I know I shouldn’t be giving him the oxygen/recognition that he undoubtedly craves – but Adrian Durham sums up much of modern day life for Newcastle fans and it needs to change.

The whole idea of Durham and other presenters/journalists is to grab attention by any means possible, usually by coming out with very over the top ‘controversial’ opinions.

This is mirrored on social media with Newcastle fans, for so many people nothing can be just ok, it either has to be the very best or the very worst EVER!

On Talksport it isn’t a case of all the presenters being annoying, the likes of Mick Quinn and Hawksbee & Jacobs are all good if I’m out driving and flicking channels on the car radio.

However, yesterday typifies the whole Adrian Durham thing.

He opened his show on Wednesday afternoon with the statement that it would be ‘A total embarrassment if Rafa Benitez takes Newcastle United up in second place’.

Darren Gough, his co-presenter, said he was talking rubbish and just getting promotion in any form would be a job well done at St James Park.

Of course this didn’t halt Adrian Durham, who ranted on all the usual nonsense about how much money Newcastle had spent, how a Manager like Rafa Benitez should guarantee top etc etc.

This conveniently forgets Aston Villa have spent more than Newcastle and if it was simply down to money, then Manchester United should win the Premier League every season and not struggle to even get into the top four.

However, with the ever diminishing standards in newspapers, both local and national, the Adrian Durham phenomenon doesn’t just start and finish on Talksport.

Increasingly we see whole media stories along the lines of ‘Newcastle fans demand Rafa Benitez should be shot at dawn’, or ‘Newcastle fans say (insert name of player) is a disgrace and should never play for the club again’.

If you ever read these pieces, they are based on usually one or two anonymous messages on Twitter by people claiming to be Newcastle fans.

In this laughable age of journalism, these stories are then repeated by other newspapers/websites desperate for shock articles to get people clicking and so the stupid over the top baseless stories become ever more prevalent.

It is funny when you meet your mates in the pub before any game and your conversation is totally at odds with much of what the media report Newcastle fans as saying/believing.

We aren’t seven year olds who just because a player (Darlow, Shelvey, whoever) has a bad game or two, we want rid of them instantly.

Or just because Rafa Benitez isn’t winning every single game he is a failure.

Anybody who has supported Newcastle United for more than two minutes knows that anything can happen in a football match or season, that you can games like Leeds where you batter them and deserve to win by four or five but it doesn’t happen, then you make one mistake and they equalise.

We just want a Manager and team who care and do their best, which is what we have had this season, by and large.

Newcastle United are going up and that is the only measure of success this season – which is good enough for me.

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  • Geordiegiants

    These people are desperate for their 5 mins of fame. Rafa has done an excellent job so far, it is not over yet, but it is very likely that we will go up. He has cobbled together a group of mismatch players into a promotion winning team. Yeah he has spent a few quid, but he also made a £40m profit. Clarke was a laughing stock at Villa, I know he never signed Shelvey, but he was a troubled player when he came. Darlow and Lascelles were reserve team players, Anita was a lost cause after years on side lines, Hayden was an Arsenal reserve, Howe was finished with Ritchie at Bournemouth, Gayle was a fringe Palace player for goodness sake, and Mitro and Perez the less said the better. Then a couple of signings he thought would be good solid players have bottled it, Sels and Mohammed.
    None of our signings were established out of this world players. So all in all he has done an excellent job keeping it all together in my eyes.

    • Jezza

      Considering that Rafa was put un charge of a shambolic disjointed team in tatters and given the task of making £30 million profit in the summer transfer window then denied any new players in January, you would have to say that he has performed a miracle to get us where we are.

      If you’re talking embarrassment then look at the mighty Aston Villa, relegated along with NUFC, £

      • Geordiegiants

        Companies house has revealed it was a £40m surplus.

        • Leazes Ender

          Minus Charnleys bonus for the achievement.

          • Geordiegiants

            Yeah forgot about his peanuts 🥜 ha ha

          • Damon Horner

            Charnley does it for love.

  • Mike

    aye an those fickle geordies that drove Pard out cos he was a cockney…….

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      No really it was because he was a lying snake in the grass

    • East Durham Mag

      So how about him being sacked by Crystal Palace? After a lot less time than he had at Newcastle. Are they fickle or What? Go and give your head a shake.

