One of the main talking points after the latest weekend of Championship action, was whether it was a point gained or two lost.

Most of the argument revolved around the impact other games had on that draw at Birmingham, did the defeats for Brighton and Huddersfield turn the Newcastle outcome into a positive?

Former Newcastle number nine Mick Quinn is quite sure of where that result leaves Rafa Benitez and his players now.

The Championship table simply telling everybody that United have increased their lead over the other two contenders by one point.

Quinny says that with the pressure on, any extra advantage at this stage of the season is priceless.

As for the mediocre/poor display at St.Andrew’s, Mick Quinn believes that it is a case of ‘Points are all that count now, not performances’.

The team have maybe quite simply used up all their luck earlier on, with most of the 13 away victories achieved through solid disciplined defending and then taking a chance when it comes along, before then going on to squeeze the life out of the game and often adding another goal as the opposition are forced to come out and attack.

Reading and Birmingham saw Newcastle as the better team on both occasions, though not by much.

This Rafa Benitez team isn’t tearing the opposition apart but often winning matches throughout the campaign by small margins.

Mick Quinn says that ‘Back to back matches against Wigan and Burton offer Newcastle the perfect opportunity to get six points more on the board’ and that is the true test of course.

Two wins there, then make the draws against Birmingham and others into points definitely gained rather than lost.

If these two results are anything other than wins then maybe a few people will be revisiting as to exactly how good that goalless draw against struggling Birmingham actually was.

Let’s hope we don’t have to go there and the players will step it up again and put this season to bed.

Mick Quinn talking to the Chronicle:

‘I’ve heard a few people say Newcastle United’s 0-0 draw at Birmingham City was a disappointing result but I couldn’t disagree more.

You only have to look at Huddersfield and Brighton’s defeats to see that the pressure is really on the top few sides at the moment.

In the end, Newcastle actually extended their lead even though they couldn’t win.

Newcastle probably deserved to win at Birmingham…but in the end, they couldn’t get the victory, so what they did was make sure that they left with a point.

Stop looking at the Birmingham result as a negative, but instead see how positive it was given the context of Brighton and Huddersfield’s defeats.

Points are all that count now, not performances.’

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  • Wor Lass

    I don`t always agree with Quinny but I do here. It was disappointing that we didn`t win but we pulled another point away from our two main rivals. With our wins against them and our goal difference that could make all the difference at the end of the season. I`ve said for months now that if we finish above Huddersfield we`ll go up – probably as champions. The team under most pressure at the moment is Brighton. They blew it last season and that`s bound tyo be lurking there at the back of their minds. Afetr a welcome rest we`ve got two very winnable home gamess coming up. Things should be a lot clearer in three weeks time.

  • Leazesl Ender

    ….. result…… a cr*tin being interviewed by a m*ron, why do they keep wheeling out dough boy at the Chronic as some sort of font of philosophical inquiry? Is it because to Ryder…. he is Albert Einstein!…. probably by comparison!

    When Quinn looks in the mirror does he see an Adonis and that brown stuff on his shoe is chocolate?

    Tell it like it is f*tty…. we’ve got Ashley and Charnley running the circus and conning the fans into thinking there’s a ‘Rafalution’ happening…. all it will do is buy Ashley more time….. the result will be exactly the same!#

    Ashley Out!

    • S.G.M.

      Ashley IN

  • Wor Monga

    Spot on…every point counts for every team, and more so at this level because there are more teams going for something…

    …it’s either automatic promotion (top 2) the play-offs (2-6) probably down to the 10th club, and relegation (22-24) probably up to the 16th club…they’re all fighting for something…Birmingham are, Bristol are, Leeds are, and it’s getting tighter, as other clubs get pulled into the mix…

    … if we manage to keep in step with Huddersfield from now on we’re promoted, and that point (+GD) means they need to win 3 more games than us now…so anybody who doesn’t think it was a positive result doesn’t really understand what life is like for clubs, in the ‘pressure cooker’, at this part of the season!!!

  • Trevor Reaveley

    Its always a point gained unless you’re winning 5-0 and get hammered 5-6 or thereabouts!
    I do however feel that the performances are starting to get a bit lethargic. Maybe we did need a few fresher legs in the January Transfer window to add extra oomph, or maybe it’s time to have a few youngsters on the bench to come on for the last 10 minutes with their very fresh legs and enthusiasm?

  • Toonrobbybobson

    We look like we are tiring after that tough run of games. Dont forget in some we didnt have the ball much and chased. It looks like the long season is catching up but maybe its catching up with our rivals as well. The others dropped points and we gained a point. We also reduced the number of games left. We just need to maintain that gap now. We also did a lot of hard work with our GD counting as an extra point. We should have just enough to see it over the line. The break has come at a great time for once and hope the lads are getting a recharge.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Also if you cant win dont lose. Too often toon teams have really failed to grasp that notion.