I had already read comments from Ayoze Perez and Yoan Gouffran after Saturday’s match, now I see Mohamed Diame has joined them.

All three Newcastle players talking about how important it is to ‘give everything’ for the cause, make sure Newcastle finish off the job of getting promotion, try to win the title etc etc.

That is all well and good but when you have certain players giving so little, the words are pretty empty.

Mohamed Diame is a prime example and has been increasingly quoted in recent weeks but he would do better by saying nothing, keeping his head down, and actually trying to contribute something on the pitch for once.

He has been shocking this season and you can only feel really sorry for Rafa Benitez when he ends up having to keep on playing the likes of Diame because the other options are just as bad, or even worse.

Newcastle have massively relied on a small number of players that have stepped up to the mark this season and put United on the brink of promotion.

If it was Matt Ritchie or Ciaran Clark for example, then you would stop and listen, but with others they really should be kept away from media duties.

We have seen it far too often over the years, with Sissoko and others telling us how much it means to wear the shirt and then once they get on the pitch not showing it.

I get the feeling players such as Gouffran and Perez are just drifting towards what looks now all but certain promotion, neither of them taking any responsibility either when it comes to trying to get the club over that promotion line.

They should all be desperately trying to show why they deserve a place in the Premier League if NUFC do get up but instead they have the look of players who think they will be getting their games regardless.

That kind of complacency was at the heart of how Newcastle struggled year after year before eventual relegation, with Ashley refusing to allow a proper squad, so the likes of Coloccini and Sissoko knew they would get a game however badly they played.

Mohamed Diame:

“It is a massive disappointment (losing at Sheffield Wednesday) as we had a big opportunity to get back at the top of the league, it was a big disappointment for everyone.

“We have a week to recover and think about the next game (Leeds), which is a massive one at home.

“The team have to stay focused and stay confident, we are still in a good situation.

“Not only the fans but everyone at the club, I think, has to stay calm.

“We are going to give everything to try to win this league, it’s not going to be easy but we’re still fighting.

“In the first half they started very well, we didn’t have a good first half but the second half was a little bit better.

“It wasn’t enough and I think it was a bad game for lots of us in the team.

“We knew they had big players who are good in the air like Fletcher.

“It was just a bad game and sometimes that happens, the most important thing is to have a reaction at home.

“In this league you have to give everything every single game.

“It’s going to be tough until the end and we just need to give everything.

“It’s the last part of the race and we just need to be there.”

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  • Rich Lawson

    It would take a collapse of historical proportions to stop us going up but frankly half this team are passengers. I am (like many others) paying alot of hard earned money to watch this team.I was at the Burton match and it was a fairly miserable experience despite winning.There is no variation in the way we play,I had a much better time in the pub on saturday watching the wed’ match. I was entertained by a more open game of football,Despite basically conceding the same goal twice from set pieces I enjoyed Shelveys audacious attempt at goal from his own half and having Murphy n Mitro on the pitch at the same time. When we scored I genuinely believed we could still steal a draw,got me out my seat shouting,which they didn’t manage to do at the park.Rafa doesn’t get much stick on here because many people are frightened he might leave but we have to offer something different as a game changes or we will keep struggling to get points from games we should be walking.

    • Wor Monga

      Do you really think that anything said on here would have a bearing on whether Rafa decided to stay at the club or leave…c’mon, you don’t really think that, do you?

      • Rich Lawson

        Not at all,but I think some people do or he would have a tougher time on here for the displays his team put in ?.

        • Wor Monga

          In other words you do think that anything that is said on here would have a bearing on Rafa deciding whether he stays or leaves…that’s incredible when there’s over 50,000 in the ground showing their total support for the man, and there’s probably less than 50 different regular bloggers on here, and (who knows?) half of them might even be ‘sneaky visitors’ from Scum-derland!!!

          • Rich Lawson

            No,I didn’t say that at all,I and most other people appreciate what he has done but he has tunnel vision on game plans,I don’t think supporting him and the team precludes my wish to see entertaining football for the price of admission.

        • Mal

          I think, to some extent, you have a point that despite some poor recent performances criticism tends to be muted. I think, however, this stems from the fact we all know we are very lucky to have him as our manager and he carries a lot of respect from practically all our supporters. He also ‘gets Newcastle’ which wasn’t the case of many of our previous managers. He stuck with us when we needed him and, despite those performances you refer to, he will probably drag us over the line to the promised land of the PL. Goodness knows where we’d be if he had left in the summer. We just trust him to deliver promotion by whatever means. 3 points off Leeds and we’re nearly there. Fingers crossed.

  • SH.ER

    I said on Twitter this morning , Perez & Diame need to shut the hell up & do their talking on the football pitch …

    We have to give absolutely everything we have against Leeds
    I remember everything in the first half of the season I think up to round 23 , 24 everything was okay , we used to pass the ball better & “control games”
    When i watched the away game at Leeds it was a typical good away performance
    controlled the game without breaking a sweat , I don’t wanna see us getting backwards on Friday , I really don’t wanna feel that … :-(

  • Paul Patterson

    If Diame ‘gave everything’ against Sheffield then he really needs to look at himself in the mirror, however he wasn’t alone . .

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    How we signed a player as bad as this guy & paid £5m for him is a mystery

    • Wor Monga

      Are you of this century?, and if so how much PL midfielder do you expect to get, willing to drop a division, at such short notice, for £5M?…remember somebody paid around £30M for one at about the same time!!!

      • Damon Horner

        remember James McCarthy was quoted as £25mil and is he 5 times the player? Diame, world beater? he isn’t, pound for pound value in todays inflated market? he probably is.

  • Wor Monga

    I can’t believe all the ‘wailing wallys’ on here crying about a player making some throwaway comments for media consumption…after yet another defeat (let’s see now, is that the 2nd one this year)…which has left us a massive 2 points behind the supreme, all winning Brighton, in second place, but their great attacking style under Hughton sees them with a much better goal difference than us…or does it?…er! no it doesn’t ours is better…

    …Quite a few players let the side down at Sheffield as well as Diame…all the 4 defenders, along with Gouffran and Ayoze,…Ritchie who was carrying a knock, and Gayle who pulled up early…which left only Darlow and Shelvey…

    …It’s proving to be a long hard slog of a season, and some players are obviously struggling now, but we need Clark, Hayden and Yedlin back because along with Gayle, Ritchie and Shelvey they are the players that will make this team operate at it’s highest potential!!!

  • Viru leckworth

    Of course, these platforms are full of suggestions on who is going to be elbowed next season. Maybe, if a player is one of those mentioned, he may be more disinclined to give his all. Just a thought.

    • Damon Horner

      If I got stick/abuse whenever I misplaced a pass but knew in my heart I was doing everything I could to achieve a result then the desire to impress would naturally drop because it begins to feel an impossible task.

  • Damon Horner

    Never understood the collective whining about performance. Surely if the hand of our all-loving, inspirational owner could be forced it would be from a man of good reputation demonstrating how the squad has weaknesses, if we went up in an all-conquering fashion then the belief would be the squad needs no changes.