It may be over a year since Steve McClaren was sacked by Newcastle in March 2016 but it is only now that his compensation package has been revealed.

The full Newcastle United accounts have now been lodged at Companies House and they include details of the amount of compensation.

Though he isn’t named, the accounts state that provision was made for £1m to be paid for ‘loss of office’ for one Director of NUFC.

The club had four Directors during the accounting period (up to 30 June 2016) and they were Lee Charnley, Bob Moncur, Graham Carr and Steve McClaren.

With only Steve McClaren leaving, it is clearly the Head Coach (and Director) that the £1m was set aside for (there are media claims elsewhere that the full £1m may not have had to be paid with Derby employing him later in the year, though no official confirmation of that).

The total wages/salaries paid to the four directors was revealed to be £956,000, with the highest (unnamed) one paid £674,000.

This compares to £296,000 being paid in total to directors the previous year (up to 30 June 2015).

We can draw a number of conclusions from this information.

It seems clear that the £674,000 was Steve McClaren’s wages for the year up until he was sacked on 11 March 2016.

There had been media reports when he was appointed,  that McClaren’s Newcastle salary was £1m per season.

So it looks as though he was due up to a year’s salary as compensation when sacked, whether this was already part of his contract, or agreed when the decision to get rid of him was made.

Taking it pro-rata, the £674,000 the highest paid director received, would work out to around £1m for a full year, if as looks certain it was Steve McClaren’s pay from 1 July 2015 until 11 Match 2016 when he left.

With the total pay for Directors being £296,000 the previous year (2014/2015), knocking off McClaren’s £674,000 (from the £956,000 of salaries for the four directors) would then leave a similar amount (£282,000) to be divided between the other three directors (Charnley, Moncur and Carr).

The previous year  (2014/15) the highest paid director received £150,000 out of the £296,000 total and that would have been Lee Charnley. So Graham Carr and Bob Moncur must have shared around £132,000 in 2015/16 if Charnley stayed at £150,000, with presumably the chief scout getting the lion’s share of that.

  • Geordiegiants

    As the age old saying goes. Pay peanuts, get ?

    • Leicester Mag

      What’s the going rate for a Muppet?

      • Geordiegiants

        Ha ha, get on love supreme and you will find out Moyes wages. That will give us a good idea.

      • Porciestreet

        Two Kermits and a piggy……!

  • Darren Wilkinson

    Absolute joke money for nothing,McClaren and the rest of his motley crew should be ashamed to even accept a pay off.Should have done the decent thing and give his money too charity.

  • Peter Robson

    Surely McLaren should have been paying us compensation for having to put up with him week in week out !!!?

  • hetonmag

    Chumley and Carr should have their wages deducted for pursuing such a hopeless case.

    • Porciestreet

      Very probably both on zero hours contracts knowing the fat git…..!

    • Taz

      And booted in the knackers for good measure :-)

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    No the wonder Bob Moncur has slurped off Ashley, backed his every decision and slithered around his fat ankles … disgusting

  • Lord

    In amongst all this is the fact that we are still paying a pittance for our MD who is costing us per year what one of our top players would earn in a couple of weeks.

    This is completely ridiculous for a business (and, like it or not, the football club is a business) earning this much revenue. £150,000 is nothing; it’s what a senior manager could earn at a big blue chip firm. A complete false economy and it’s no wonder our commercial revenue isn’t growing.

    Of course, Ashley could appoint someone more senior and expensive but I guess that person might say ‘No’ more than ‘Yes’?

    • bobbi fleckman

      I really can’t believe we have a football supporter moaning that the MD is not paid enough. It’s highly likely that Charnley is on a bonus for league position etc, he didn’t reach target so he gets a basic salary.

      A senior manager at a big blue chip firm would be dealing with a bigger turnover, more staff and far greater shareholder demands, it’s daft to want the MD to earn more, the company did not make a noticable profit, why would you pay the MD more, it would make a loss?

      • Lord

        Sorry Bobbi, but that is completely misguided. We have lost tremendous ground on similar sized clubs over the last 10 years with next to no growth of commercial revenue at a time the Premiership is at its most lucrative. There has been no strategy for growing the NUFC brand overseas. The strategy for bringing youth through the Academy has been lacking and ineffective. The first team recruitment strategy has been a disaster leading to two relegations.

        These are the remits of an MD to take care of. Sure we can moan about McClaren picking Rivière as a solo forward against Bournemouth but he can’t be accountable for everything that led to our eventual relegation and club malaise.

        NUFC is a company with 9 figure annual revenues. Believe me, a CEO in charge of a company bringing in that much should be earning more than £150k and relying on performance bonuses.

        Granted it’s a big wage for most people (including myself) but his salary reads to me as a benchmark for tight fistedness and paying the least amount possible for a role in the club that arguably should be just as important as Rafa’s.

        I’m not in the moaning brigade either; I’m delighted where Rafa has us now and excited for next season (fingers crossed Mike doesn’t do something daft on transfers) but I get frustrated when I see the huge potential of the club isn’t being realised by the owner or Board.

        • bobbi fleckman

          A fair response but all things are relative. NUFC is a £120m turnover business where the main earnings are strangely not linked to the way the club is marketed but where it finishes in a football league table with a little more thrown in if we’re on the telly. If I’m the owner, I’d be paying a low basic salary and huge bonus to get to that big TV money. Whilst you would be right to say an MD of such a high profile business would get a higher salary, £120m turnover is not a huge business and an MD of a similar sized turnover business would need to hit a few major targets to land a significantly higher salary. Yes, if you compare the role to a cushy number in local government, he’s underpaid but in the commercial environment, it’s about right based on the business making a small profit, no income growth and relegated. He clearly has a good relationship with Rafa which possibly meant he kept his job.

          I share your bemusement at our attempts at promoting the club abroad, it always feels like the football manager is in charge of this as our players seem to be training in Ireland rather than touring China. This may be seen as good for the football side of things but makes you wonder how other clubs are filling stadiums on the other side of the world (although in reality , only Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool are any real draw).

          Our MD’s role is a not as hands on re. the football side. We had a coach on the board with Football input from the coach and an older wise head in Moncur.

          As for commercial revenue, we’ve outsourced these non-core areas of the business but still compare with similar sized clubs such as Everton.

      • Wor Lass

        Bobbi – Lord doesn`t want Charnley to be paid more, he wants the club to be managed by a top quality CEO with the ability to take it forward commercially but he recognises that this is unlikely to happen as it would, inevitably, mean serious friction with the owner whose aims would not be the same.