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There it is, all here under my real name

5 years ago

In case you’ve missed it, there has been a collection for the local food bank before a number of recent Newcastle United home games.

It’s no bother, you just drop a bag of tins in and some thoroughly good people take it away and ensure it goes to someone who is in need of it, very probably someone with responsibility for a child.

It’s a small but important gesture that to me shows the very best in people, as I understand the response has on each occasion been overwhelming from the Newcastle fans.

The response to the recent draw with Birmingham was a bit of a contrast to this, as it provided evidence that the same excellent crowd is capable of producing whiny, alarmist wailing that makes you wonder what goes on in some people’s grey and dismal headspace.

The draw with Brum was underwhelming, and disappointing, coming off the back of the poor Fulham display. However, it did extend our lead at the top of the league and in the promotion places by a point and we still sit well-placed for a return to the Premier League. We have a manager who is capable of taking us to the next level which is a drastic improvement on recent years.

However, there is concern that the unpredictable owner may not fully back him in the transfer market, preferring to revert to his own fool’s gold agenda of trying to turn a profit on players even though that has cost us two expensive relegations already.

They may reach an amicable agreement and move forward to possible unprecedented success, or moderate non-disaster, or the owner’s folly may cost us the manager and we will be plunged back into an existential limbo, we don’t know.

Either way. the owner is not a man we can be wholly confident in and the consensus of fans is that we’ll be better off if he moves on and footballing matters are fully run by football people with an interest in the club’s future success. Alternatively, he could even be the lesser of two evils and we’ll be worse off, repeat to fade.

The above paragraph is a bottom up summary of the holistic situation at Newcastle United. It covers short to mid-term scenarios without any opinion from me directly on things that I am completely unable to predict.

There’s a few things about the situation at the club I don’t like at the minute, and other things I really like, or hate less, than I have recently. However, it is not just an opinion but a stonewall fact that this is far from being a low point in Newcastle United’s recent or extended history.

Just over a year ago I wrote an article saying how going to the match is supposed to be fun but that the recent strangulation of the club has cast a cloud over that. For me, the appointment of Rafa Benitez and the subsequent improvements it brought, has blown those clouds away.

It seems though that some people can’t cope unless there’s a cloud to sit under. It may very well go wrong, but stressing out about it just makes it hurt you twice, then (if it actually happens) and now. It may not go wrong too. Also, did you miss the bit that there’s people out there who need to take their bairns to a food bank FFS? Perspective, you know.

Pessimism is a bit ingrained here and you can’t really take away someone’s right to be a miserable old sod. The problem that has arisen is that people seem to love using their misery as a stick to attack others with,  usually from behind both a keyboard and a pseudonym.

Dishing out abuse to people because they don’t rate Mitrovic or they are cracking a smile while Ashley is still in charge, is just not what is needed and I don’t recognise this kind of cowardly sniping.

For the record, I’d like to say a few things. I don’t care what your opinions are, although I reserve the right to disagree with you. I consider your input every bit as valid whether you’ve been to the match or not, or regardless of where you were born. One of my friends is from Cambridge and he’s suffered more following NUFC than many a local born down the years. I don’t mind if we’re fundamentally different in any way, as long as you’re not an….

I’d add. that I think Mitrovic is too poor a finisher and needs to be moved on in the summer, that Rafa has given our club hope and needs full support through the uninspiring moments, that the 17 minutes applause has long since run its course, that Ashley’s ownership is a constant concern but can be tolerable in the mid-term and we will be promoted comfortably, so don’t worry about it too much.

There it is, all here under my real name. Hey that’s even my picture just down there on the left by my Twitter handle.

I look forward to the responses you are entitled to give and I am equally as entitled to ignore.

It may just be I much prefer the type of Newcastle fan that helps out the food bank.

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