours disappear without achknowledging it happened. The danger with gloating is (as theyve seen) you can get shot in the foot, particularly as at present our best 11 probably is no better than theirs!
    I believe some people may have collected cash for a fly by. Can I suggest you send the money to a charity of your choice. Show your class.

  • Paul Patterson

    When did everyone go bloody soft?
    I share the sentiments about the charities and in particular the Bradley Lowery case.
    But this is football and football rivalry. Wasting time and money on flypasts and tacky gestures like that should be left to the unwashed from Monkwearmouth but I for one will be taking the p**s if they go down and we go up.


      When Paul Patterson brings knocking a little boy with terminal cancer into a banal debate about a ball game, he really is showing he isnt Newcastle class.

      • Paul Patterson

        Can’t say you’ve read the comment then.

        • SEGEDUNUM

          I misread you original comment. Apologies, I agree with what youre saying.

          • Paul Patterson

            Not to worry. The way SAFC (and the wider football fans throughout England) have handled Bradley is to be commended and shows the utmost respect and class.

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    Six in a row, and very little chance we’ll hold our own in the PL. Why on earth should we gloat?

  • Wor Lass

    It`s pathetic and not even original. Maybe if they just put on a message of support for kids` cancer charities then the point will still be made but in a more understated way. I agree with Paul, we should definitely extract the urine. I`ve got mackem neighbours and they`re going to get payback big style and I`m going to “luv it”! I`ve said before, the guys organising this are probably the ones that whinge on the most about the Villa bed sheet. I hope they draft someone in to at least make sure they get the spelling right.

  • joe mac

    The question is…would they do it again if the boot was on the other foot?…..too right they would!!…..crack on lads….what goes round comes round!.

  • Mrkgw

    Have to agree with Alex. I really hope that we don’t stoop to their pathetic level and rise above it. Laugh at them, yes. But to hire a plane, would be no better than them. let their club drop and languish in the Championship for years to come – they won’t be back in a hurry.

  • Jimblag23

    Planes should be used for celebration. For example Prem here we come or thanks rafa. Not for some pathetic dig that looks like a troll tweeting in the sky.