The Newcastle v Barnsley match rounds off the season in 13 days time, with all Championship matches kicking off at 12 noon.

Last Wednesday, Barnsley announced (see below) that they had been given an initial allocation of 1,706 tickets for the trip to Tyneside.

The Yorkshire club adding that they had the potential for extra tickets, depending on how quickly the initial supply sold out.

Five days later, Barnsley have this Monday morning provided an update on the situation.

Barnsley FC – Monday 24 April 2017:

‘Initial allocation SOLD OUT for Newcastle, further allocation requested.

We have requested a further allocation of tickets for our trip to face Newcastle on the final day of the season and are awaiting delivery of the tickets.

We will keep all supporters informed as to when they will arrive.

Tickets ordered today are on a pre-order basis to season ticket holders only.’

That initial 1,706 allocation is around 1,500 under the maximum away fans allowed and now it remains to be seen how many of that extra one and a half thousand that NUFC are supplying them with.

All home tickets were quickly sold out, so we now wait to see if any more tickets will go on sale to Newcastle supporters.

Barnsley FC – Wednesday 19 April 2017:

Newcastle United Sunday 7th May kick off 12pm – Sale Dates and Prices.

Thursday 20th April – 16/17 Season Ticket holders with 6+ away games.

Friday 21st April – 16/17 Season Ticket holders with 4+ away games.

Monday 24th April – 16/17 Season Ticket holders (no away games required)

Thursday 27th April – Flexi Members, Centenary Lotto Members (in store only) and non-season ticket holders who have been to 6+ away games.

Tuesday 2nd May – General Sale to those who have a checkable booking history. There will be no sales to people who have never purchased Barnsley FC tickets before.

We have been given an initial allocation of 1,706 tickets. A further allocation is available from Newcastle if the original allocation is sold quickly.

Adults £32

Senior Over 65 £26

Full Time Students £16

Juvenile Under 18 £16

Notes from Newcastle United – All fans under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Fans under 13 who cannot identify a chaperone will be denied entry to the game.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Sell out after Sell out, yet the council gives the nod for Fat [email protected]@ka to develop the only land where St James could be extended, seems they are on a Par with our Scumbag owner when it comes to Greed

    • Leazes Ender

      Ask your mate bobbi about that one Moose it was the planning committee who couldn’t knock it back…. we’ll need a new stadium sometime when Ashley leaves….. this is his present to the City…. he’s parked a tank on the lawn!

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        Not seen Blobbi for a while

        • Geordiegiants

          I know and it’s such a joy to hear from.

        • bobbi fleckman

          Don’t worry ninepence, I’m always taking in the wisdom of your words. I think you may need to ask yourself quite how this land is going to get in the way of a stadium expansion? If it is, the stadium is going to be the height of the Eiffel Tower and / or the cost is going to be that of a major economy.

          I’ll let you think about it.

      • Andy Mac

        Is that the patch of grass near the Metro ?

  • Andy Mac

    Good luck to the Tykes they let us have nearly 6k at their place. More vocal away fans helps to lift the “hand sitters” off their seats now and then.

  • Grahame Johnson

    The city centre will be jumping on Sunday the magnificent 7th

    • Jezza

      Let’s hope so.

  • Varadero

    I’m a Tyke and am absolutely made up with your promotion.
    Glad there’s a Party to start on the 7th, and now there’s nowt at stake, We
    can all enjoy the day. Was coming up but 10 days in the sun is a better trip than a night in the Toon…( if we’d have been in danger of up or down I’d have chosen the Toon!!!!
    Congrats on the Promo. Hope we can meet again soon ( in Prem). Not forgiven you though for the Shearer “Dive” on Adie Moses…….

    back you for a top 10 finish next year

  • Kazie

    I’m really curious about one thing with our game against Barnsley as we have a player who’s on loan there..Adam Armstrong but what’s going to happen to he going with the Barnsley team and can he celebrate with us when we lift up a trophy, whether that’s the title or the runners up trophy….I would really love to see him join in on the party and even play against us.