Moussa Sissoko is set to leave Tottenham.

The player’s representatives are set to meet with Spurs officials to pave the way for a summer departure after a disastrous transfer for all parties…apart from Newcastle United.

L’Equipe say that their information is that talks will take place over the next fortnight to set in motion a transfer to a new club, with the French media organisation understanding that an offer of around 20m euros (approx £17m) will allow Tottenham to see the back of the French midfielder.

Newcastle accepted a remarkable £30m offer for Moussa Sissoko on deadline day last summer but Tottenham fans were quickly left wondering about their big summer transfer, wondering if just maybe Newcastle fans had been right about the waster.

For most of his time on Tyneside, the former Toulouse player had irritated Newcastle fans with repeated French interviews where he said he would have to move, so that he could fulfil his own personal ambitions and guarantee his international space, compete for honours and in particular, play regular Champions League football.

The European dream became a nightmare as despite Spurs struggling to qualify from the group stage, they ignored the talents of the former Newcastle player, only giving him one start and he was abysmal, as Tottenham crashed 1-0 at home in a vital game against Bayer Leverkusen.

When it comes to the Premier League it has arguably proved even worse for Moussa Sissoko, with Mauricio Pochettino giving him only six starts, the last of them being last year.

In this calendar year and without a league start, the Sissoko involvement has been as follows:

4 January 2017 Tottenham 2 Chelsea o (4 minutes for Sissoko)

21 January 2017 Manchester City 2 Tottenham 2 (12 minutes)

31 January 2017 Sunderland 0 Tottenham 0 (17 minutes)

4 February 2017 Tottenham 1 Middlesbrough 0 (9 minutes)

11 February 2017 Liverpool 2 Tottenham 0 (13 minutes)

5 March 2017 Tottenham 3 Everton 2 (3 minutes)

Those 58 minutes in what will be over three months of Premier League football, have been the final push for Didier Deschamps.

Showing loyalty to Moussa Sissoko despite his stated policy of only selecting players getting regular first team football at club level, even the French National Coach has had enough, leaving the Spurs player out of his latest squad.

This has left the midfielder with no alternative but to move in the summer, as turning 28 in August time is running out for him to prove to be the superstar he clearly believes himself to be.

It is difficult as a Newcastle fan not to take some satisfaction/enjoyment from his plight, Moussa Sissoko having given so little in his time at St James Park and being a major factor in the eventual relegation, scoring only one goal all season.

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  • Leazesl Ender

    Beloved Arsenal next stop?

    • Rich Lawson

      No,Real Madrid are patiently waiting in the wings !

    • Jimblag23

      The joke will be on us when he is our “marquee” signing.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Hahaha! Oops went to Spurs. He’ll be off to PSG or Italy.

  • Atilla McNamee

    So long as we continue to get our money I couldn’t care less

  • Jezza

    Selling Sissoko for £30 million was NOT a good deal for Newcastle United as not one penny of that fee was re-invested in our team. It was merely a good deal for Ashley.

    • Leicester Mag

      Sadly though it seems the money has gone straight into Ashley’s pie fund.

      • Toonrobbybobson

        How? What facts do you have?

    • Taz

      I’d have given the oxygen thief away…… bad footballer, bad attitude, bad apple.

    • Cuh736

      If it balanced the club’s books, it was good for newcastle.

      If it was payback to our owner who just forked out £50m for transfers, it was good for newcastle

      Not every penny which comes in from transfers is sent back to buy players. Its not meant to be a revolving fund

      • Jezza

        No wonder Newcastle fans are often thought of as deluded. Ashley did not fork out £50 million for players. That £50 million came out of the £80 million they brought in from selling our best players.

        • Andynufc

          Who cares where it went. The fact is nufc are well on course back to the PL barring any major run of bad results. What really matters is what Ashley does in the summer. Will he fully back Rafa with major funds needed. Or will he revert back to the Ashley of old with his flawed way of running the club.

          • Toonrobbybobson

            Thats going to be the interesting one.

          • Jezza

            On paper we are a very good bet for promotion but looking at the way the team are actually playing and our form over the past three games I have to say I’m concerned. There is also huge doubt over whether Rafa will stay at NUFC in the summer. As for your final question, well I think we all know the answer to that one.

          • Toonrobbybobson

            We just needed the international break as did Huddersfield and Brighton.

        • Toonrobbybobson

          Best players? They were rubbish and got us relegated. Id have taken a mars bar for Sissoko. Not just that but the players that used to be here created a toxic atmosphere in the squad. Good riddance. Im not deluded thanks im a very level headed businessman who can read between the lines with a dose of realism. Rafa will want backed yes when we go up but I expect season 1 if we go up will be shrewd purchases along the Ritchie, Gayle and Clark mould to survive with a view to growth in further years. Thankfully we did make a mint from Sissoko to pay for the likes of Gayle and Ritchie to turn the ship in the right direction.

