Eden Hazard is the player who is inspiring Mohamed Diame.

The Newcastle midfielder has admitted that his form has been rubbish this season, the worst of his career.

Diame says ‘it is tough mentally’ and that sometimes he has lost ‘a bit of confidence’.

With only three Championship goals & two assists and only eight games remaining, the now retired Senegal international has given Newcastle next to nothing going forward in the number 10 role.

The biggest weakness in the team, he has alternated with Ayoze Perez, the pair of them not doing enough to convince anybody that they should be a certain first team starter.

Only the failure to bring in a better option in January has ensured Diame and Perez have continued rotating behind the main striker, with Diame even admitting earlier in the season that it was only his workrate that could be keeping him in the team.

In 2014/15, Eden Hazard had 14 Premier League goals and nine assists for Chelsea, then this season he has already notched 11 goals and four assists in Premier league matches.

In between though he had a season to forget with only four PL goals and three assists, as club politics and friction affected a number of players.

Not really sure of the excuses/reasons for Diame being so poor for Newcastle but he says he is looking at Eden Hazard as an example of how to ‘keep faith in yourself’.

Unless something dramatic happens in these remaining eight games, difficult to see Rafa Benitez believing either Perez or Diame could be first choice if promoted to the Premier League, with the number 10 role arguably top of his shopping list.

None of Rafa Benitez’ other 11 summer 2016 signings had made as many Premier league appearances as Mohamed Diame and even though he was 29 when signing, he looked a brilliant signing who would definitely do it in the second tier, especially after scoring 10 goals last season as Hull were promoted.

As good a place for him to start repaying Rafa’s trust is tomorrow against his old club Wigan.

Mohamed Diame talking to the Official NUFC’s Match Programme v Wigan:

“This season has been the poorest season of my career.

“It’s tough mentally.

“Sometimes you lose a bit of confidence and you lose confidence about how you can play.

“It’s not easy…but this is football and it happens sometimes. You just need to keep faith in yourself.

“I can give an example – Eden Hazard.

“He had a difficult season last season but he knows he’s a massive player, a good player. This year, he’s back again.

“I remember that it wasn’t easy at the beginning (when moving from Rayo Vallecano to Wigan).

“To be honest, I wanted to stay in Spain before I came and it wasn’t an easy decision.

“I didn’t speak English and people were telling me that in the Premier League the contact, the physicality, is difficult, and the players are stronger than in Spain.

“It wasn’t easy but when I arrived in Wigan, I found Roberto Martinez – who is Spanish of course – and the Spanish football he liked to play, and I enjoyed it.

“I had three years there and it was amazing. We always fought relegation and to stay in the Premier League but it was good to play with Wigan.

“I will always remember this club as a good one in my career.”

  • TheNutJob

    Wonder where Mo will end up on loan next season

    • Albert Stubbins

      Blyth Spartans?

  • Gareth Marshall

    This is the second Mo beating article I’ve read on here in a week. WTF is wrong with people? The guy certainly tries, has no ego, is aware of his downfalls, seems to be highly professional, always puts a shift in and does what the manager asks.

    He is no superstar, but the stats do not tell the full story. Many times I’ve watched a game near other fans who don’t seem to notice his terrier like attitude to win the ball back, he also breaks up play really well when in the opponents half and for me does not deserve such criticism, if any at all.

    We are fans and unless players play like a certain Mr Sissoko did for us over the last couple of seasons it is our obligation to support them. There is nothing wrong with pointing out mistakes and criticising a player after he’s had a horrendous game, but to my memory, he has not had any horrendous games in a black and white shirt, simply a few poor performances which is acceptable.

    Get off his back already please.

    • Geordiegiants

      I think if you read the article, by his own admission, he has had his worst ever season.

      • Damon Horner

        I don’t think he is disputing his overall output other than it is better than what fans believe, I think what he is saying is if a player doesn’t quite meet expectations it doesn’t mean he should lose all backing from fans and be vilified, save that for those looking out for themselves and their wage packets.
        Diame is working for his team-mates, manager and fans and also based on his words here, clearly is conscious of his performances and genuinely cares about it.

    • Albert Stubbins

      I know the nerve of some people who call them selves Newcastle fans for critiscizing a player simply because he cannot pass, dribble, beat a player and make any meaningful contribution to the team- its a bloody disgrace. Anyone would think you had the freedom to comment about a player after watching him over several months and make an informed decision about his effectiveness as a football player. How dare you have an opinion about the game. all the best, A. Hitler.

      • Damon Horner

        not a bit ironic you feel upset he is downplaying the value of “your” (generalised) opinion and yet you’re doing likewise to him with response?

  • Sophie Whitford

    We’ve had a few players come out with this over the years. All very commendable, but let’s see this talk take fruition on the pitch this time around.
    A good weekend to you all.

  • Wor Lass

    Many people like to compare Mo with Moussa but I reckon that`s based to a large extent on their physical similarity. Sissoko would NEVER have come out with anything like this – criticising himself! Showing awareness of his own short-comings and vowing to do better? Diame has definitely been a disappointment this season but at least he seems aware of it and he does try every time that he walks out on the pitch – another difference from Moussa.

  • MadMag83

    Why the articles criticising our own players all the while? You’d think we were getting beaten every week! To my knowledge, we’re top of the division and seemingly on our way up. So let’s stop trying to derail the promotion push, get behind the players ffs.

    I’m getting sick of trying to educate the idiots on here, (Mr Porter being perhaps the biggest). We are in the second division, therefore you are unlikely to see world class players every week, but what you will see are players putting a lot of effort in for their team and occasionally coming up with a goal or assist. Diame is no world beater and never will be, the jury is out as to whether he’ll be good enough for the Premier League, but he’s doing his bit to get us up so get off the guys back. Rafa will decide who’s good enough, not us.