Stats published on Monday morning show some astonishing figures for Championship wage bills.

Last (2015/16) season Newcastle United had a wage bill of £74.7m in the Premier League.

This represented 59.4% of the total turnover.

With the ever increasing riches flowing into the Premier League, the average percentage ratio of wages to turnover had decreased across the board.

In the Championship though it is a very different story.

With a pittance coming from TV deals, clubs are forced to rely on the traditional incomes of matchday revenue, sponsorship, flogging replica shirts and so on.

The excellent Swiss Ramble (a Swiss based English bloke who collates information and writes great pieces on the business of football) has published a table showing the wages to ratio turnover of all Championship clubs (apart form Bolton where no figures available yet) from the 2015/16 season.


As you can see, an incredible 15 of the 23 clubs paid out at least 100% of their turnover on wages.

Nottingham Forest and Brentford the very worst on 166%, meaning they spent a figure on wages equal to all of their turnover, plus another two third of that amount on top.

It is a depressing picture for the long-term health of these clubs below the top tier, as unless they escape into the Premier League, there seems little prospect of bringing the figures down to manageable levels.

  • Rich Lawson

    I hate most modern footballers,paid more in a week than most fans earn in decades. To many of them have stupid haircuts,daft tatoos,flash cars they can’t drive properly,treat women as objects and treat clubs as stepping stones to more riches with no intention of honouring their contracts if god forbid the manager/fans think they are doing a bad job.I have been going to the park for over 50 years now to support this team and the number of players I have any respect for or think that they might respect me as a loyal fan has dwindled accordingly.

    • bobbi fleckman

      To be a professional footballer at any level, you have to be extremely good. If clubs are daft enough to pay the money, I say well done to the players. I’m not aware that footballers are any worse at driving flash cars etc than any other young lads who have done well financially.

      As for treating women badly, again, I doubt they are any worse than other guys . To be honest, it always amazes me that players bother with relationships and marriage until they are getting to the end of their careers.

  • bobbi fleckman

    Interesting that Hull and Burnley got promoted with ‘normal’ wage ratios. That said, they may have a high turnover due to the parachute payments.

    • Andrew Murray

      Burnley were only back down for one season so they would’ve have received any parachute payments. They probably had high prem turnover from the January to May that they were last in the prem though, but I don’t know enough about when the figures were taken from to say.

      • bobbi fleckman

        Football clubs tend to run their financial year to June, sometimes May or July but cover a football season. Both Hull & Burnley’s would have included a nice parachute payment. Leeds is interesting, they must have managed to cut their wageroll after their administration yet still have decent crowds.