  • Wor Lass

    John, just read the comments on the Mag and the Chronic and you`ll see every negative point Durham has made right there from long-standing geordie bloggers. You`ll also see positive points and complete p*ss-takes. It`s called life and you need to get over it. We`ll go up this season and it will be a real achievement. Getting out of this awful division isn`t easy and Rafa will have done it at the first time of asking with no previous experience (of the EFL Championship) to guide him. Also, have you never heard of “good cop/bad cop”? Durham and Gough aren`t giving their own views, really. They`re professional entertainers playing bit parts: “Oh, I`ll go for Rafa, Goughie, and you play a straight bat back. That`ll get some reaction …..blah, blah …”

    • Wor Lass

      Then again, maybe you`ve just done that to me …

  • Desree

    In corporate land, a transformation of a business within 12 montgs is unheard of. I do not underestimate the magnitude of the challenge. Rafa came in to a massively toxic club and fan base. He has restored faith, got much more out of players than previous coaches. He has turned the club from losing 70% of games across all levels to a 50% win ratio. It is phenomenal. Yet many fans are unhappy because we are not sweeping teams before us. When we were a PL team we couldn’t beat Briggton or sheff wed in the cup games.the mentality of the whole club now sees us grinding out results. Sure it has been tough to watch but Rafas plan is close to working.

    • Wor Lass

      Good post!

      • Leazes Ender

        thank you

        • Wor Monga

          That must be a first for you…putting something on this site without the words Ashley or Charnley in it!!!

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      those players are in the championship not the premiership, he has done well with the squad he has but he`d do better if he stopped [email protected]@king around with his selection policy. it may work at Liverpool or Real Madrid but they have top class players but we we havent. from a competent display to total chaos because 5 changes were made

    • Leazes Ender

      No it isn’t…. we don’t know what plan….if any….. is in place.

      Best guess…..

      Plan A. Charnley will string Rafa along with promises and default as usual.

      Plan B Run the club as it has been for the last 10 years.

      Sorry guy but these are the only options on Ashley’s agenda.

    • Wor Monga

      That’s exactly how it is…nobody knew what would be the result of putting these 12 or so players together, and yet within such a short time be commanding this league…Darlow and Lascelles weren’t considered as ready for the first team…Gouffran Dummett and Anita were the whipping boys, and the rest had hardly time to be introduced properly before being thrown in against what has proved to be 4 of the hardest and best teams in the league…Fulham, Reading, Huddersfield, and then Brighton…

      …No other manager would have then got us this close to a successful promotion this time round, than Rafa has…yet because the team is fragile and struggling now they’re crawling out from under the stones to criticise his ability to manage…shame!!!

  • mentalman

    The thing is Brighton have gone up with a squad of championship players many of whom have shown they are not up to it in the premier league, we have done it with some of our best players not really been suited to life in the championship. Going up is going up whether its top or not.

    Would the top four in the premier league be guaranteed to win the championship?

    • Wor Monga

      No they wouldn’t have that guarantee, because they’d find like we have that every game they play is the one that the ‘little’ team has dreamt of winning, and all their will fans flock up to see it…hoping to tell their grandkids that they were there on the day it happened…

      …the PL team would probably have a decent squad (unlike the mackems), but they’d lose most of their best players when they were relegated, and they’d also have the stupid referees to contend with!!!

  • hetonmag

    I never listen to Talk sport now because apart from Quinny the rest are totally biased towards the South and North West, I phoned them about 4 year since about the scandalous running of NUFC but they cut me off before I could get my point over.

  • Leazes Ender

    Of course there’s a correlation between money spent and final league position… it doesn’t always go to plan though when Ashley positions a club of Newcastle’s size at tenth place most fans are bemused because that isn’t an ambition at all, its not even a target…. its nothing …..literally nothing……

    There are exceptions but money spent largely equates to final position…. and that is the way Charnley and Ashley think too!

  • MadMag83

    I actually heard this live. The ‘debate’ was along the lines of, Does Brighton securing promotion before Newcastle mean Chris Hughton is a better manager than Rafa Benitez? He then went on to contradict himself by saying “Benitez has won the Champions League so he’s better..”

    Wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, yesterday he was criticising Leicester for apparently playing long ball against Atletico Madrid.

  • Wor Monga

    Well said!…mouthpieces like Durham, Prutton, and all the others who make their living talking sport have to provoke a reaction to prove to their sponsors that anyone out there is listening, and the best way to do that is to stoke up the massive fan base of the Toon…let’s face it it’s not hard to do is it when they can see that sites like this one are filled with those ‘supporters’ who still don’t get the fact that even having 50000 fans turning up every home game doesn’t entitle you to automatically be a top 4 PL side, playing in the CL …

    …It’s not easy to gain promotion from the Championship, and it’s harder for a side that doesn’t totally realise exactly what is needed to get through the 46 game season, like us…it’s even harder now than it’s ever been, and if you don’t believe me then just ask Norwich seeing as they’ve bounced back up twice in recent times, and now even they mired away from the play-offs…a lot of the other clubs have good young coaches these days, and they’ve boosted their squads with loan players from the PL playing alongside strong veterans of the Championship…all with the hope of getting a share of the massive payouts from the TV money…

    …Rafa’s had his work cut out since he lost Gayle early this year, then Clark and Yedlin more than a month ago…that’s three of his first choice ever-present good class players…at the critical time of the season…finishing 1st in this league is immaterial, but finishing in the top 2 is totally vital, and that’s the club’s only target, and it will happen…possibly not this weekend, but it will happen this season!!!

