I have always been a big supporter of Rafa Benitez but remain very sceptical about Mike Ashley.

I am now entering a phase of my toon life where I have to go back twenty years to identify with anything similar…that’s a hell of a long time and consequently it all feels a bit strange in a pleasant kind of way.

Whenever situations arise now on or off the pitch, I am not getting my (previous) normal fully fledged ‘oh well it was nice while it lasted’ mode and descent into pessimism, in the hope it will temper the pain.

So whether it be possible betrayal on transfer policy, or another dodgy home defeat, Rafa Benitez quietly reassures me.

Either by speaking up in a press conference, or getting the team to immediately go on a run, or simply not responding to the latest nonsense from the club’s official media partner .

Such is the bond with the man, if we did not get promotion, he would retain my absolute support.

As at last I have a man managing the club that I trust – it’s just taking a while to accept the situation as that unwavering support previously has had no value .

If you think all of this is childish and hero worship, with a more realistic view that should be taken, you are on the wrong bloody website .

In Rafa we trust.

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  • hetonmag

    I personally feel the fat lad is at the crossroads as far as our esteemed manager is concerned, take the wrong turn and it will be disaster for our club for many years to come. Rafa must be allowed to get on with the job in his own way, he is in the early stages of his project, a man that has forgotten more about football than Ashley, Penfold, or Carr will ever know. So Mr Ashley instead of buying up failed businesses back Rafa otherwise this particular business will fail.

  • Grahame Johnson

    Rafa has made our club more united then it has been for a long time our squad this season is one that comes close to having the passion, commitment, heart and soul of Newcastle fans, other clubs fans say its the transfer fees and wages of mercenaries. Murphys roar in front of the toon fans sums up the bond Rafa’s created, players like Murphy will be remembered more then some of the wasters we have had over the years

  • Rich Lawson

    look at the table,look at Rafa’s domestic situation,he is going nowhere else.He is not motivated by money at this stage in his career. decision not to buy in Jan doesn’t look so bad now whoever took it.Spend on prem’ class players in summer.

    • Geordiegiants

      I would love to share your optimism, I will be as happy as the next man, as you say its not about the money at this stage of his career. Its about what he can achieve, and unless he gets some sort of reassurance that could make up for the double crossing he has had already, that the club as a whole want to achieve success his way, in terms of trophy’s / titles, not just financial success, why would he stick around?