          • Jezza

            Regardless of how good or bad the players we sold in the summer were, you are completely missing the point. Ashley did not put up £50 million for new signings, that money was merely taken out of the £80 million the club generated from selling players. The money did not come from Ashley.

          • Toonrobbybobson

            We all mnow by now Ashley was not going to put money in. Its the business model. Hes not an owner (dont like him as he bought club for wrong reasons) who will just invest for the fun and passion.

            The money from selling players went on players fees, agents and salaries with any left over to subsidise the loss of around £100 million say in premier league tv money. Its fortunate we were able to do so else he would have loaned the club more money and we’d have been locked into even more debt with him and no chance of a buyer coming along.

            The club has wiped its own nose. Hopefully once promoted we’ll be rid of him as we become attractive to a buyer.

          • It’s bobbi fleckman

            It’s very naive to think we had £80 cash for those players, Sissoko was not a cash deal, I think it was reported that by the time of the Townsend January rumour, we’d only been paid £4m. You forget wages and general running costs, even if we have a transfer surplus, I doubt we have made a profit this year.

    • It’s bobbi fleckman

      So, what money is financing the wages etc?

      • Jezza

        Television money, season ticket money, shirt sponsorship, advertising revenue etc etc. Newcastle United do not need to sell players to pay the wages of other players.

        • Geordie-7676

          If someone gives you a fiver, you dont have to blow it all in the first shop you walk in to…..lets see what business is done in the summer before we start declaring it a waste of business!

          • Jezza

            Very poor analogy. They had 5 months to plan and execute the re-investing of that £30 million profit.

          • Geordie-7676

            You can make all the plans in the world, but if the players we want are either priced out the market or simply choose an alternative (which is well documented to of been the case in January) then the plan goes out the window.

            This is a discussion that can go back and forwards for years to come. The proof will be the investment seen in the summer. If there is none then you will of been proven correct, but until such time as fair market value and willingness to move clubs is seen, yours is an extremely weighted argument based on selective information.

          • Toonrobbybobson

            Not only that but January is an awful window where you overpay and tend to make mistakes.

            Players dont want to take their families out of an area if their kids are in nursary or school. Lots of standard things like that. Summer is a naturally easier time.

            5 months to plan? To stay in Championship? The pool of players in January that we could have signed would have been small before you even throw in overpricing and agent bonuses.Then that club has to want to sell, the player has to want to come etc etc. This isnt championship manager where you go im having him and it auto happens.

            We have the best squad and size in championship. We have one of the best managers in the world. We are better holding fire and getting players for the Premier League if we are promoted which in my opinion is highly likely.

          • Contisertoli

            I think what we all need to remember/acknowledge is that we made a 30+M profit in the summer, after sales and purchases. Yet when the January window opened Fatso was willing to give the team a 30M “loan facility”. Yeah, he was going to “loan” himself 30M after pocketing said funds six months earlier.

            MA is a parasite.

          • It’s bobbi fleckman

            I think you need to understand that Newcastle United is a separate legal entity to Mike Ashley. £30m in transfer ‘profit’ does not mean the club will make a £30m profit nor does it mean that it had £30m extra in the bank when the transfer went through.

            You can’t look at the transfer ‘profit’ in isolation, wages and a host of otehr costs means that we will make a loss in this season.

          • Contisertoli

            “£30m in transfer ‘profit’ does not mean the club will make a £30m profit ” Huh, wha? The club sells £80m in players, buys back £50m in players…where did that other £30m go? Please don’t be pedantic and say “wages etc”. We know those costs are going to be there, they’ve been there from the start. Surely you’re not suggesting that we had no other money to pay those debts and thus had to use the profits from the sales for that, right?

            Care to comment about the years between relegations and what happened to the that TV money (and why our “debt” to MA never seems to get reduced)?

            BTW- who owns NUFC? It wouldn’t be Mike Ashley would it? I could live with your “separate legal entity” fantasy if Fatso wasn’t skimming money off the club via his free adverts for SD plastered all over the park. Money that could be had from other companies and that could be used to pay off our (read: Mike’s) debt to Mike.

            Shorter rant, MA is still a parasite, ask Rangers.

          • Delashio

            You really are an idiot.

          • Jezza

            What’s your problem now? Nobody to bully because it’s the weekend and so you’re not at school.

          • Delashio

            You are! Hahaha how can you possibly say selling sissoko for £30m was not a good deal for newcastle you utter tool? Just cos you dont rush out and waste it in the first 5 mins you dont need to go in a huff you plonker! Lol

          • Jezza

            You should pay a bit more attention at school. You might learn that there is a difference between 5 minutes and 5 months.

          • Delashio

            How can you buy players during 5 months where the transfer window is shut you buffoon! You really could do with going back to school. Ive never heard such uneducated drivel in my life!