    • MadMag83

      It would be interesting to see how Brighton would have got on without Knockhaert for a few months.

      • Wor Monga

        Knockaert is no stranger to the Championship he played 3 years for Leicester and scored goals in their promotion season, but he failed to make it in the PL…
        …he played for Brighton last season and hasn’t missed a game for them this time around scoring 15 of their goals, and 8 assists…
        …it’s probably safe to say Brighton would be a few points behind us if he’d missed as many games as Dwight Gayle has!!!

  • Stephen Crow

    Particularly as a tongue in cheek comment on social media can be just that, and really not the thoughts or feelings of the individual.
    After having got used to be in the bottom 3, I’ll take 1st or 2nd.
    Pleased for Hughton though, didn’t think he was treated very well whilst at Newcastle.

  • Lipsyla

    Those of us old, and battle weary, enough to remember 83/84 will remember that the combined talents of Keegan, Beardsley, Waddle & McDermott managed to take the third promotion place that season, confirmed after the penultimate game.

    Second place this season with a rag-tag bunch misfits & triers will be an unqualified success in my book. There is certainly no shame in being pipped by a team who know the league inside out & have finished there or therabouts for the past few seasons.

    • MadMag83

      My thoughts exactly. Plus I do think Brighton have had more favourable refereeing decisions, the goals they scored the other day were questionable for offside, not to mention they’ve had double our penalty count.

      • Lipsyla

        The refereeing has been awful across the board, but I guess that’s to be expected from second tier officials. Then there are the ones whose ego gets the better of them & likes to be the ‘big man’ against 50k people and a ‘big club’.

        We are everyone’s Cup Final, so given our recent cup record, I’ll gratefully take second.

    • Geordiegiants

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Jezza

      Funny thing is that although we finished third in 83/84 that season was infinitely more enjoyable than this one has ever been even when we were clear at the top. Back in 83/84 we were bobbing around 3rd or 4th place all season long but you still had that magic feeling, that buzz of energy from going to the games, you always felt we would go up, anything seemed possible. It was exciting from start to finish unlike the painful long drawn out turgid struggle this season has been.

      • Lipsyla

        NUFC, St James’ Park, football & life were all very different 33 years ago, but you’re right… 83/84 was a special time.

  • magpiefifer

    Durham is a total waste of space,and as with Brazil (pal of Allardyce and boot-licker of Ashley) in the morning, I do not tune into Talksport at these times – life is too short to waste on such ignorance!

  • Lipsyla

    All Durham has done is what he’s paid to do.. Get people talking or ringing in. Good luck to him, I’m sure that most of us would happily do his job!

    Don’t waste your time thinking about him, he’s a Peterborough fan with little else to distract him!

    We all know we are in profit from last summers transfer activity, so the notion of ‘buying’ promotion is a nonsense. Hopefully it will be proved that we’ve spent just enough, and then don’t have to clear out more than we already need to.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Durham gets paid a lot of money to be controversial- is it coincidence that he always has the polar opposite opinion to that of Darren Gough? exactly- it encourages debate and keeps the money pouring in- however, whether he meant it or not he has a point to a degree. With our resources, added to the fact we brought in what most at the time considered to be really good signings, fullhouses, big wages, etc etc we really should have done better, certainly at home. we have the best manager in the league- he’s on 5 million a year- we have the pedigree from campaigns in the past and the biggest squad. Yes all this doesnt guarantee you nowt but lets be honest with ourselves here- how many good teams have we actually seen in this league- hand on heart ive been impressed with Fulham and Brighton, the rest have been bang average- the fact we’ve only been a little bit better than average is a little dissapointing but if this squad was built for the purpose of getting us up and nothing more then fair do’s- if however, the bulk of this squad is expected to step up and press on in the premier league then we will have real problems irrespective of what Adrian Durham has to say.

  • Alreet

    It bugs me so much about what we spent and rafa is a top gaffer. What isnt stated is that we had the same back 4 for 7 years before he came along. Players whovwanted out were allowed and we got a bit back for them. No club will gut the best part of 12 players from the squad and not replace them.

    He was given a task and hes just about done it. If u task in the whole new players bedding in and injuries etc he aint done too bad in this shoddy league with the refs from sunday league and the players as dirty as a monument night lady.

    Look at the bigger picture please then make ur judgements.

    • Mark Scott

      I think he’s done a great job. I would have liked to have seen any other manager take hat mess we went down with, offload players, rebuild the squad as much as he did, turn a tidy profit AND still be in contention for automatic promotion. I think a lot of what we have seen media wise this season unfairly hyped us up and no doubt some of that was done to create the ideal news story should we fail to get promoted.