Rafa Benitez has had his players in for training today (Sunday) and now wants them to go on and beat a club record.

The 3-1 win at Huddersfield was Newcastle’s 13th away victory of the season and has equalled the previous highest total in the club’s history.

Kevin Keegan ran up 13 away victories in his first full season of management in 1992/93, as Newcastle cruised to promotion as champions.

Rafa Benitez thinks these last two wins have showcased the team’s character and breaking this away wins record can help the team towards ‘the final objective’ of promotion, preferably as champions.

Rafa Benitez:

“It is important to be at the top of the table but hopefully we can break the record.

“That means we will continue winning, so that will be really positive for the final objective.

“Just enjoy today – tomorrow (Sunday) we have to train and be ready for the next challenge (Reading on Tuesday).

“Brighton and Huddersfield are strong teams and the players have shown their character.”

With 5 away trips remaining, Newcastle at the moment have a remarkable 13 wins from 18 Championship games on the road.

This 2016/17 one will hopefully prove to be United’s sixth promotion from the second tier since the second world war and they now have the previous records in sight.

As a pointer towards just how good this away form has been, you can compare it to the other five successful promotion seasons post-second world war.

NUFC Promotion Campaigns since the war – Number of away wins

1947/48 – 6 away wins (played 21)

1964/65 – 8 away wins (played 21)

1983/84– 8 away wins (played 21)

1992/93 – 13 away wins (played 23)

2009/10 – 12 away wins (played 23)

2016/17 – 13 away wins (played 18 of 23 – with 5 to go)

NUFC Championship away games so far (those in brackets when failing to win)

(Fulham 1 Newcastle 0)

Bristol City 0 Newcastle 1

Derby County 0 Newcastle 2

QPR 0 Newcastle 6

(Aston Villa 1 Newcastle 1)

Rotherham 0 Newcastle 1

Barnsley 0  Newcastle 2

Preston 1 Newcastle 2

Leeds 0 Newcastle 2

(Forest 2 Newcastle 1)

Wigan 0 Newcastle 2

Burton 1 Newcastle 2

(Blackburn 1 Newcastle 0)

Brentford 1 Newcastle 2

Wolves 0 Newcastle 1

(Norwich 2 Newcastle 2)

Brighton 1 Newcastle 2

Huddersfield 1 Newcastle 3

Reading, Birmingham, Sheff Wed, Ipswich and Cardiff are the away games that remain.

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    there`s no doubt they`ll smash the record, but i`ll tell you what i`m frightened of & that`s Fatso reverting to type in the summer & we all know what that means

    • Andy Mac

      I think, although I could be wrong, Rafa’s taken that possibility out of Fatman’s greedy grabbing hands ? Rafa is no Hoots and we’re all, hopefully, more street wise now to realise that a “sacked for a more experienced manager” excuse is just pure BS !

  • Andy Mac

    The way Rafa sets up for away games is the perfect way to play. Whatever comes our way he can manipulate the setup to accommodate the opposition with their strong points and weaknesses taken into acount. We dont batter teams away from home but we pick them off.

    My only concerns now are the home games against Fulham and Leeds as we are almost a Jekyll and Hyde team ?

    • Wor Lass

      Yeah, Fulham are on a good run but the lads`ll be up for them – we owe them one for bursting our bubble in the first match of the season. I don`t see Leeds being strong enough – although I`m sure I would have said the same about Bristol City … and Wolves …..

      • Andy Mac

        I’m not worried about the teams just the fact they’re at home !