West Ham are ‘poised’ to move for Rafa Benitez according to reports this morning.

The Hammers have won only one game since January and Slaven Bilic is once again under pressure.

It is Newcastle United’s official media partner The Mirror which has made the claim…

This is of course the NUFC official media partner who in only the past three months has ran stories saying:

December 2016: Rafa Benitez is set to join West Ham.

Mid-February 2017: Rafa Benitez is in line to replace Arsene Wenger.

Late-February 2017: Rafa Benitez is set to go to China at the end of the season because two Chinese Super League clubs have prepared offers to make him the best paid manager in the World.

Amusingly, in this latest lame piece, The Mirror say ‘as we reported at the time, (Rafa Benitez) was also linked with Bilic’s job in the run-up to Christmas’.

What they don’t mention is that it was them (The Mirror) who also came up with that story/link from nowhere.

As most Newcastle fans accept, there is no need to be afraid of imaginary (or real) interest from West Ham, the only thing we fear where Rafa Benitez is concerned is Mike Ashley – and whether he will revert back to type and fail to back the Manager & not allow him to operate as he sees fit, once this season is out of the way.

The Mirror 28 March 2017:

‘West Ham are poised to move for Rafa Benitez if Slaven Bilic is unable to halt the club’s slide.

The Londoners, who go to relegation candidates Hull on Saturday, have lost their last three Premier League games and are without a win in five matches.

Former Liverpool and Chelsea boss Benitez is on course for promotion from the Championship at the first time of asking with Newcastle, but his future at St James’ Park remains uncertain.

The Spaniard’s frustration at the lack of signings in January has left lingering concerns he could quit this summer if he feels the club lacks ambition.

Benitez remains well thought of at a club where, two years ago, there was a deal in place for him to succeed Sam Allardyce – only for the Irons to be gazumped by Real Madrid.

Speaking in December 2015, Hammers joint-chairman David Sullivan said: “We were two hours from getting Benitez and then Real came in. We had agreed a contract and everything.

“He is a top manager, whatever anybody says, and I think he’d have done a wonderful job for us.”

The 56-year-old, as we reported at the time, was also linked with Bilic’s job in the run-up to Christmas.

West Ham want Bilic to deliver a minimum of two wins from their next four matches, three of which are against teams in the bottom four – Hull, Swansea and Sunderland.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Depends what the Fat [email protected]@ka does in the summer because it may not be West Ham but Rafa will be off if Penfold & the Gimp Carr usurp him in regard to transfers

  • Wor Lass

    I have the utmost respect for Rafa – he`s brought a welcome breath of integrity to our club – but if I was a hard-bitten businessman like Gold/Sullivan I would be reluctant to go back to the guy that was so easily gazumped first time around. That`s what I`m hoping, anyway. Although it will all become irrelevant if Jabba gets up to his usual tricks once promotion`s in the bag. He`s such a [email protected] he can even take the shine off the prospect of that!

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Born & raised in Madrid & they are the greatest club in the world, he couldn`t say no

      • Wor Lass

        I know and agree with all of that – I just hope that the West Ham lot are vindictive about it. They seem like they might be the type! As I say, though, if Fatty messes him about it won`t really matter.

  • Phil

    As a West Ham fan I have huge respect for Newcastle fans and Rafa Benitez. I think he should stay and secure your future in the Prem next season. The fly in the ointment is your idiot chairman and whether Rafa can stomach him if another offer comes in. Most WHU fans are happy with Bilic but unhappy with our transfer policy (another chairman issue). See you guys next season.

    • MadMag83

      West Ham have struggled with Payet not hitting the same heights and then forcing a transfer. But Andy Carroll will score a few so I would expect your lot to be safe this season and then Bilic will have money to invest.

      Can’t see Rafa wanting to start another project unless of course our idiots behind the scenes start interfering again. A lot rides on us getting promoted and Rafa getting the players through the door that HE wants.

      • Phil

        I can’t speak about Payet without bursting a blood vessel, but I would say that if our chairmen had bought a ‘marquee’ specialist striker last summer as they promised, I think Payet would still be with us.
        We’ll get enough points to stay up and play you next season, but this has been an awful season for many reasons, broken promises. Payet, new ground effect, worst injury list ever and dreadful transfers last summer.
        I’m a big fan of Andy C but he’s only played 100 games for us in all competitions in over 4 years. He’s fragile. On top of that, we rarely play to his strength. If you get the ball to the byline and cross the ball away from the GK for Andy to run on to he’s unplayable, but we so rarely do it. Can’t wait for this season to end. Then all eyes will be on our Chairmen. They need to deliver this summer, the money is there. They even sold Payet at the end of the window when it was too late to reinvest, but maybe that’s not a bad thing given some of their other panic signings like Zaza, Calleri, Tore, Arbeloa etc.
        I feel a particular affinity with Newcastle fans because we’ve had similar up and down experiences but always turn up for the team.

  • Mrkgw

    My concern is the relative silence from the hierarchy at the club. Speculation drifts across the media and yet, they offer supporters no assurances whatsoever. It’s a very poor way to operate a club but then, for how long have we all been saying this?

    • Geordiegiants

      It’s been a concern since the fat cancers reign began, the blanket silence. Saying that, the papers will always talk about Rafa as there are now a lot of more appealing clubs out there than ours.

  • Rich Lawson

    And yet other media says Bilic will be aloud to see out his contract with no new deal on the table ! I think it’s fair to say that if Rafa wanted a move (family home still on merseyside) he would have better options than West Ham ?

    • Phil

      If he has an offer from a Champions League team I would agree with you, but aside from that WHU have huge potential if he wants a project to fashion in his own image. 66k capacity sell out next season and 52k on the season ticket waiting list. 18th richest club in the world by revenue according to Deloitte (7th in England). But as I have said below, I think it’s silly season for newspapers and WHU fans are happy with Bilic. I hope he stays for you.

  • East Durham Mag

    Why doesn’t the Mirror just fark off

  • Andy Mac

    I dont see Rafa in London, he’ll be too far away from his family in the NW. However what I do see is Fatman trying to get Rafa and his salary off the books so he can then employ a “cheap as chips” manager in the PL. IMHO the fat phuckwit will never learn !