Newcastle fans have been landed with David Prutton this season.

Once Ian Holloway took the QPR job, Sky Sports really scraped the barrel in coming up with somebody most fans had never even heard of, to make the weekly predictions about Newcastle’s (and other teams’) Championship results.

He has made a bit of a name for himself by forecasting Newcastle not to win most weeks, appearing at times to be willing this to happen, even saying how he was tempted to do a knee slide celebration when one team scored against Newcastle in a recent game.

Now David Prutton has declared that when it comes to Newcastle United ‘My head is all over the place…’, saying that whatever he forecasts he ‘can’t get Newcastle right’.

The weekend saw him once again picking Newcastle out as the one to slip, forecasting pressure to mount on Rafa Benitez with only a draw against Wigan, whilst the qualities of Brighton and Huddersfield would see then each pick up three points.

Of course he managed to get only one of three results right, as Newcastle won and Huddersfield lost.

Prutton has begrudgingly gone for a Newcastle win against Burton – but only a narrow one goal one. Meanwhile, as usual he goes for Brighton and Huddersfield wins.

Hopefully he gets  a certain one of those right this midweek…

David Prutton:

“We’ve seen Newcastle struggle against teams down the bottom: Wolves, Blackburn and QPR when they were down there.

“I just can’t get Newcastle right.

“When I go draw, they win, when I go win, they draw.

“My head’s all over the place but I’m going to side with a narrow home win with Dwight Gayle getting the winner.”

David Prutton midweek predictions:

Tuesday 4 April

Brentford 1 Leeds 1

Brighton 2 Birmingham 0

Derby 1 Fulham 2

Reading v Blackburn (David Prutton hasn’t mentioned this one)

Rotherham 2 Sheff Wed 2

Wednesday 5 April

Huddersfield 2 Norwich 1

Newcastle 1 Burton 0


    If my memory serves me right we were looking at signing him when he was at Forest. After watching him over several games we decided to sign Jenas instead. I think he may hold a grudge against us that is why his predictions are mostly wishful thinking.

  • Porciestreet

    The guy’s a proper d!kk. You can’t work them out…..! W”e’ve been going up there for 50 years and we can’t work em out pal…! Now he’s got us to win in the hope that he’ll be wrong again. He’s just another mackem for me… Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads…….!

  • Rich Lawson

    Idiot ! Does any one on here know what his percentage rate is on his laughable predictions ?

    • Scottpaige

      Well he didn’t get ONE championship game last weekend. Bloke is a clown

  • Paul Busby

    I actually prefer it when he predicts us to lose. As he says, he always gets it wrong.

  • HappyToons

    Harold Camping was more accurate about the exact date for the end of the world. May 21st 2011, just to save you a google.

  • Taz

    The bloke is a fkn Pratt.