Steve McClaren has come out with a strange view on Jonjo Shelvey.

The now out of work former Newcastle boss, says that the midfielder has been a ‘revelation’ for NUFC this season.

McClaren seems to have forgotten that when he was in the job, Jonjo Shelvey was the player brought in to save Newcastle from relegation 14 months ago.

A fee of £13m and making him now the biggest wage earner at the club – a Premier League fee and salary to do a job in the top tier.

A ‘revelation’ in football terms is when something ‘surprising and previously unheard of before’ is done by a player.

Having played for Liverpool and Swansea in the Premier League for four or five years and picking up caps for England, it would have been a massive failure if Jonjo Shelvey hadn’t stood out at this level.

The same to a lesser extent with the likes of Ciaran Clark, Dwight Gayle, Matt Ritchie and DeAndre Yedlin.

Whereas other Newcastle players such as Perez, Colback, Diame and Mitrovic have struggled to show they are any better than second tier football, despite having  – to greater or lesser extents – shown some decent play in the Premier League previously.

One of the worst things about Steve McClaren being sacked once again is that we are set to have to put up with more of his feeble utterances until some other mugs take him on again.

Steve McClaren speaking to Sky Sports and asked if Newcastle are on their way to the Premier League:


“No problem as they score goals and win matches.

Credit to (Rafa) Benitez, he took a big risk when staying in the Championship with Newcastle and I think it will pay off.

“The squad that they’ve got, they’ve got goals in them from anywhere.

“I think Jonjo Shelvey has been the revelation for them – he’s been the main player.

“He is a leader – so long as he can curb his temper he is the big man for them.”

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  • Andrew Grafton

    Shteeeeve you brolly, no one cares. The real revelation is that anyone hired you again. Wonder how that worked out

    • Jezza

      Let’s just hope fatman and Carr aren’t thinking of hiring him again if Rafa leaves in the summer.

  • Alex

    He was doing some kind of course at Manchester Uni. I suppose he’s now a full time student again.

  • Simon Ritter

    Is this his most stupid interview since his gem a few minutes before our kick-off at Fulham on the first night of the season, when he told Sky viewers Fulham would not score and we would definitely win? The same Fulham who are the only team (so far) to beat us home and away? McClaren frightens me with his prediction that we are on the way to the Premier League. Let’s hope, for once in his life, he gets something right.

    • Jezza

      Fair comment apart from the fact that Blackburn have also beaten us home and away this season.

  • Blackburn1066

    Rafa leave in the summer. If he does we will still have 50.000 so called fans turning up to see a load of dross, and Carr the scoooot could be the manager. The fat shop keeper upstairs would love that !