Player turned pundit Peter Beagrie, has been talking about Newcastle United’s chances of promotion.

The former Sunderland and Middlesbrough winger says his opinion hasn’t changed since the start of the season.

Peter Beagrie believes that the big test for the Magpies came with the three away games against clubs in the top five and that they ‘proved their credentials’ with seven points from nine.

The pundit thinks that these results gave Newcastle ‘breathing space’ and that Rafa has a great combination of ‘loads of options and alternatives’ as well as ‘an easy run-in’.

At the end of the season Peter Beagrie says ‘I fully expect Newcastle to go up as champions, absolutely’.

Today Newcastle face Fulham who have the best form in the Championship over the course of the last half dozen matches.

However, after that there are three games against clubs in the bottom eight.

A win today on Rafa’s first anniversary will round off this difficult run of games and give even more breathing space…

Peter Beagrie speaking on EFL Weekly Podcast:

“I can’t see anything stopping Newcastle going up, nothing at all.

“Newcastle United don’t look at all like they will be derailed.

“These three games (Brighton, Huddersfield and Reading away) were the big test, part of it without Dwight Gayle.

“But seven points out of nine, they proved their credentials, the quality of the squad – able to deal without their star player.

“Loads of options and alternatives, they’ve got what I would call an easy run-in and they have given themselves breathing space.

I fully expect Newcastle to go up as champions, absolutely.

“I thought that at the start of the season and nothing has changed.”

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  • Wor Monga

    I agree with Beagrie, the team will have gone into full on focus now… and they know that with the work they’ve got through to get to here that this is what they’ve been aiming for…

    …the Lads are at home, chomping at the bit and we’ll be all wired up for it too…no disrespect to Fulham, but we’re better than they are and that’s why we’re in this position, and they’re not…

    …I just hope Gayle is fully back with Shelvey and Ritchie pulling his strings…2 – 0 HWL!!!

  • Wor Lass

    I`m glad to see a pundit showing some faith in the lads but I wouldn`t agree that we have an easy run-in, although we have just got over the hardest section.

  • GToon

    Rubbish, no chance. Lose in the playoffs. Huddersfield and Brighton have bounced back after their defeat to us and are showing promotion form. We are showing nothing and losing to anybody who fancies having a go at us.