In the lead up to the Brighton v Newcastle match, David Prutton said that the Seagulls had the ‘edge’ and that you ‘worry’ about NUFC when they don’t have Dwight Gayle.

His 2-1 win for Brighton was just the latest of his predictions to be well wide of the mark as Newcastle won by that scoreline.

Not willing to admit defeat, David Prutton is back to have another go and says ‘I fancy’ Huddersfield to win 2-1 against Newcastle on Saturday.

Not quite sure what game he was watching but Prutton reckons ‘Brighton were cruising against Newcastle until Mo Diame’s freak goal dragged them (NUFC) back into it’.

Not saying Newcastle were battering them but the final stats showed United with more possession, twice as many corners and 19 shots to Brighton’s 10, the very least Newcastle deserved was a draw.

Even the comments from the Brighton fans message board that were featured on The Mag, showed most of their fans accepting Newcastle had been the better team after the first 20/25 minutes.

Not saying either that Newcastle will definitely win, as Huddersfield are obviously in good form and had only lost one game in their last 18 (all competitions) before the Man City match last night.

However, I do see a very similar committed game as Tuesday night, being repeated on Saturday, with a deserving winner by the end of it…which most neutrals (and the bookies) would say is more likely to be Newcastle.

Let’s hope they’re right anyway.

David Prutton speaking to Sky Sports:

Huddersfield v Newcastle:

“Newcastle will have been buoyed by the result at Brighton, but Huddersfield have shown they can go up against the top teams in the division and win.

“They’ve shown the kind of team they are lately and if they hadn’t had that dip, they’d be right up there with the top two.

“They got flattened at Manchester City but those were world-class players and there’s no disgrace in that.

“We’ll probably see a whole host of changes again and I fancy them against Newcastle.”

Prediction: Huddersfield to win 2-1

Forest v Brighton:

“It will be tough for Forest between now and the end of the season, obviously the change of manager was made again with half a mind on consolidation which hasn’t happened yet.

“Brighton were cruising against Newcastle until Mo Diame’s freak goal dragged them back into it. They’ll be looking to right the wrong pretty swiftly and Chris Hughton will get a reaction.”

Prediction: Brighton to win 2-1

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  • fenhammag

    the bloke just predicts us to get beat every week so when it happens he can just say ‘told you so’ then thinks he’s a world class pundit

  • Lord

    From his comments on the Brighton match, it sounds like he watched the highlights which skewed the match to make it look like Brighton were all over us until the end (Gouffran’s bodge aside).

  • East Durham Mag

    Pruttons only honours were league 1
    runners up circa 2012. Where do Sky get them from?

  • Phil K

    A typical pompous southern arsehole who bases his knowledge about football on what the media and spiteful ignorant southern supporters say

  • Paul Smith

    Was it Garry Monk who was saying he still fancied Norwich to finish above Newcastle around the time of our 4-3 win ? Pundits / “experts” have no more idea of how things are going to go than any random punter…

    If you have enough people guessing you are going to get a few who end up being correct more often than some others just by pure chance but in reality they are no smarter. Some of them are pompous enough to think it proves and qualifies their expertise over other pundits but as I said, if you have enough people guessing, some are going to be more lucky with their guesses than others…

  • Mark C

    Great result versus Huddersfield once again the pundits will be unhappy. Well tough we won fair and square so they can all swivel as far as I’m concerned.