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What Cardiff fans have said about Newcastle and their supporters after 2-0 defeat – Interesting comments

4 years ago

Many Cardiff fans were puzzled after the final whistle- with some of the referee’s decisions and just what on earth the Newcastle supporters were singing about.

On the subject of the match officials the Cardiff fans were split, some thinking they had got a raw deal but plenty thinking Newcastle got the bare minimum of what they deserved.

Many of the home support also thought that Newcastle could have gone up another gear anyway.

As for that singing – ‘Sunderland’s going down and the Mags are going up’ what quite beyond the translation capabilities of the Welsh hosts, no matter how long the visiting supporters sang it for…

Cardiff fans comments on defeat to Newcastle United via their top CCMB message board:

‘2 games v Newcastle this season where they were given all the big decisions.

I felt over the 180 minutes of those 2 games we matched them. I’m still yet to see us beat them ( missed the cup game) in nearly 40 years as a fan.’

‘Warlock knew what was coming.

And City were exposed as comparatively lightweight if they want to dominate this league next season.

Shame – a rocking atmosphere. At least the crowd was up for it.’

‘When we tried to outmuscle them their ref gave them a free kick….’

‘Atmosphere cranked up when Shelvey was involved.’

‘I thought we matched them for most of the game and the only difference was better finishing ( ours was awful) and 2 big refereeing decisions- Morrison goal and free kick and 12 yards distance for their first.

If we’d scored first we would have won.

Atmosphere was good and Newcastle fans excellent. Again might have been different if we’d scored first.’

‘We had 4 chances should have scored from and the disallowed goal was soft.

Newcastle scored from 2 half chances the game probably would have taken a different pattern if they were trailing but they were just a more athletic team.

It would suprise me if Newcastle stayed up they need a lot of improvement.’

I would have thought Benitez knows that he needs to bring in quite a bit more quality in the summer if Newcastle aren’t to be the relegation strugglers that they tended to be for a few years before they eventually went down – they’ve lost games to sides that they should have been swatting aside this season (e.g. Blackburn twice), and I think their overall record this season flatters them.’

‘The first half our defensive play ensured that they didn’t look better than us despite the difference in league position and millions spent on the squads, we even had the ball in the back of the net twice before they got into our box.

The second half saw maybe three crunching tackles and better chances for City – we had maybe as much as four average to good chances to score – but their midfield was dominant and the differences between the two sides quickly became clear.

Both sides need a lot of work done over the summer to match what the fans are hoping can happen next year.’

‘I don’t understand the complaints about the free kick which led to Newcastle’s first goal. It was an absolutely blatant foul, no doubt about it. Disallowing Morrison’s ‘goal’ did appear a little harsh, but Manga also looked to have fouled his man and the ref blew up early.

In my view, criticism of the referee is very one-eyed and Warnock once again came across as a right tool after the game due to his whinging.

Newcastle were denied two clear penalties and Richards could easily have been sent off instead of booked for what was a very reckless challenge, so things more than evened themselves out over the ninety minutes.

The visitors were quite comfortably the better side, although their defence looked lightweight and City missed a couple of straightforward chances. Had they scored one of them it would have made things a lot more interesting, but Newcastle always looked like they could step things up a gear if they needed to.’

‘Criticism of any ref will depend on how you perceive his decision and the one for Morrisons goal was unfair in the context of the ones given against us for Wolves, Villa and Barnsley and also the one NOT given to us at St James Park.

As I said about the foul for the first goal- I’d like to see it again. It looked soft and the Newcastle players did seem to be going over easily- probably also with the 2 ‘clear penalties’ which you claim. I remember a couple of awful dives which could have been bookings and if they are the 2 which I think you are talking about then both were in front of the Newcastle fans who didn’t seem too bothered, the City fans near wanted him booked.

In some games we’ve had things our way – like Leeds away, where the ref seemed to be making a point about not being intimidated, but against Newcastle we seem to get the worst of the big decisions ( although at St James’ the Newcastle fans were very unhappy that the ref there let a lot of physical stuff go).’

‘The first was during the first half when Halford tugged at Perez’s shirt while he was in possession on the left-hand side of the penalty area attempting to get a cross in. It was a very clear foul and the ref had a pretty good view of it but chose to ignore it, possibly because Perez didn’t make a meal of it at the time (although he complained directly afterwards). All of the Sky pundits agreed it should have been a penalty and Halford was very fortunate.

The second was while Newcastle were 2-0 up. A City player (can’t remember who) pushed Atsu over in the box as he was running past. Another clear penalty. This time the ref ignored it probably because he thought Atsu had made a meal of it, but it was a foul all the same and should have been a penalty.’

‘Newcastle will struggle next season if they don’t strengthen.’

‘We were certainly competitive for the majority of the match and the disallowed goal was a debatable decision to say the least.

However, imo when it mattered Newcastle had a little more quality all round. Whilst I would agree that they tended to get the 50/50 calls I wonder if part of their quality is that they played the ref better than us.’

‘Apart from our goal. The decisions more than evened themselves out.

Richards – could have been red.

2 penalty decisons rejected.

Your right Newcastle just had the all round quality.’

‘Morrison’s goal should have stood.

The Halford shirt tug should have been a penalty.

I’m not convinced the Jazz ‘push’ was a penalty – he had both hands out but there was no real push. The Newcastle player felt him there and fell over.

Perez should have had a yellow for his ankle breaker on Harris, and another for kicking the ball away when they were 2 up.

Jazz could have had a red instead of a yellow for his two footed tackle.

Overall a fair result would have been 1 – 3 (or 1 – 2 with a spectacular McGregor penalty save).

Newcastle had the better quality and always looked able to move up a few more gears. No surprise and no disgrace.’

‘What was the song they were singing that sounded something like “we’re up, we’re down”, it went on for ages.’

‘Think it was we are Geordies we’re up up up,The mackams are down down down.’

‘That was it. Quite funny to watch some of the hopeless attempts to co-ordinate words with movement.’


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