It is arguable whether Kenny Dalglish or Graeme Souness did most damage when at Newcastle United.

Both of them dismantled great teams that had been assembled by Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson respectively.

However, Graeme Souness probably gets top billing due to overseeing arguably the most disastrous transfer period in Newcastle’s history, with Luque, Owen and Boumsong arriving for a combined  £40m…and remember, this was at 2005 prices 12 years ago!

Despite his failings, the former Newcastle boss is never out of the media and has been talking about what needs to happen at Newcastle if/when they are promoted.

Souness warns that Newcastle United, or indeed any club who are promoted now, will be relegated if not investing after promotion from the Championship.

He thinks everybody connected with Newcastle United knows that ‘major investment’ is needed this summer but as always there are worries about one person in that transfer process.

Graeme Souness says that all will become clear this summer about Rafa Benitez’ ‘relationship’ with Mike Ashley, when it comes to whether the NUFC owner will back him properly in this next vital transfer window.

Souness also was asked about who is going to be dropping out of the top division and has no doubts that Sunderland are nailed on to be one of the three.

Graeme Souness talking to the Sporting Life:

“I think any club coming up needs to invest in new players. Otherwise you will go straight back down to where you came from.

“Newcastle have enjoyed a good season in the Championship but everyone connected with the club would say that they need to make major investment or it will be very difficult next season.

“You can only speculate (how much money will be made available to spend) and the manager’s (Rafa’s) relationship with the owner (Mike Ashley) will come out in the wash this summer.”

British v Foreign Coaches:

“I’ve worked abroad and they (foreign coaches) don’t know any more than we do.

Right now in our leagues there are lots of foreign owners who are choosing not to go British.

“I find that sad because we’ve got some very good young coaches who aren’t getting the chance.

“People will accuse me of doing the exact same thing as I got the chance to work abroad and I took it.

“It’s just sad that British coaches don’t get as much opportunity as people from the continent.”

Premier League relegation:

“My three to go down are Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Swansea.

“I think Hull have a wee bit more about them than Swansea. I’d be worrying if I was a Swansea supporter.

“Even when Mike Phelan was there I think Hull were showing something. Scoring goals is the hardest thing to do at any level, especially the Premier League. Hull have a goal in them whereas Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Swansea don’t.”

  • Alex

    Can’t do anything but agree. Has Ashley merely used Rafa to get the EPL income stream back, or is he going to allow Rafa to completely build the club. Yes, we’ll find out shortly.

  • Wor Lass

    Souness was a wonderful player on his day but he always had a very nasty streak lurking just below the surface and that didn`t go away when he stopped playing. When he was at Blackburn the players sent the captain to him to ask him to stop playing in the 5-asides. When we took him from them and paid compensation the day before he was going to be sacked they must have felt just like we did when Spuds took Moussa. He was a failure as a manager once he got out of the Glasgow goldfish bowl (containing two fish and some plankton) but has managed to blag a lucrative career as a football “expert”. You can see his nasty, vindictive side just simmering away under the surface. I think he must be a close relative of David Moyes separated at birth.What he says here is right, though!

    • Steve Smith

      Apart from the Little England/Britain mentality of “foreign coaches get all the jobs” to explain away his own shortcomings of course.

      • Wor Lass

        On that basis, he should have stayed in Scotland.

    • Rich Lawson

      He was evil,I remember Kev’s testimonial against Liverpool,almost the first time he had the ball Souness went straight through him !!

    • dillon

      dirty player I remember a game at ayresome park when he ran 20 yards at top speed just to kick Tommy Craig .no ball involved

      • Wor Lass

        I have a vivid memory of him getting up from a tackle and hoofing the other player in the face/shoulder – think it might have been Gary Charles in a Scotland Wales game. I don`t think he was even sent off. The ref was probably scared of him!

  • Lord

    On the positive side, we don’t need a new striker, we should have the prolific Emmanuel Rivière return from loan in the summer, right?

  • MadMag83

    Swansea will stay up. Think Sunderland and Boro are down, i would probably go with Hull to be the third team as they’ve got some tough games left.

    • Rich Lawson

      I would like to see Boro stay up,it’s nice to have an away game just down the road and I like Gibson’s attitude to the club and community (are you listening Ashley ?) Their game against Hull this week will probably decide it ?

  • Jimblag23

    Souness is a prize winning tit but completely bang on.

  • Big Al 1967

    Never thought I would defend Souness but my understanding is he was desperate to bring in Anelka and fat Freddie went out and bought that waste of space Owen instead

  • magpiefifer

    A horrible human being (?).However,I have to agree with his comments.