Rafa Benitez has given an honest appraisal of his approach to the transfer market.

The Newcastle Manager saying that in an ideal world he would be bringing through a couple of players from Newcastle United’s Academy every season but that isn’t reality.

Rafa Benitez pointing to Paul Dummett as the rare exception currently, saying that his presence ‘is really good for the spirit of the team’.

Considering most Newcastle fans see the left-back as one of the weakest members of the current first team and a player who would/should be discarded if NUFC make it back into the Premier League, it gives some idea of the scale of the problem facing the Manager.

To be able to compete, the United boss says ‘you have to bring in players from outside’, which inevitably means many will be from overseas.

As to the depth of the issues facing Newcastle, Rafa Benitez says that this is even the case at the Academy level, not just at first team.

Rafa talking of signing players from the likes of ‘Spain, France, Holland or Italy’ and by his actions he has already shown that this is the only way forward at the minute.

Rafa Benitez recruited 18 year old Victor Fernandez and the Spaniard went straight into the Under 23s (reserve) team, another indication of how weak Rafa has discovered Newcastle are below first team level.

Fernandez is the sixth youngster recruited from around the World during this season, joining Otto Huuhtanen (Finland), Mo Sangare (Liberia), Elias Sorensen (Denmark), Juanito (Spain) and Tyrique Bartlett (son of former South African international Shaun Bartlett, who was at Charlton for six years).

Newcastle United are clearly a world away from having the youth development structure that sees certain other clubs produce player after player for their first teams.

The likes of Southampton, Everton, Leeds and others, have a production line that produces year after year.

Saturday saw yet another perfect example as 16 year old Ryan Sessegnon turned in a superb display and scored two goals to hand Fulham victory.

If Rafa Benitez gets the chance to build over a period of years, Newcastle United could one day be doing the same.

Rather than having some Newcastle fans still insisting that ‘young’ Sammy Ameobi is about to come good.

He turns 25 in May…

Rafa Benitez talking to NUFC TV:

“It would be perfect to have a lot of local players, homegrown players, playing in the first team…but it isn’t easy.

“It is not difficult here…it is not easy everywhere (else).

“You can sign players from Spain, France, Holland or Italy and they are just academy players – they go alongside the English ones.

“To have someone (like Paul Dummett) who can go into the first team and play so many games is really good for the spirit of the team.

“The ideal situation would be to bring a couple of players from our academy each year – but if you want to compete at the highest level it is difficult.

“If you want to do that you have to bring in players from outside, or abroad, to compete with the other teams.”

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  • Rich Lawson

    Armo’ has had a couple of good seasons on loan,bring him back next year and use him off the bench to begin with.

    • Damon Horner

      One thing I couldn’t understand unless it’s fitness but when Gayle was injured he’d have been a good replacement in a pace… work rate… pressing sense.

  • SH.ER

    The players are there to be signed
    Just make sure you pick the right ones for us please
    because it’s unacceptable that some of our signings from the last summer haven’t got even 500 minutes under their belt in the league … :-(

    • SH.ER

      Murphy : 400 Minutes
      Hanley : 258 Minutes
      Gámez : 189 Minutes
      Lazaar : 37 Minutes

      • Damon Horner

        injuries have been kind to the player this group would normally replace with the exception of Murphy who was always expected to be third in line for one position, 400 is probably higher than most fans expected to be honest.

  • Christopher Edwards

    I wouldn’t say ‘most’ fans would want to see Dummet discarded. I would say some of the more vocal ‘keyboard warriors’. I would say most supporters, who understand the game, can see that Dummett is a solid left back. He is good defensively and lacking going forward. Ideal for a team say 8th in the Premier League downwards who are going to have some defending to do. Would he get in a top 6 team. Probably not because then his main job would be to attack down the left with occasional defending. I certainly wouldn’t discard him if we get to the Premier League though.

    • Damon Horner

      Dependable first team, excellent fringe player otherwise, in terms of cost on wages etc there is not many who’d be better value for money than him.
      Also, the “spirit” part could be that with the likes of him there form the academy it gives inspiration to the others in there that if a job needs to be done they might not be overlooked..

    • MadMag83

      Honestly fed up with the Dummett bashing. Rafa clearly trusts the lad so he can’t be all that bad. Ok he’s never going to be the best but he’s far from the worst and he gives 100%, if we’d had a few more like that we would still be in the Premier League. I remain convinced some of the authors on here are Mackems