When it gets to this stage of the season, no surprise that everybody is keen to predict how the Championship table will look at the end of the season.

Whilst most of us use a more simple method of judgement, bias and optimism when forecasting what is going to happen next, we are also living in the age of the ‘Super Computer’.

Various media claim to use such a vehicle to predict the future, rather than somebody dreaming up the results in their head.

The latest ‘Super Computer’ verdict for the Championship table is an interesting, if unlikely, one.

This is how the Star newspaper trailered it:

‘How will the Championship finish? Super computer predicts the final table.

The stats geeks over at Football Web Pages have created a super computer which uses an algorithm based on every goal this season to generate a predicted table.’

I hope their ‘algorithm’ is correct but I have a feeling their super computer is drastically in need of a major service – this is the final Championship table it/they have come up with:

As you can see, Newcastle United come out of it rather well!

championship table

To get this final table above it means:

Newcastle United: Play 8 Win 8 Draw 0 Lose 0 – 24 points from possible 24

Brighton: Play 8 Win 4 Draw 2 Lose 2 – 13 points from possible 24

Huddersfield: Play 9 Win 5 Draw 2 Lose 2 – 17 points from possible 27

Not sure what kind of ‘algorithm’ could predict these results…yes, maybe things could map out like that for Brighton and Huddersfield because pressure can do funny things to teams when it gets to the business end – but on what basis can they come up with the Newcastle results?

Yes it is possible Rafa can get his team in shape to win all eight matches but very very unlikely.

When you consider NUFC have just failed to win in three matches in a row for the first time this season and altogether, have failed to win seven of their last 15 matches, it doesn’t suggest a team that suddenly will win every game that remains.

Predicting Newcastle to score 13 goals and concede only two, is also a suggestion that this super computer was wearing black and white glasses when coming up with the table.

I have no doubt we are heading up but I think we have a few struggles ahead, though don’t let me stop you taking the super computer’s lead and racing down to the bookies for what I’m sure will be very attractive odds on a perfect end to this Championship season for NUFC.

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  • Himanshu Dhingra

    I think this was predicted a while back. when there a lot of games left. it’s not after the Birmingham game.

  • Leazesl Ender

    There’s no such thing as a ‘super computer’ at the Daily Star…. its just the journalist who makes up the Horoscopes with nowt to do… running football manager on an Xbox….to conclusion.

    I predict second place to the much better focused Brighton who will take the title by a clear seven points….. there you go.

    • Dan Robson

      Can’t get football manager for the Xbox.

      • Leazesl Ender

        I wouldn’t know about such things

    • steve

      The much better focused Brighton who have 6 points from their last 15?

      • Leazesl Ender

        Its a bl*ody prediction….. future tense!

      • Talks grubbish

        What you saying now Steve?

  • Rich Lawson

    Do the Star have an old Sinclair ZX then ? I think Brighton are going to fall into the play off’s on the final run in (much as I like Hughton) Despite a blip at Bristol (their Fulham game) I think Hudd’s’ Town are still the one to worry about ?

  • Whickhamrobbie

    the super computer is it the ant and dec one with a bloke sat in a box . cobblers the lot of it .

  • Lord

    Take away the bonkers prediction for us, I reckon the rest look about right.