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Sunderland fans comments throughout and after Brighton 1 Newcastle 2 – Essential read!

5 years ago

Anybody wondering what Sunderland fans made of Newcastle’s glorious fightback at Brighton last night?

Plenty of Newcastle supporters have had their say, As United bounced back from a shocking decision that gifted the home side a penalty and seemingly the match.

Down below is a match thread from the game, with Sunderland fans commenting all the way through.

From before kick-off, via Glenn Murray/Robert Madley putting Brighton ahead, right through to Ayoze Perez’ winner and the aftermath of this classic Newcastle win.

Highlights from the Brighton 1 Newcastle 2 match thread on Sunderland fans main message board Ready To Go:

‘Haway the ref.’

‘I can understand why they’re upset about it (Robert Madley refereeing) like. It would be delicious if he makes a few terrible decisions that hand Brighton a win.’

‘Massive clerb yanar, worrying about second rate refs and Huddersfield Town.’

‘I’m no expert on their squad, but I can’t see a forward in that lineup?’

‘I’d sacrifice us to make us lose in our next game if the mags lose this game.’

‘Absolute sad that mind,we in a relegation scrap and you want us to lose, as long as they lose tonight.’

‘Haway Brighton. FTM.’

‘Mags trying to sit in and soak up the pressure. Would probably work better if Shelvey wasn’t a complete passenger.’

 ‘Good old Bobby.’

‘Penalty penalty penalty

Brighton 1 – 0 scum.’

‘Clark and Lacelles, the chuckle brothers.’

‘There’s the fans excuse sorted. Every game they’ve lost it’s been the fault of the Refs (or anyone other than Rafa).’

‘Wafa oot.’

‘How much did Rafa spend again?’

‘Never his fault.’

‘First chant from the Geordie Nation. Quickly drowned out. Bestest fans in the Werrrrld.’

‘Where’s that Atsu from? Never heard of him. Just in the team because of his hairstyle presumably?’

‘Mags looking better team now…’

‘How bad must Mitrovic be if they’d rather play without a centre forward than play him!’

‘Its only the second time I’ve watched Newcastle this season and they don’t look up to much.’

Crackin first 15 but all mags now sadly.’

‘Yedlin was wildly overrated when he was here last season.’


‘Very little quality on show there. We’ll fit in well if we go down.’

‘The mags keep banging on about rafa being world class so I’m sure he will show it this half.’

‘So let me get this straight…Chris Hughton is beating the World Class Choosen One.

Plus Atsu is rubbish.’

‘Newcastle will get a jammy goal in the second half and they’ll be winning the Champions League.’

‘Brighton doing there best to give the Mags a goal. Gouffran’s hopeless.’

‘Are these really the best two teams in the championship?’

‘Like watching two fat birds fighting over the last kebab in the takeaway.’

‘The Barca of the North playing in the n power championship.’

‘Mags bringing on Daryl Murphy, 50 million and he’s their best option.’

‘Shelvey is total garbage mind.

Brighton play some canny footy like.’

‘These dirty hacks are gonna nick one shortly.’

‘Stop it man. only 11 mins left.’

‘Will end either 1-1 or 2-1 Mags if they score early enough.’

‘Luckiest goal of the season.’

‘Is this a joke.

That stockdale is garbage.’

‘Ha Ha Championship standard goal’

‘Knew it.’

‘Never seen anything like it.’

‘Pantomime goal!

Get a grip Brighton.’

‘Please don’t let them win.’

‘That’s the luckiest goal I’ve seen since I watched Newcastle v Villa.’

‘Jammiest team ever, never known any other team get the amount of luck these do.’

‘I was enjoying the night anarl.’

‘If these 2 are promoted then it would be a good season to be in the Premier league.’

‘All the way doon there to sing for 10 mins….’

‘Oh no, just knew it’ (Newcastle go 2-1 up)

‘The league is so bad that Rafa can completely mis-manage this game and still win.’

‘The standard they’re playing against is pitiful.’

‘They’re now singing Rafa’s name like he’s some kind of God.’

‘Brighton are rubbish. The Mags are rank average but they at least have a handful of players that know what to do with a football. It’s ridiculous they aren’t 20 points clear.’

‘Dirty topless…’

‘Totally sick of football this season.’

‘Murphy has changed this game single handedly.’

‘That’s the Mags promoted.’

‘Thing is Rafa will demand at least 100 million in the summer, when/if Ashley says no he will walk and forever remain a Geordie god, while Ashley gets pelters.


‘The thing is the mags dont seem to want to admit that theyre really not that good. The way some of them go on youd think they were class.

As for singing rafas name. He literally cant do a thing wrong in their eyes. Hes spent about 100 million quid and they look rubbish.’

‘This is why I never watch them when they’re on the telly. This will be the one and only time.’

We won’t be playing the mags next season by the look of things

‘Horrendous the standard of this football like. Can’t wait for our 9 months of it.’

‘Well for about an hour there I was imagining the Mags in the play-offs’.

‘Wish I’d never told Rafa to make the subs now.’

‘The big 4 will be dreading the mags coming up if they are watching this.’

‘Some of you lot sound like you’re on suicide watch. Some news for you – they’re not in our league, it doesn’t affect us.’

‘This season of nightmare is coming true I’m afraid.’

‘We’re better than both teams here, based on tonight’s performance.’

‘Brighton have been rubbish in the 2nd half . Unfortunately Newcastle should have won by more.’

‘That’s Benitez in a nutshell. Dreaful, dreaful percentages football but gets the results.’

‘Amazing that he got lucky today simply by correcting his own error with team selection.

They look much better every time Murphy plays but yet he hardly ever does. Bizzare.’

‘It did always amaze me how some on here would go on to try to revise history and act like he’s a bad or failed manager.

Still, I doubt he will be at Newcastle come September purely because they won’t spend enough money.

Still think he’ll go to Arsenal and he’ll probably get them a big trophy.’

‘Away end looked like they’d just won a cup final.’

‘The mags are top and we beat them 6 times in a row when they had better teams.’

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