An exclusive claims that details of the 2017/18 Newcastle United home shirt have been leaked.

The report says that the new home kit will be released in June this year and that as well as a new sponsor(s), the shirt will see a different badge/crest used.

The exclusive on the Footy Headlines website  says that their inside information is that instead of the current badge, a special crest will be used.

They say that this will mark the 125 year anniversary since the club as we know it was formed in 1892.

As well as a new crest/badge being allegedly used, they claim that the design will also lose all the gold that is incorporated in the current design, with instead a more simple/traditional black and white look.

Recent weeks have seen the local media reporting Lee Charnley in China talking to potential new shirt sponsors, as well as others in the UK.

With only two months until this claimed June 2017 unveiling of the kit, it doesn’t leave much of a lead in time for the kits to be manufactured, once a new sponsor and promotion (or not) is confirmed.

If back in the Premier League, we could actually see two different sponsors on next season’s Newcastle United home shirt.

With no league sponsor now, Premier League clubs are allowed to have a separate brand on the sleeve as well as the main sponsor on the front of the shirt. Though of course clubs can choose to sell the whole package just to one sponsor.

News of a  potential sleeve sponsor if/when back in the top tier, has already seen some Newcastle fans worrying that this will be Mike Ashley’s first route into putting Sports Direct branding on the NUFC kit.

After putting up with Wonga on the shirt in recent years, supporters are hoping for the best when it comes to the next kit sponsor and assuming that at worst, it can’t be as bad as the current one.

  • Mayor Vaughn

    If they are commemorating 125 years the shirt should be simple black and white stripes, no flashes of gold or blue or funny patterns on sleeves.

    • S.G.M.

      Yeh, should be made of itchy wool as well.

  • Sean Lynch

    As we have seen with the kind of wages being thrown at players, there are incredibly lucrative opportunities to be had with Chinese investment in football.
    To us fans that doesn’t mean a great deal directly.
    Lets be honest, most of us are only really bothered about what happens on the pitch, what happens to our stadium and it’s cherished name and what appears on the front of our shirts.
    The replacement of our current sponsor will lead to a huge increase in sales regardless, Premier League football will increase it still further, with higher sales expected abroad. It’s win, win before you even look at the figures received from the new sponsor and if this is a Chinese company, it’s could potentially be for a ridiculous amount.
    So long as some of that investment, if not all, is re-invested in better players, our income and our squad could be about to get a nitro boost.

    Here’s hoping!

    • Paul Busby

      I don’t care that much about what the sponsor is, certainly not even close to how much I care about the sport and the stadium, but there are limits… and Wonga went so far past them, they looked like a dot.

      • bobbi fleckman

        I’ve always thought it a but strange why people care so much about the sponsor as we’ve readily accepted alcohol advertising despite the misery it causes as well as a money lander that played a leading part in crashing the UK economy. We go with the highest bidder and if that’s a Chinese betting website, so be it.

  • gallowgate26

    I for one wouldn’t mind Ashley putting it on the sleeve if he actually invested sufficient wedge for us to stay up i.e £50-60m plus whatever is left from Sissoko and co. It’s only fair IF he actually ploughs the money in.

  • HappyToons

    bring back the 1973-74 strip with the red numbers

    • bobbi fleckman

      Red numbers on a white square looked good but I’m not so sure it would work if that extended to the player’s name, that’s why we’ve ended up with white backs in the past. Puma have done some great kits over the years, a simple 5 stripe B&W number with an oversized ‘Puma’ puma would be great with the old city crest style badge.

      • HappyToons

        Yes you are right. The red numbers looked good on the white square, but in the semi final against Burnley I think it was just a red number and no white square, not sure why. A red letter name would look daft. As the early 70’s was the decade of bad taste (flares and tank tops), it is amazing that the strip was so good and the yellow away one was bril. I prefer the traditional black and white thin stripes. Never wore a shirt since they abandoned 100% cotton and went polyjester. Only the co-op sold polyjester back in the day ;-)

  • S.G.M.

    I think the dig at Ashley is out of order. Its his club.

  • Brian Eastham

    Would love it to be Newcasle Brown Ale again !!!!!!!!