A little bit surprising to find out how few Fulham fans have bought tickets for Saturday’s match.

Other similar or smaller sized clubs (such as their London rivals Brentford) have brought the full, or close to, 3,200 allocation to Tyneside.

However, the West London club have revealed that only 1,350 Fulham fans have so far committed and they are urging others to join them before Friday’s deadline.

Fulham FC via Twitter:

“Join the 1,350 Fulham fans travelling to Newcastle by purchasing your ticket before 3pm Friday.”

In contrast Newcastle United have announced on Wednesday morning that there is only ‘limited availability’ in the home sections, with a quick look on the club’s ticketing website suggesting that there is going to be a definite sellout by Newcastle fans.

Newcastle United via Twitter:

“There’s limited availability remaining for Saturday’s game against Fulham.”

Fulham were in the Premier League for 13 years in a row with Newcastle until the Cottagers were relegated in 2014 but you would have thought they’d bring more supporters than that.

A Saturday 3pm kick-off, train up from Kings Cross and possible night or two staying over, plus Fulham are fighting to get in the play-offs – currently five points off sixth but with a game in hand.

Good news for Newcastle supporters though, as it means more tickets will have been available for the game to enable fans to see Rafa’s team hopefully take another step towards the Premier League.

Fulham Official Ticket Information for the Newcastle match:

Fulham travel to St James’ Park for their first away fixture in March.

Tickets are located in the Leazes Stand level 7 – fans are advised there are 140 stairs and 14 landings up to level 7 seating.

Newcastle have asked us to sell tickets in the following order:

L7M & LL7M – Sell 1st

L7L & LL7L – Sell 2nd

L7K & LL7K – Sell 3rd

Please note there will be no matchday ticket sales in the away end. Tickets must be purchased by 3pm on Friday

Adults    £32

Seniors 65+ £26

Full Time Students  £26

Junior Under 18 £16

Disabled and Carer £16

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  • w12

    That’s good for foolham ?

  • Rob Brown

    “Revealed how many Fulham fans are travelling to Newcastle”, I half expected this to be a revealing article about modes of transport, demonstrating that the majority of fans were making their way to the North East by camel train.

    How could Fulham be in the Premier League with Newcastle for 13 years in a row until 2014 when Newcastle spent the 2009 – 2010 season in the Championship?

  • dancrawford

    What this rather one-eyed account chooses to ignore, is that this fixture would have been moved had Fulham won their FA Cup tie against Spurs and some supporters would have had to wait until after that result to book up travel – which was already extortionately priced. Fulham have sold significantly more tickets this week – but don’t let the facts (such as the one about Diomansy Kamara helping to relegate Newcastle in 2009) get in the way …

    • fenhammag

      obviously a fulham fan, we have had televised games down in reading on a tuesday night not to mention brighton away to and sold out, absolutely poor from fulham fans. loads of train ticket deals from london to newcastle (still is) bang average side with bang average fans.

  • gallowgate26

    I’m sure that Fulham used to only bring about 500-1000 away fans in the
    Premier League! Along with some others, like Wigan & Bournemouth? So
    this is actually an improvement!..Not that this article would
    acknowledge that obviously… I would love to be proven factually
    incorrect but I’m fairly confident…