Newcastle conceding a last minute goal to Leeds after Brighton’s regulation win and Huddersfield’s own last gasp victory, has led the bookies to make major changes in their Championship promotion odds.

To win the title, for the first time now Brighton are far and away clear favourites ahead of Newcastle.

Four points ahead with only four games left, Chris Hughton’s team are 3/10 certainties as far as the bookies are concerned, with Newcastle mow 3/1 and Huddersfield 1000/1.

As for automatic promotion, Brighton no longer have any odds on offer as they are seen as already over the line after this latest win at Wolves.

Whilst Newcastle fans are understandably still anxious until promotion is concerned, the bookies do see it as a foregone conclusion with an eight point gap (and far superior goal difference) to Huddersfield. Wagner’s players now 25/1 for the top two places.

Taking a step back, if you ignore Newcastle and Brighton then it is a really interesting battle to see who else will go up.

The bookies make Huddersfield 12/5 favourites (outside of Brighton and Newcastle) to do it, with Leeds next best at 7/2.

Friday’s results:

Huddersfield 3 Preston 2

Norwich 1 Fulham 3

Sheffield Wednesday 1 Cardiff o

Wolves 0 Brighton 2

Newcastle 1 Leeds 1

Best odds available to finish as Champions:

3/10 Brighton

3/1 Newcastle United

1000/1 Huddersfield

To finish in Top Two:

No odds offered any longer on Brighton

1/100 Newcastle United

25/1 Huddersfield

250/1 Reading

3000/1 Sheff Wed

To be promoted:

No odds offered any longer on Brighton

1/50 Newcastle United

12/5 Huddersfield

7/2 Leeds

4/1 Sheff Wed

5/1 Reading

5/1 Fulham

100/1 Derby

  • LA Toon

    Huddersfield at 25/1 for automatic promotion looks a good bet as we are feeling the pressure, can’t concentrate for 90 minutes and unable to put away chances. Reminds me of the previous 2 or 3 years.

    • Jezza

      It is a bit worrying that we’ve come in from 1/250 last week to 1/100 now.

      • LA Toon

        Asked my daughter in the UK to put £5 on Huddersfield to get automatic promotion. At least the winnings will help when we choke in the play offs😎

  • Jezza

    “Newcastle fans are understandably still anxious until promotion is concerned”

    A Freudian slip that says it all. I am concerned.