Leeds United came to St James Park on Friday night and executed the perfect smash and grab.

Whilst the Police were dragging Leeds fans out of the Leazes End for acting up, their players were taken apart on the pitch as Newcastle United at last showed they do have quality in the team that is a step above this division.

As the stats show below, Newcastle had 19 corners compared to zero from the visitors, whilst the shots count was 22 to 4 in the Magpies’ favour.

In the aftermath of the game last night, some Leeds supporters were claiming that the fact Newcastle had only four shots saved by the keeper was proof that all but total dominance for NUFC hadn’t been the case.

However, you do get matches where bad luck, bad finishing, the woodwork and some very good desperate and dogged defending, as well as some brilliant saves by the keeper, somehow keeps the score down – two or three of the interventions by defenders that diverted what looked certain goals were the equal of anything Rob Green did.

To prove the point, read these extract from the Leeds United media covering the match.

The Yorkshire Evening Post:

‘Chris Wood averted defeat by robbing Newcastle United in time-honoured fashion. With the clock ticking down on a Newcastle onslaught, Wood timed his run to meet Kemar Roofe’s cross and stab a volley into the corner of the net as the game ran into the fifth minute of stoppage time.

Having taken the best part of 40 minutes to feel their way into the match, Benitez’s players dominated ruthlessly from then on. Newcastle’s control of the second half underlined why they are a handful of good results from the Premier League while Leeds are plotting a path to the play-offs.

With a precious point in his hand, Monk had the additional consolation of knowing that none of Leeds’ remaining fixtures will serve up opposition like this.

The selection issues beforehand were more pressing for Benitez, albeit with the aid of a much larger squad than Leeds possess, but the absence of injured top scorer Dwight Gayle felt immaterial until missed opportunities crept up on Newcastle.

Newcastle refused to sit on that goal and Green’s net remained under siege, leading to more impressive saves from a keeper who could not have done more to stem the tide.’

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 1 Leeds 1


Newcastle: Lascelles 67

Leeds: Wood 90+5

Possession was Leeds 44% Newcastle 56%

Total shots were  Leeds 4 Newcastle 22

Shots on target were Leeds 2 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Leeds 0 Newcastle 19

Referee: Chris Kavanagh

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Anita, Lascelles, Mbemba, Dummett, Ritchie (Yedlin 84), Shelvey, Hayden (Colback 79), Gouffran, Perez (Diame 90), Mitrovic

Unused Subs:

Elliot, Hanley, Murphy, Atsu

Crowd: 52,301 (Leeds 3,200)

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(The instant fan/writer reaction from Friday night’s match HERE)

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  • fergolph the rednosed manageer

    Love your emphasis on stats but there is only one stat that matters at the end of the day. newcastle 1 Leeds United 1. End of!

  • Leazes Ender

    Where did they get five minutes of injury time from?

    • Leicester Mag

      The lard rrse running on the pitch hardly helped matters then again neither did the intro of the Ginger Turnip

      • The Leeds Avenger

        Erm excuse me that’s my dad you are talking about , he’s not a lard ar*e , it’s a glandular problem

        • Leicester Mag

          Brought on by IV treatment at Greggs every morning by the look of things.

          • The Leeds Avenger

            I’ll bet ten pounds you’re an out of shape 40 something who wheezing up stairs is considered cardiovascular exercise

          • Leicester Mag

            Wish I was 40 ! Actually 50 still playing veterans footy and finding stairs just about ok. So you might want to find a good cause for your tenner.

            Ps hope Leeds go up, top club badly run; the championship is sadly too often defined by little other than sh€t owners. that said your dad might find the pitches harder to run onto in the Premier league especially West Ham long way to the pitch there.

          • The Leeds Avenger

            Already have mate ,, Newcastle to come straight back down ,, Didn’t get very good odds tho

          • The Leeds Avenger

            Good luck lads,, no hard feelings ,, Newcastle are a top club and we both deserve to be in the prem ,, one day soon

    • Peter duval

      There was a total of 6 substitutions = 3 minutes and a streaker 1 minute 30 seconds delay leaving only 30 seconds attributed to general play and some dreadful time wasting – in reality my friend 5 minutes was not enough and has Leeds were on top in the last 10 minutes you were very fortunate to get a draw

  • Peter duval

    Time wasters extradinaire !!! … The mighty whites deserved a point on this alone – how on earth can Benetez moan on added time – all the time wasting was a disgrace , a pitch invasion (streaker) and 6 subsititues – Shelvey should have walked , you simply cannot go around kicking players in the head … And Mitrovic all is game consists of is getting players booked or dismissed a disgrace !

