Nothing is ever easy with Newcastle United.

Though if you have supported our club for more than two minutes, I am sure you have already realised that.

This season has seen some phenomenal away form and with four games on the road still remaining, Rafa’s team have already equalled the NUFC all-time record for most ever (13) away wins in a season.

At home though, things have been a bit more of a struggle.

Back in 2009/10 Championship winning season we had this:

At home Newcastle picked up 59 points at home (18 wins 5 draws 0 losses) and 43 points away (12 wins 7 draws 4 losses).

Moving seven years forward, these are the teams in the Championship this (2016/17) season who have won the most points at home, and then the same when it comes to away games.


42 Brighton

41 Huddersfield

41 Reading

38 Leeds

38 Sheffield Wednesday

36 Norwich

35 Newcastle


42 Newcastle

32 Brighton

27 Huddersfield

27 Leeds

27 Fulham

26 Barnsley

24 Sheff Wed

23 Reading

As you can see, the contrast is quite astonishing.

With our two closest rivals, Brighton are top when it comes to home form and second on away displays, with Huddersfield (despite both losing at home to Newcastle) it is second at home and third away.

Leeds are fourth best in both sets of stats.

Yet with Newcastle we are miles clear on away form at the top, 10 points more than Brighton and a massive 15 points and more ahead of the rest.

As for home games, Newcastle are way back in seventh and outside play-off form. Even the likes of Norwich who have today sacked Alex Neil, are above the Magpies.

These figures suggest to me that the away form is massive testimony to the organisation and discipline Rafa has instilled in the team.

However, when it comes to the St James Park form, it tells me that maybe at times we miss enough real top quality players to break the packed opposition defences down, on a more regular basis.

I wish I was going to more away games these days!!

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  • JMS

    We need a win tomorrow, But this club has the gift of letting the fans down when they should push on, Brighton H A have there tails up again and would love us to fall flat on our faces tomorrow. I only get this gloom when I see how close we are just give me a home win please!

  • SH.ER

    have to !!!! HAVE to win today and win BIG !!!

  • Taz

    The problem at home is, we have a full, massive stadium with a great atmosphere. Teams that visit can’t but help up their game. It’s like a Wembley cup final for them as they are used to seeing 10-20 thousand in their usual surroundings. Maybe we should pull sjp down and build a shed,then we could win more home games….. or the team could just pull their fingers out and try harder at home ….. just a thought

  • wowski13

    I’ve been to 3 away games this year… we’ve lost all 3! Planning on going to Sheffield Wednesday in April but am considering whether its wise! haha