In the lead up to last weekend, I heard nobody saying that a draw at Birmingham would be a great result for Newcastle United.

A club that is in freefall, only two wins in 18 matches, a Manager (Zola) who is seen as a joke by the fans and who they want out, whilst reading comment from Blues supporters pre (and post)-match, the vast majority are convinced they will be relegated.

Just like Newcastle supporters, they all expected it to be a win for the Magpies.

Even when Huddersfield were stuffed 4-0 by Bristol City on the Friday night, I didn’t hear anybody readjusting their expectations, nobody declaring that a point would be a canny result now.

Instead I think Newcastle supporters were even more adamant that the team had to beat a Birmingham outfit that is in disarray and hasn’t scored more than one goal at home since way back in December.

This was a golden chance to go nine points clear and pretty much go a long way to kill off Huddersfield hopes and morale in terms of trying to catch NUFC.

In fact it wasn’t even at the final whistle of the Birmingham 0 Newcastle 0 game at St.Andrew’s when any/many were saying it was a good point, it was instead a few hours later when Brighton also lost, that a lot of fans/media started putting up the spin that failing to score at Birmingham and bringing home a point was actually now a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, a point at Birmingham isn’t a disaster, but it isn’t great either.

It was a poor result for the team but a lucky weekend, only thanks to the failings of others.

Who knows what will happen in the remaining games?

Newcastle’s next game is up against Wigan, they may be second bottom and in a desperate position but they beat Birmingham away only two weeks ago and have to come to St James Park and throw everything at NUFC.

If Newcastle draw with Wigan (and/or Burton on the following Wednesday), will fans/media be lining up to say they are great results based on how Brighton and/or Huddersfield have done?

Newcastle follow those games with matches against Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds, two team with everything to play for, Leeds have closed to nine points behind Newcastle. If everything goes pear-shaped then by the time we play Garry Monk’s team, we could be facing a situation whereby they are within striking distance – who knows?

I think Newcastle United are going to get promoted but Birmingham was for me our easiest match remaining and we didn’t win it – yes it was away from home but that is hardly a negative judged on how this season has gone.

The team need to show they are better than the opposition and yes you won’t win every game but we need to go into the likes of these Burton and Wigan matches with the intention of throwing everything at them, not sitting back and waiting for the odd chance to come along.

Too much has been invested in this season already, by Rafa, his players and the fans, for it to be thrown away at this late stage.

Complacency in the form of trying to spin the Birmingham result as a good one, isn’t a help in my opinion.

The players need to know that only two home wins will do when we get to April.

The key games for the top three in the first week of April fixtures:

Saturday 1 April

Brighton v Blackburn

Huddersfield v Burton

Newcastle v Wigan

Tuesday 3 April

Brighton v Birmingham

Wednesday 4 April

Huddersfield v Norwich

Newcastle v Burton

Friday 7 April

QPR v Brighton

Saturday 8 April

Forest v Huddersfield

Sheff Wed v Newcastle

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  • Damon Horner

    It was both really.
    it became a good point because of a lucky weekend. The result should have been a win considering the balance of everything but Huddersfield will be thinking the same for their game and they conceded 4 and lost.

  • Jimblag23

    I haven’t seen anyone say anything other than at least we got a point more than Brighton & Huddersfield.
    This articles arguing a point in an argument nobody started.

  • Wor Monga

    Nobody who matters (Rafa) has ever claimed it to be a great result…but any result has to be compared with our nearest competitors, and they both got beat…so in that respect it was a good outcome…

    We’ve been consistently in an automatic promotion spot probably since last October, and we’ve just faced off against 3 of the hardest clubs away from home, in a week, and we’re still on top…so perhaps Rafa’s tactics aren’t as bad as you seem to think!!!

  • goggsy

    We could have won on been in a worse position than what we are now. What matters is outscoring 1 or 2 of Brighton and Huddersfield in terms of points,then we’ll be up,that’s all that matters. If we’re at game 38 and you haven’t worked it out yet, you ain’t going to. Good luck with life.

  • Milanfootsoldiers2003

    Hi lads. I made this exact same point in the Chronicle at the weekend. This was, with all due respects to BCFC, an easy 3 points for Newcastle and we know that one solitary goal would have given us the 3 points. Yes, we know what happened with Huddersfield and Brighton, after our game, but the Huddersfield result alone should have spurred those 11 selected to go on and win this game in style and not buckle under the pressure. I personally was gutted with the 0-0 and truly thought we would have made a statement of intent going into the 2 week international break. Being 3 points clear of Brighton and 9 clear of Huddersfield would have made such a difference going into the final 8 games, wouldn’t it?? Lets hope that this mini-break can help the team recharge their batteries and hit the ground running come Wigan & Burton because I for one, will not be bothered about anyone else in this league come April 1st. It will be Newcastle’s Championship to lose and only thumping wins against our next 2 opponents at home will give me hope that we can go on and win this league with a game or 2 to spare. 16 points from 24 will take us up. It’s in our hands now!!!!!

    • Damon Horner

      “Buckling under the pressure” and “recharge their batteries”, is it the players mentality or fatigue that is the worry in your view? maybe both.
      Either way 7 or 9 points won’t be easy for Huddersfield to overthrow so I doubt it’s overly relevant.