On Tuesday we asked you, how confident are you that Newcastle United are on their way to automatic promotion?

Having been in the top two for pretty much all of the season, are they getting to cruise to the top tier, or are they going to blow it?

It’s always quite difficult to gauge exactly what Newcastle fans are thinking at any particular moment, as the latest result often dictates the debate, with either elation or despair and very little in between.

It is also distorted because often it is only those who shout loudest that you hear, these often seem to be the same people, whether it is claiming NUFC are doomed – or touched by greatness.

So what is the reality, how confident were you that everything will turn out ok?

Rather than asking for a straight yes or no on the question of whether Newcastle United will get automatic promotion, we thought it would be informative to ask you how likely you thought it would be that Newcastle would end up in the top two.

So with nine matches to go and a damaging loss to Fulham/first defeat in 12 Championship games just behind us, how did you rate Rafa’s chances of automatic promotion?

100% confident – 21% of fans

90% confident – 17%

80% confident – 16%

70% confident – 11%

60% confident – 9%

50% confident – 14%

40% confident – 4%

30% confident – 3%

20% confident – 2%

10% confident – 1%

0% confident – 2%

So basically, over half – 54% of Newcastle fans – 21% (100%) + 17% (90%) + 16% (80%) were at least 80% confident that NUFC will finish in the top two.

That is quite a resounding vote of confidence, which if you then add the 11% who were 70% confident, gives you roughly two thirds (65%) who have 70% or more confidence in Newcastle carrying it through.

On the other hand, only 12% (all of those voting 40% confidence or less) thought Newcastle were more likely to finish outside the top two, rather than in it.

Taking it overall, there appears to be an 80% belief amongst supporters that Rafa Benitez and his players won’t have to endure the play-offs and that they will go up with the minimum of fuss.

Our natural 20% fearing the worst still survives though, for the moment!

All three clubs going for automatic promotion are away from home this weekend, so we could see hopefully even more confidence after Saturday, as Newcastle visit a Birmingham team who have only won two of their last 18 matches.

  • Nothingtofear exceptfearitself

    Confident we will be promoted. However, if the team self imploded & we ended up in the playoffs it would be just our luck to beaten on penalties & condemed to a decade in the championship with Pardew or JFK as manager!!!

    • Jezza

      If we end up in the play offs we WILL lose. No question about that. That’s no reflection on Rafa and the team as such just my gut feeling based on 45 years following this club. They always let you down on the big occasions. As for Pardew or JFK as manager next season, you could very well be right though a third contender has entered the race now that Derby have sacked the Wally with the brolly.