          • Jezza

            5 months to plan, prepare and execute the re-investing of that money. While the transfer window was closed they had the opportunity to scout players, assesss the requirements of the current team, areas that could be improved upon, account for injuries to key players, make inquiries about the availability of potential transfer targets, put the feelers out, talk to agents etc but I suppose only an uneducated baboon would realise that. Incidentally Ashley didn’t rush out and waste the Andy Carroll money in 5 minutes either but some people never learn.

        • Toonrobbybobson

          What Tv money? Its a pittance in the championship compared with our wage bill. We will be lucky of we broke even and thats before considering signings albeit we sold players some of that will have went towards subsidising the wage bill in the championship inc Rafas £5 million a year. I have a distinct dislike of Mike Ashley but money wise we are punching above what the Championship gives us over a season.

          • Jezza

            Neither Aston Villa or Norwich who both came down with us needed to make tens of millions in transfer profits to survive financially this season and we get bigger crowds than both of them put together.

          • It’s bobbi fleckman

            Because they don’t have the wage bill we have. Norwich sold their best / most valuable players and made a “profit” in the summer. Villa, well, they are in a bit of mess.

    • Delashio

      Shut up moron

      • Jezza

        Don’t worry, you’ll be back at school tomorrow so you can take out your frustrations by bullying smaller children in the playground.

        • Delashio

          Whatever you say mr clown. Please keep up your idiotic comments lol

          • Jezza

            Yes because making informed comments with well thought out logic and valid reasoning and drawing on past precedents is idiotic while merely calling people names is what brings a high level of quality to these discussion boards.

  • Thom Ridley

    I don’t think he will be going anywhere. I don’t know what his salary is but no one else will match or even half it. I can’t see his ego accepting a pay cut. I can see him waiting for ‘a big club’ to come for him and in a years time spurs pushing him out on loan with them paying half his wage.

    • Himanshu Dhingra

      A world cup year I think he will have to move for his international career

  • imrevaradi

    Here we go again.. who cares about Sissoko? or any player, manager who leaves our club.
    I don’t get satisfaction/enjoyment from his plight.
    The mag needs to stop all this rubbish as it makes us look bitter.
    Let’s be positive & look forward..

    • Carlo Ancelotti

      I get immense pleasure from his plight after the way he trashed Nufc

    • Cuh736

      No harm in see I how our exes are do I though

    • Whickhamrobbie

      i agree and the latest article newcastles greatest collapse ,whats that about FFS

  • Scottpaige

    I really don’t care about this lay about one bit. I just skipped to comments section not wasting my time to read it.

    Why are we giving him space on this site???. Please give it up with ex players, managers, coaches etc PLEASE PLEASE

    • Toon Wolf

      You don’t have to read it and you certainly don’t have to comment on it.

      • Scottpaige

        Ah ok sorry I’ve have commented on someone who took this club for a ride. Lazy mercenary.

  • Desree

    I would rather read a David Pratton article.

  • Carlo Ancelotti

    I think we paid around £1.8m for him & that`s his true worth, Spurs are dreaming if they think they`ll get 20m euro`s for him

    • Jezza

      I think we were shafted at £1.8 million, never mind Spurs paying £30 million.

  • Spurs nut D

    Ok sorry lads but Ashley played you again on the Sissy deal .The real details from what i understand is Spurs would only ever pay £30 million if he stayed for the full five years .If he leaves before this the fee as far as i can find out is £17 millions still good money for a player you wanted rid of and Daniel Levy wanted to sign a player so it worked for both clubs .The reason for the five years was it showed as £30 million and Daniel Levy knew he could with his selling skills flog him for the £17 million and it would look like someone was getting a bargain.Sorry but this is the truth and if you know Ashley you will know what a man he is.

    • Jimblag23

      There would be sell on fees to us to make up the money btw.

    • hetonmag

      Dream on if you think fatso would ever agree to a deal like that when he pay’s cash up front, you were stung accept it and move on.

    • Contisertoli

      I’ll have what this guy is smoking.

    • Keeganontherebound

      Sissoko has been found out. The only way you are going to get 17m for him is if someone in China with more money than sense is stupid enough to write the cheque. Otherwise it’s not ‘selling skills’ Levy is going to need, it’s a gun.

    • Delashio

      Rubbish. Ashley would do a better deal than that. You believe whatever you want though if it makes you feel better lol

  • Rich Lawson

    ”If just maybe Newcastle fans are right about him ” ??

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    One of 3 egotistical maniacs at Nufc
    2 are gone Pardspew & Moussa. the Fat Lad remains

  • Toon Army AZ

    Not really our concern anymore. But it does bring a smile to my face.

  • Blackburn1066

    I find it strange, and at times funny when the Toon fans start having a go at the Toon fans.