The Sky Sports predictor now has a very different look to how it did before Newcastle travelled to Brighton nine days ago.

When Newcastle arrived at the Amex on the last day of February, Brighton were just marginally favourites to finish top of the Championship according to the predictor.

With a superb set of performances and results, full of grit and determination, Newcastle’s seven points from nine has changed the landscape.

(The Sky Sports prediction system uses an algorithm to rank results, previous performances and the difficulty of upcoming fixtures – which has given this predicted end of campaign table below – and the predicted result tonight).

The Sky Sports predictor says that:

Newcastle ending the season in top spot, is rated as a 68% chance.

As for Brighton they are rated as now only a 29% chance to win the second tier.

sky sports

When it comes to simply ending up in the automatic promotions spots, Huddersfield (15%) are seen as the only realistic challengers to Newcastle (95%) and Brighton (85%) .

When it comes to the final number of points, the Sky Sports predictor forecasts Newcastle to end on 94 points, with Brighton three points behind and Huddersfield nine points adrift.

As for Saturday’s match, their predictor gives Newcastle a 68% chance of beating Fulham.

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  • Leazesl Ender

    You should have done a graph….

  • Mark Scott

    Aren’t we mathematically safe? i.e. a 0% chance of relegation? <1% still means a chance…

    • David

      A series of point deductions is not impossible

      • Mark Scott

        Yup, you’re right, good thinking :)

  • Porciestreet

    Bit of a m45terb4t0r for me like.

  • Steve Smith

    The last predictor was broken from the start. It had us and Brighton on level points but with them to be above us, so it was either completely ignoring goal difference, or predicting us to lose a massive amount of goals in one or two games.

    I still think Brighton will be on our heels, we never seem to do well against Fulham.

  • Leazesl Ender

    This is excellent news…. no injury problems for the rest of the season!