Newcastle United are keen on retaining both Yoan Gouffran and Vurnon Anita beyond this season, according to media reports this morning.

The two players both see their contracts end this summer when they will be able to leave for nothing, unless an extension is agreed with NUFC.

The Northern Echo claim that their inside information backs up these claims but there are no quotes from Rafa Benitez to go with their story.

Vurnon Anita has made 18 league starts this season and Yoan Gouffran 28, both of them doing a steady job.

However, that is surely where it ends.

The fact that there has been no move to give either player a new deal tells you that neither player is seen as essential to keep.

My belief (and hope) is that the only way any new deal would be offered is if Newcastle United somehow find a way to miss out on promotion from this point of being top of the table with nine games remaining.

Giving Anita and/or Gouffran a one year deal to play a part in another Championship season would make sense but I would be really really worried if new deals were to be agreed if Newcastle were back in the Premier League.

Both players have done steady jobs in the Championship but that is their level, whereas over the previous four seasons they showed overwhelmingly that they haven’t got what it takes in the top tier.

Even in the Championship their limitations are exposed at times, with Yoan Gouffran offering little really but hard work, as he gives nothing creatively on the left side.

Similarly, Vurnon Anita was humiliated by 16 year old Ryan Sessegnon on Saturday. His lack of pace repeatedly exposed as the youngster scored the two goals that gave Fulham the win.

If in the Premier League, Newcastle United need a DeAndre Yedlin or better if they are to prosper, having no pace  or attacking ability at full-back is a real liability.

Anita has already shown that he can’t survive playing a midfield role in England, his lack of physical stature as well as pace, meaning he was getting bossed the vast majority of times when tried there in the past.

Good luck to the pair of them wherever they end up next because they both seem good characters, just not enough ability for the Premier League.

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  • SH.ER

    For me ? It’s time to say good bye for both of them
    what can go wrong if we released them ??
    Anita came to our club the summer after we finished 5th !!!! and what did he do ?
    While Gouffrn was a bargain , at first it looked like an amazing capture but after a while it was just one of those you want to forget like Thauvin & Cabella .. :-|

    • Wor Lass

      I like Vurn and Gouff because of their attitude but I`m afraid your right. We need better for the PL as far as starters are concerned, anyway. Thauvin is looking like a proper player this season – the question is, could he do it in the Premier League. His time here came too early, he wasn`t physically or mentally strong enough. I think he`s technically still our player but I don`t know if Marseille have an option to buy.

      • Mathew Barlow

        Attitude is the exact reason the likes of Thauvin don’t make it at the club. Anita should get a new deal, he won’t be a starter at full back but a squad player with the right attitude and with no settling in period is hard to find. Plus lack of depth has been a problem for years. Gouff on the other hand I agree would really offer nothing in the PL.

      • Mathew Barlow

        Also I think Marseille have an obligation to buy after so many games which has been activated, apparently

  • Jimblag23

    We need to motivate these players to give their all in the run in, what better than 1 more chance to crack the PL?
    Both are hard working pros so where’s the harm in 1 year extensions?

  • Rich Lawson


  • hetonmag

    Irrespective of what league we are in next season we need a few ins and outs, down to you Rafa (hopefully).

  • Leicester Mag

    Keegan dispensed with David Kelly after 20+ goals we now talk about keeping Gouffran and Anita. My has the bar been lowered.

    • nevfur

      Always thought that was a mistake by Keegan and the early injury to Beardsley leading to the last minute signing of Allen showed it

  • Damon Horner

    Said it and see it on Shola posts as well but having a willing and able fringe player is hard to find and Vurnon will be good depth next year, same with Gouffran, the more players we bin off the more signings we need to make and the money just won’t be there.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    taking the P`$$

  • Kneebotherm8

    I’m no fan of Anita,but it’s a bit dismissive to say he was humiliated by a mere 16 year old. This kid Sessegnon looks he’ll be snapped up by one of the big boys sooner rather than later.