Nobody can have enjoyed the football lesson Fulham handed Newcastle United on Saturday, unless of course you were in the away end.

However, it still holds true that losing a home game always provokes a much stronger reaction than one on the road.

No wonder when over fifty thousand have made the time and effort to pay and watch the team, only to see them be a distant second best.

Having said that, much of the reaction form the media and some supporters has been laughable.

Newcastle United aren’t some superstar outfit that have been parachuted in the Championship, instead we have a decent team and squad that wins a lot more than it loses – but is always liable to get beaten in any game, if standards drop and the opposition play well.

All of those things happened on Saturday and Fuham deservedly took the points but was it really as disastrous as some people are making out?

Here is how the Championship table now looks:

newcastle united

Now just imagine if only two results were altered.

Say Newcastle United had won against Fulham and instead lost at Huddersfield.

The media would have taken both results at face value, as Huddersfield were well fancied to beat Newcastle, having shown excellent form in beating the likes of Reading, Brighton and Leeds recently.

There would have been no over the top doom and gloom but just look how different the landscape would have now looked:

77 Newcastle

77 Brighton

74 Huddersfield

66 Leeds

64 Reading

62 Sheff Wed

57 Fulham

It would have obviously been bad news for Fulham and their fans but just how much worse would it look at the top as well.

With their game in hand, Huddesrfield could be level on points with both Newcastle and Brighton, a real three-way contest if ever there was one with nine games to go.

Results/form has to be taken over a period of time and this season has already shown that bad results are invariably followed by a win, such as winning away at Bristol City after losing to Huddersfield, beating Brentford on the road after losing at Blackburn, defeating Forest after losing to Sheff Wed, and so on.

Newcastle are six points clear of third with a far superior goal difference, I would have settled for that at this stage of the season and whilst Huddersfield still have a game in hand, it is they who still have it all to do if they are to continue to pose a threat.

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  • Rich Lawson

    But they didn’t.

    • imrevaradi


  • TheNutJob

    this guy`s been Pardewed, or it may well be Pardew

  • Paul Patterson

    I wouldve taken the three away wins for a defeat against Fulham at home anyday.
    Sadly the Fulham result was long overdue based on our home performances . .

    • Wor Lass

      Two away wins and a draw, m8!

      • Paul Patterson

        Yeah, whoops. Slip of the fingers.

  • joe mac

    hope its just a blip!

  • Mal

    It’s not the fact we lost that worries me – it’s the manner of the loss. We are beginning to get very nervy at home and are surrendering the initiative to the opposition too easily. Hopefully Rafa will sort it for Saturday and get us back on track.

    • Andy Mac

      FFS Mal, just read the article and then thumped the keyboard with “Missing a massive point here. Its not the fact we lost at home again its the manner in which we lost !”

      So obviously hugely great intellects like what we’ve got are in tandem ??

      BTW Waugh at the Chron said JJ was marked out of the game so please dont tell me we dont have a PLan B ??????