    • SH.ER

      Relax buddy , every player played well apart from the clown subs
      Diame entered the pitch IN SMILES when Perez went off like it was 3-0 or something , shame ..
      I expect the Newcastle players to be raring to go , stretching not smiling like the game is already over ? He was the one who failed to defend & prevent Roofe from crossing to wood , & Just Look at this clown at their goal

      & as for Colback ,,, my heart literally dropped when i saw him goes in for Hayden , He just can’t pass & control or EVEN defend like Isaac & it showed
      we lost control for a 5 – 10 minutes ,,, Maybe because of this disgraceful “time wasting” between Mitro & Shelvey ,, Maybe because Colback is a ginger alien not a footballer I don’t know ….

      • Whitehurst

        Leeds getting a point is almost as disgraceful as leaving a space before punctuation!! 🤔

  • Alan

    Poor call by the Manger.
    A corner on average every 4.7 minutes yet he kept Murphy on the bench.
    So we only had the 2 centre half’s and Mitro competing for the ball.
    Substitutions should be based on the flow of the game not held back in order to keep your shape!

    • hetonmag

      Yes and one of the CH could and should have had a penalty.

  • The Leeds Avenger

    Honestly boys , get over it ,, we just have a team that doesn’t know when it’s beaten…LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS.. Marching on Together

    • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

      Good luck in the playoffs…. only hope it’s not us you meet! Howay the lads

      • The Leeds Avenger

        To be hoped you don’t meet Sheffield Wednesday then mate… oh and enjoy you’re one season back in the prem

        • Andynufc

          Well that’ll be one more season back in the Prem than the mighty Leeds United!

          • The Leeds Avenger

            Watch this space,, good luck

    • Scottpaige

      Minority of your supporters are cavemen. Throwing coins, bottles, cans and spitting on Newcastle fans from above them in Leazes end.

      Horrible and disgusting.

      • The Leeds Avenger

        Totally agree ,, disgusting

  • Tarmo Lappalainen

    Take it easy, mate. Next season we are facing in the PL. Whowould like to follow Watfordv Swansea? Tare

  • Mayor Vaughn

    We’ll beat Ipswich on monday then it will be job done pretty much. No panic here.

  • GlasgowMag

    Best home performance since Christmas on another day could of been 5-0 another stone wall penalty missed yet again but then again couldn’t bare to see converted to an indirect free kick again lol!!! Rafa seems to be taking a lot of abuse from the websites this morning but as far as I’m concerned he had them spot on untill our defenders switched of at the end I’m also no fan of Colback but most other players would have also brought the guy down to break up play as Leeds were in dangerous counter attacking position at the time. Regarding time wasting in the corner every team does it so the Leeds fans that our complaining should get a grip as their players would do exactly the same also the Shelvey challenge was fair unlike the constant manhandling of your 2 central defenders everytime Mitro got the ball which at least on one occasion should of been a second yellow. So no doom here still 8 points clear of Huddersfield and if we play like that again untill the end of the season we will gain more points than lose so guys keep the faith!! in Rafa we trust!! PS If Leeds fans are still here Fulham or Sheffied Wed to go up for me through the playoffs good luck next year back in the championship!!!

    • The Leeds Avenger

      Yeah and good luck back in the prem,, we’ll see you in a couple of years , one way or another

      • Jimblag23

        Last night proved Leeds and Newcastle should be in the Premiership. Taking the place of these horrible non football teams like West Brom and Stoke.

    • Peter duval

      Firstly we have totally outplayed Wednesday and beaten them twice already – so I don’t know where you get this prediction from – Mitrovic is a flat footed cheat who was simply trying to get our lads booked or sent off – fair challenge on Hernandez he kicked him in the head and should have walked – penalty debatable but Green would have saved it anyhow- good luck next year my friend easier to succeed with millions to spend on players plus every team raises their game against Leeds as we are the biggest club in the championship – look at the record books

      • cmrowley

        His boot made contact with the players head yes, but he did not kick him in the head. Don’t devalue any argument you have by making ridiculous claims. The ball was about waist height, he had every right to challenge for it. The Leeds player was brave to put his head that low but if he has to know he’s taken a chance of contact.

        • Peter duval

          I saw it different, Hernandez head was a little low but I thought Shelveys challenge was with intent – nothing to do with the height of the ball

      • Simon Cochrane

        So peter are you basing Leeds being the biggest club on trophys won? This being the case then the records show that you are a long way from the biggest club in the championship. Or is it something else?

        • Peter duval

          Pretty much Simon – Wolves were successful in the 1950s and Villa had a flash of glory in the early 80s but Leeds dominated English football from the late 60s to mid 70s also winning the top flight league 1991 and getting to champions league semi final in 2001 … If you combine that together with their worldwide fan base and away support then I would have to say Leeds shade it my friend …