Not often I find myself agreeing with Karren Brady but when it comes to Steve McClaren, she certainly seems to have his card marked.

After a history of failure at one managerial post after another, the West Ham Vice-Chairman wonders: ‘Why does he keep landing plum jobs?’.

Fans of Wolfsburg, England, Forest, Derby and Newcastle will all be asking themselves the same question.

The last two Steve McClaren appointments were arguably the most ridiculous.

Newcastle giving him the job in the Premier League after he had failed at both Forest and Derby in the Championship.

Whilst maybe even more bizarre was that Derby County decided to take McClaren back last October, only 17 months after he had failed and they’d realised he wasn’t up to the job.

The fact he lasted only five months this time, tells you everything.

Karren Brady says she has been told that Steve McClaren is ‘a bit of a charmer’.

Well he certainly has a way of worming his way into jobs that he has no right to get close to.

However, even if they decide to dispense with Slaven Bilic, it sounds like West Ham fans are quite safe from the charm of McClaren, as it certainly hasn’t worked on Karren Brady.

Although having said that, Brady and West Ham did fall for the ‘charms’ of our old friend Sam Allardyce…

Karren Brady talking to The Sun:

“The umbrella is rolled up and Steve McClaren heads out of Derby, his ninth job as a manager.

“That includes 16 months with England, when he was dubbed Wally with the Brolly.

“Why does he keep landing plum jobs?

“Twente and Derby came back for more, on the off-chance he might deliver. He didn’t.

“I’m told he’s a top coach and a bit of a charmer.

“No doubt the queue to employ him will be extended.

“isn’t he a lucky old Wally?”

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  • Himanshu Dhingra

    Wally got the job here because of his friendship with Carr. He deliberately got himself sacked so that NUFC didn’t have to pay his pay off.

  • Al Devon

    Regardless of how bad Steve McClaren is, who is Karen Brady to publically ruin the blokes job prospects? I agree he hasnt exactly set the world alight but to be fair to him he has won more than most English managers I can think of and has experiece of not just managing abroad but also winning titles. He has won more than Bilic! I dont think its right that Karen Brady can call him out like that and if I was McClaren Id be suing her.

  • hetonmag

    Well done Karen Brady the man is a loser and gets by with talking a good game but failing to produce the goods, he is on SSN talking about having a painted smile even tho things are going against you. How many times have we cringed every time we saw that painted smile even after we’ve just been stuffed.

  • Rich Lawson

    Charmer with a fake Dutch accent ! The only employment que he should be in would have been at Swan House ! (One for our older reader’s there)