As Newcastle fans, when you are in the Premier League it is easy to forget about what lies beneath in the Championship and further below.

The ever increasing riches going to those 20 clubs in the top tier, the rich getting richer and making it ever harder for the rest to compete.

Mike Ashley somehow managed to somehow relegate Newcastle United for the second time in seven years, which forced him into the corner where he accepted he needed to accept the need for a proper Manager.

At least to get NUFC out of the Championship…

Whilst parachute payments will temporarily soften the blow, it is imperative that you use them wisely and get back up as quickly as possible.

The payment structure has now changed and payments are front loaded rather than evenly paid out, getting a far higher figure in the first season after relegation than the following couple of years.

Despite this (temporary) financial advantage, we have seen Norwich disappoint and Aston Villa come closer to getting involved in a relegation fight rather than a promotion one.

The past years are littered with clubs that have not only failed to bounce straight back up thanks to the parachute payments and have instead imploded, the likes of Blackpool, Portsmouth and others spring to mind.

Sporting Intelligence (an excellent sports finance site) have come up with a staggering statistic.

This season is the first of the new/latest three year deal for the Premier League and has seen another massive leap in money for the 20 clubs in the top tier.

Sporting Intelligence estimate that the team which just scrapes survival this season (finishes 17th) in the Premier League will get around £108m from the TV deal/league position.

In contrast, the rewards in the Championship are £5m…shared between 24 clubs!

What’s more, by surviving in 17th place, that club will also then be guaranteed a similar figure to that £108m the following season.

So whilst the Championship clubs share £10m over the course of this and next season, just that one Premier League survivor will have access to over £200m more from the new TV deals.

You couldn’t make it up.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The problem is Fatso wont spend it no matter how much the club rakes in, he`s running Newcastle like a Shyte Direct shop & if you think he`ll change you`re dreaming

  • hetonmag

    When you see those figures it makes you wonder why the people in high places haven’t lost their jobs for getting us relegated twice in 7 years.

    • Damon Horner

      because it’ll always be somebody else to blame no doubt.
      “Our signings didn’t relegate us, it’s about how they were used and we got rid of McClaren”

      • hetonmag

        Damon who put tufty, Charver, and the silver fox in charge.

        • Damon Horner

          I’m not disputing anything believe me. Just sharing one of the facts of life. If something goes wrong then somebody else is to blame for most people.

  • MadMag83

    The disparity is unhealthy not just for those fighting for promotion from the Championship but also those struggling at the bottom of the Premier League. It’s ok having £100m to spend but if you’re near the bottom you’re likely to sign half hearted mercenaries that view the club as a mere stepping stone. And if the club is relegated then those players want away so clubs have to rebuild in a short time frame.

    The money is great when you’re successful but it can be a burden if you don’t use it wisely.