In a surprise move, Newcastle fans have been told that they won’t be welcome in Huddersfield after the match tonight.

The United supporters informed that they will not be allowed in any Huddersfield pubs on Saturday night.

Not sure exactly how backward a place it actually is – but it does make Huddersfield sound about as friendly as walking onto the set of Deliverance.

Northumbria Police have passed on the message, which presumably has been a decision made by West Yorkshire Police on behalf of the local community.

Northumbria Police  via Twitter:

“Post match bars will be closed to away fans.

Head out of Huddersfield to watch boxing.

Hopefully NUFC provide a knockout blow in title push.”

Not sure what has prompted this bizarre decision, considering that Newcastle have travelled in massive numbers this season with little/no trouble.

Plus there were less than two thousand tickets allocated to Newcastle fans and this meant only those with a sizeable number of loyalty points could get hold of one, meaning that it will be a relatively ‘mature’ average United supporter at the John Smith’s Stadium today.

A bit of a blow really for those Newcastle supporters who had intended to make a real weekend of it, taking in top local attractions such as the Rugby League Heritage Centre and Huddersfield Art Gallery.

It sounds like the Huddersfield Tourism Office has an uphill struggle on its hands if this is the message the town is sending to us outsiders.

Would be interesting to see this implemented in Newcastle…

With seemingly the majority of Championship away supporters looking to make a weekend of it when their team is playing at St James Park, maybe we are all going down the wrong route by welcoming them to our great City and being as hospitable as possible outside of the actual 90 minutes of football.

Far better to round them all up and run them out of Toon!

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  • Mrkgw

    This sort of thing riles me. I hope that we stuff them and then supporters leave the dump and go and spend their hard earned cash elsewhere. The ironic thing is that their supporters would have been welcomed in Newcastle pre and post match and to return the favour like this is unforgivable. HWTL.

    • Peter Robson

      To put the blame on their supporters is a bit unfair !!
      i suspect the decision originated at the upper levels of the club !!

      • Mrkgw

        I’m not blaming their supporters. I’m blaming their whole set-up, the club, area, authorities, businesses.

        • Mrkgw

          Job done, great result. Get back home, find a decent late bar and enjoy a pint where you know you will be welcomed. Lets face it, the only losers will be the pubs of Huddersfield as it’s not as though the locals will be out celebrating. Well done The Toon!

        • terrier78

          Glad you’re not blaming the supporters, but why blame the club, the area or local businesses?

      • terrier78

        Not even the club.

  • nufcslf

    Very sad on their behalf. Not like this is based on too much trouble being caused throughout the season so far. Here’s hoping the players are aware of this and do the business on the pitch and reward the travelling fans with 3 points.

  • Harry Gibson

    What a backward place that is, a ran down and deprived Town, and they don’t want good money spent there. No wonder people think the Yorkshire puddings are thick as…….

  • Magbedsheet

    I’m sure the clubs supporters have been labelled as the worst in the country going off the stats of arrests so it doesn’t surprise me truth be told. A lot of the fans have let everyone down with scummy behaviour so everyone else suffers.

  • Andy Mac

    I have to say I enjoyed David William Thomas‏ @DavidWilliamTh1 tweet

    “Scott’s right; (for Huddersfield) think Chernobyl without the whimsy. It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from there” ?????

  • JW1908

    Calm down, the Town supporters don’t have a problem with the away fans joining us for a drink in town after, it’s the police who are making these decisions, they did the same vs Man City last week, loads of them all got rounded up and kicked out of pubs and the Town fans were fighting their corner with them (not literally). To insult the town and people of Huddersfield because the police are making a decision is hardly fair. Also, please please please, do not visit the Huddersfield Art Gallery…

  • Sing in the Leazes

    Huddersfield is still stuck in the 80’s.
    I remember the 80’s…
    I remember being on holiday in Yorkshire when I was a kid. My dad had taken me to nearly every home game in the ’84 promotion season and we were in the area for the away game at Huddersfield and decided to see if we could get in. I was buzzing. All we needed was a point to secure promotion. We turned up at this big car park beside the stadium and were walking down their equivalent of boot-boy alley looking for the best end to get into. My little sister and mam & dad and me. Suddenly a full-on punk kid with the DM’s, bleached jeans, Mohican hair and braces appears sprinting down the alley in Huddersfield colours, everyone else around was a Geordie. As he ran past nearly every fan punched him or kicked him, just to knock him off balance – he was staggering along almost falling over and the blows were raining down on him. Not from a specific bunch of thugs – just from all the ordinary fans. Almost all of them. I was a bit shocked but having been in the Gallowgate end all season it didn’t seem like it was that bad really. It was all quite casual, rather than nasty.
    Then I saw that my dad realised this might not be the right environment for his young kids and that we weren’t going in after all. I couldn’t believe it. So close. There were more Geordies than Huddersfield fans in the ground and as we got back in the car you could hear the Blaydon races blasting out from inside the ground, all across the valley. Ah man I can still remember the tears streaming down my face then, that song always gets me inside. I was absolutely gutted. Getting a lump in me throat just thinking about it still.
    Point being – perhaps they remember the last time we invaded them? It might be 33 years ago but we took the place over! And just like everyone else, we were a lot less civilised in those days.
    Maybe some senior copper who’s on the committee now was on the beat that day and wanted to get revenge.

  • disqus_GFJ5SSXQ7o

    Is The Mag or this poisonous fool Graham Porter responsible for the awful articles on this site? Hardly Huddersfield Town as a clubs fault this. Why doesn’t the ‘writer’ try writing about NUFC instead of this continuing petty dig at all other clubs and fans. Your articles embarrass NUFC fans who are not as petty as you

    • Andy Mac

      The message comes from Northumbria Police so try shooting the messenger ?

  • Wor Lass


  • Taz

    It’s true the only entertainment I saw was a guy busking with a banjo.. yep he had 6 fingers. They need to have a word with themselves…. about as much hospitality as the mackems ….cheers!!!

  • thewildchimp

    I’d be really ashamed if I was from Huddersfield… Still, no need to stoop to their level. “An eye for an eye” can only get us so far…

  • Shadsdad

    Makes Burnley look posh (and that takes some doing!)

  • Salty

    Just got round to reading this one. Went to the game with my 15 year old and we commented we’d never seen so many police around a town/ground. Seemed a fiery high fan/police ratio and everyone being searched on way in the ground. Has there really been a high level of trouble at Uddersgield games or is it just the usual overreaction of Yorkshire police? Anyway, to celebrate the result we had a very nice Chinese in the town afterwards and only saw a few bad boys getting a bit of a talkng to from the local bobbies.