Wednesday’s HMRC investigation into Newcastle United and the affairs of others, has seen former NUFC midfielder Sylvain Marveaux included in the drama.

French newspaper Le Parisien report that their information is that they know of three agents being arrested along with Marveaux and all four taken in for questioning as part of the all encompassing investigation.

One of Mike Ashley and Graham Carr’s disastrous ‘bargain’ signings, in the five years he was on Newcastle’s books the midfielder/winger started only 13 Premier League matches and scored a single league goal.

Loaned out to Ligue 1 minnows Guingamp in 2014/15, Newcastle were never going to manage to get rid of the player who wasn’t good enough and had no heart/desire to compete in English football.

Rafa Benitez didn’t give him a minute on the pitch and instead decided to pay off both Sylvain Marveaux and Gabriel Obertan off before their contracts ended in June 2016, just to get them out of the club.

As a free agent, Sylvain Marveaux joined Lorient last summer and is currently out injured, scoring five league goals this season but seeing his team in a relegation struggle with four games remaining.

The Mail have also reported on the French media reports and they also claim to have other sources on the overall story, with some quite dramatic additions to the tale of the HMRC investigation.

The English newspaper claims one of their sources has told them:

‘The belief is that organised criminal gangs based in Corsica and mainland France were working with senior officials at the club (Marseille), agents and other parties,

‘Marseille has done a lot of high profile business with both West Ham and Newcastle in recent years, and accordingly both British clubs are being brought into this enquiry.’

George Caulkin of The Times broke the story yesterday:

“My understanding is that HM Revenue & Customs are investigating transfer activity at Newcastle United & that Lee Charnley has been arrested.”

HMRC confirmed the news:

“180 HMRC officers have been deployed across the UK and France today.

“Investigators have searched a number of premises in the North East and South East of England and arrested the men and also seized business records, financial records, computers and mobile phones.

“The French authorities are assisting the UK investigation, have made arrests and several locations have been searched in France.

“This criminal investigation sends a clear message that, whoever you are, if you commit tax fraud you can expect to face the consequences.

“As this is an ongoing investigation HMRC is unable to provide any further detail at this time.”

  • mentalman

    This is a it different from what the sun is reporting

    • grantham mag

      If its in the sun it must be true !!!!!

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    Mike was watching the Telly when he found out about the raids, ha ha ha
    Have a nice day

    • MadMag83

      EastEnders apparently

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        I heard it was Ben Dovers randy adventures.

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          In all seriousness, Den Dover is not well at the moment

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      Mebbe Gone with the wind

  • Rich Lawson

    Marveaux should have been arrested long before now for his performances in a black and white shirt !

  • French Mafia

    More guess work from the media. Borring!!! get a real job writing bedtime stories as this s#ite is sending me to sleep.

  • Rich Lawson

    Does this come as a surprise,with the amount of money thrown at the game some people are always going to try and make a few quid for themselves.A good friend of mine was a prominent yorkshire club player in the 60’s(played against Pele,Best etc.)His knees were shot thro’ bein’ given injections to play when he was unfit but he had the chance of one last move where he might have picked up a £1500 signing on fee. the move was cancelled at the last minute when his club refused to pay a bung to the other club’s manager (the father of a famous club and country player of the time) Get real,this is endemic thro’ football !

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    I’ve just realised this is one of the few threads that has lasted more than an hour without Sid James commenting what a carry on it is.
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  • MadMag83

    I have a hard time believing that Ashley, Penfold and Carr were involved in something that was organised for a change!

  • Steve Hughes

    Aye Marveaux….He was criminal on the pitch as well

  • Desree

    Carr and Charnley should go to jail for their signings, regardless. Any chance de jong can be charged on Fraud?

  • 1957

    This story seems to fit in with Benitez comments today that the investigation is related to something that happened 4 or 5 years ago