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Mark the players now with your ratings for Friday night’s match.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 1 Leeds 1


Newcastle: Lascelles 67

Leeds: Wood 90+5

Possession was Leeds 44% Newcastle 56%

Total shots were  Leeds 4 Newcastle 22

Shots on target were Leeds 2 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Leeds 0 Newcastle 19

Referee: Chris Kavanagh

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Anita, Lascelles, Mbemba, Dummett, Ritchie (Yedlin 84), Shelvey, Hayden (Colback 79), Gouffran, Perez (Diame 90), Mitrovic

Unused Subs:

Elliot, Hanley, Murphy, Atsu

Crowd: 52,301 (Leeds 3,200)

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  • Salty

    Thought the substitutions a bit odd, Hayden had an excellent game and Colback just plays a bit deeper which invited Leeds on. And while Ritchie might have been tiring his experience would have been a better option than Yedlin. Personally I would have just taken off the front 2 when we went ahead, Murphy and Diames experience would have helped see it out. All that said just can’t believe we didn’t pick up the 3 points against an excellent keeper on the night and some last ditch defending. We will achieve the promotion target though and then strengthen considerably in the summer.

    • TomPage

      Do you really believe that ‘fatty’ will spend enough to keep us in the Premier ship? I don’t think Benitez knows what he is doing, either in selecting signings or team tactics and substitutions. His personnel selections and timing of changes is completely bafelling. Bringing on ‘Shola No. 2’ was a complete waste. Ritchie on one leg was better than that useless article. Oh, for the Keegan entertainers – when St. James was rocking and Andy Cole was banging them in!

      Tom Page

      • hetonmag

        Shocking reply Rafa has nearly got us promoted at the first time of asking, some pundits doubted he would succeed.

        • Tom page

          Tom Page
          We should have been running away with this league like we did under Chris Hughton, Remember? This team is playing just like Liverpool did in his last year there – trying to pass and play and the team just isn’t good enough to do it.
          As for succeeding, just look at the stats – 22 shots and only 4 on goal – only 18% of the shots where the Leeds goalie had to make a save. Shearer would have been ashamed at those levels. Mitro is just not good enough and nor is his mate Perez. They couldn’t hit the barn door if they were standing on the latch! Professional footballers, my a**e.

          • hetonmag

            We should have been this we should have been that we are what we are, we don’t have a Cole or a Shearer or Kane stop living in the past and get behind the players we have got.

          • Tom page

            Thanks for that bit of genius thinking. We do, however, have Mitro, Perez and Diame, all selected by that other football genius Benitez, and they wouldn’t have scored if they had played all night. Had we had any of the three you mentioned we would have won that game.
            I guess I do live in the past, like Sir Bobby Robson, because I’m the same age as he would have now been and have only been going to St. James’ park since 1942. This included travelling all over the UK from Pittodrie to Plymouth, Norwich to Hereford, Swansea and Cardiff following the Mags along with Jimmy Nichol, the Magpie mascot. Also I was an FA qualified referee – hence used to know a bit about the rule book, too. Unfortunately, I now live in West Cumbria so have to go with my son to watch the games that are on Sky TV.
            I hope that may explain why I can remember some of the many great players who have graced the shirt during and after the War.

          • hetonmag

            I am in my late sixties and I have followed my team around the country but unlike you I don’t live in the past, and what has being a former Ref got to do with the discussion Kieth Stroud is a present Ref who knows FA about the rule book so I don’t actually know where you are coming from on that one.

          • Tom page

            Stroud made a mistake as do all people – even you! The point about being a ref and knowing the rules was to let you and Salty know that I was trained in knowing what the rules of football are and how it is should be played. Something people who think that most of the current team are capable of playing the “beautiful” game are being completely deluded about – especially when they say ‘support the lads because they are what we have’ not harp on about the past. That was when we had a decent team and supporters who knew about their football.

          • Simon Ritter

            Another so-called supporter duped by the “shots on target” statistic. At least seven goalbound shots/headers were blocked by excellent Leeds defending, which puts our accuracy rate at 50%. Big Al would be proud of that.

          • Tom page

            “At least 7 shots were blocked by excellent Leeds defending…”. Why didn’t our defenders do the same? Wood did what our great attackers couldn’t do – hit the net with one shot on goal! Is that another statistic you don’t like? Either be accurate with your comments or don’t bother.

      • Salty

        Since mclaren was backed with some £80m and Rafa spent £50m ahead of a championship season (with money in the bank from sales) I find it hard to believe anyone doubts that money will be spent. As for staying up Rafa and the club will be a bit more objective than our constant moaners (who usually don’t even go to games). Fundamentally to stay up we need To be better than 3 other teams. Simple right? We’ve done the double over Brighton who will go up automatically wth is. And we could be as much as a dozen points or more better than whoever comes up via the playoffs. Neither of those teams will spend as much as us in the summer. Brighton have gambled everything on promotion so won’t overspend because they can’t. So assume that’s 2 relegation candidates we need to be better than maybe a couple of other teams to survive as a minimum. I think with strengthening we will be comfortably mid table and then push on the following season. But there again I’m not a moaning tweet like many posters.

        • Jezza

          “Fundamentally to stay up we need To be better than 3 other teams. Simple right?”

          That is exactly the line of thinking from the powers that be at St James’s Park that saw us relegated twice in 7 years.

  • Grahame Johnson

    What a bell end that Leeds fan who ran on to the pitch,home fans were canny, I must sat if we get promoted its down to us as a lot of decisions have gone against us. The one that bugs me is Brighton had to be played on that day and then they allow Huddersfield to play their game in hand a day after we play preston

  • Blackburn1066

    You talk about a bell end running on the pitch ….How can you say that when we had a 11 bell ends playing for the Toon

    • Coach Clagnut

      Less of the “we” you snide.

    • anyobrien

      oh dear baffooooooooon alert.

  • Blackburn1066

    You lot don’t Know F–ck all about Football

    • Andy Mac

      You’re right we DO KNOW a lot about football ? Check your grammar matey ?

    • Coach Clagnut

      Back you go sonny, under your bridge, good troll.Sleep well.

  • Andy Mac

    There is something basically wrong with this team’s psychological makep. We should be putting teams away with something to spare yet we only appear to relax when we know there’s nothing riding on the result.

    Last season’s 5-1 hammering of Spuds occurred when we were already down so no pressure on us at all. We must learn to play on the front foot and without the fear factor that seems to dog us when the pressure is on !

  • Kev-82

    We deserved 3 points from that. Mitrovic, Hayden, Ritchie & Shelvey were outstanding, apart from 30 seconds at the end that was the best we’ve played this season, on another day we could have scored at least 5.

    • Jezza

      If we’d strengthened our attack adequately last summer we would have scored more than one.

  • Grahame Johnson

    1066 bit strange having that after your name, wish your comments were as sharp as that arrow

  • Peter Graham

    These marks ust shows the negativity of our support. One of the best displays all season and hardly anyone over 7. Mbemba and Anita were excellent. Hayden has possibly his best game for us and Mitro led the line superbly.

    • love toon despite


    • anyobrien


  • Leicester Mag

    Strange that we took off arguably the 2 best players. When Colback becomes the answer the question is wrong

    • Jezza

      If our squad was half as strong as it’s made out to be, Colback would not be getting anywhere near the first team.

  • anyobrien

    Mitro 8
    shev 8
    hayden 9
    Ritchie 9
    anita 8
    Mbemba 8
    rest 6….subs Diame 0,colback 3, yedlin 4

    Best we have played in monthd for me.

    • Peter Graham

      Harsh. I would have given Diame 1!