Garry Monk has called on Leeds fans to come and support their team like Newcastle United.

There was a capacity 52,301 crowd at St James Park as Leeds fluked a 1-1 draw after being dominated for most of the 90 minutes.

Newcastle United averaging a remarkable 51,000+ at home in the Championship.

However, Leeds continue to struggle to fill their much smaller capacity stadium despite putting together their first serious promotion bid in years.

Gates have fallen as low as under twenty thousand in the Championship at Elland Road and last month’s won over league leaders Brighton still didn’t see the crowd figure reach thirty thousand, despite Garry Monk and his team being unbeaten for six games at the time.

In fact when Leeds played Bristol City as recently as February, the gate fell to only twenty two thousand.

The only Championship game when Elland Road has been full this season was when Newcastle were the visitors back in November, the first time the ground had been sold out for a league game in years.

Garry Monk says Newcastle United ‘are going to get promoted for sure’ and he says it is vital that the Leeds fans now turn up to back their team.

The Leeds boss saying ‘it is important Elland Road is bouncing and we need everyone to come out and fill the stadium’ in the remaining games, starting on Monday when Wolves are the visitors.

Garry Monk:

“It was a dramatic ending, the feeling is very good, and afterwards it was great in the changing rooms with the players, which is important going into Monday’s game.

“We knew it was going to be a difficult match before we came to St James Park, we started the game really well and had a big chance inside ten minutes, which we probably should have scored from.

Like you expect, it was a big crowd, a good team and they started to get on top, we were quite comfortable in open play, but we conceded a lot of set-pieces, which we defended them really well, but eventually one of them told and they got a breakthrough.

“I really have to credit the players, the mentality and togetherness is really strong and it was clear, there was a real belief to keep going right until the end.

“Sometimes when you show that mentality and resilience, along with that determination to fight until the end, you can pick up points.

“We had to dig in and we did that and I think that shows the ingredients of a very strong team, we were really resilient and mentally strong against a very good Newcastle side, who are going to get promoted for sure.

“We will take a lot of confidence from the result into Monday’s game with Wolves and it is important we recover and are ready.

“On Monday we need a big crowd at Elland Road, we need it to be rocking to give the team a push over the line in that game.

“Every point is crucial now, the stadium needs to be packed out and we need our supporters to create that positive atmosphere.

“We have two games left at home and we want to finish on a high, it is important Elland Road is bouncing and we need everyone to come out and fill the stadium.”

  • HappyToons

    Monk has done a great job at Leeds and I think he would like to manage us as he is always complimentary about Newcastle fans etc.

    • Geordiegiants

      I don’t think many fans would disagree about him becoming manager some day.

  • Mal Reid

    If GM wants the stadium to rock, maybe the powers above should consider reducing the prices for the last couple of games. It may just help them across the line.

  • Theo

    I don’t think people from other clubs really understand everything Leeds United have been through in the last 15 years. The club nearly didn’t exist,and they have lost a whole generation of young fans to close by more glamorous prem clubs. We are doing well this season despite the fact there is still virtually no real investment on players and maybe we can build on this. The potential of Leeds is huge but the club needs stability and then needs to win back the community it has lost with its pricing policy. It’s no surprise our away support is so much better than home. I don’t believe any prem club could come down and sustain crowds like Newcastle are getting this year for the period Leeds have been down and out.

    • Jezza

      I don’t think Leeds have ever recovered from the Ridsdale era when they went from a Champions League semi final to the third division in the space of three years.

  • anyobrien

    Leeds fans are a myth only attened in the big league and im going back before the 70s 80s they used to disappear and suddenly become rugby fans …you wont fill your stadium Monk until your up.