Slavisa Jokanovic has warned his players, that after beating Newcastle at St James Park it is no good doing a Barcelona and end up losing to Blackburn at home on Tuesday night.

Whilst admitting it is more Championship than Champions League, the Fulham boss points to Barcelona dramatically beating PSG in the premier European competition, only to then lose against Deportivo who despite the win are still in the bottom six of La Liga.

Barcelona beat PSG 6-1 to progress 6-5 on aggregate on Wednesday night, only to lose 2-1 at Deportivo despite Suarez equalising.

Even with their win on Saturday, Fulham are still 17 points behind both Newcastle and Brighton, Jokanovic admitting ‘It’s very, very difficult for us to be directly promoted but we are going to try…’.

To stand even a remote chance, Fulham will need to beat Blackburn at Craven Cottage on Tuesday night, a match which is their game in hand.

To do so, the Fulham boss insists the team must forget all about the Newcastle match.

I wish I could…

Slavisa Jokanovic:

“Yesterday Barcelona didn’t win against Deportivo La Coruna after their great win against PSG.

“We cannot compare these levels but we must be focused on our job.

“We can’t relax and make some kind of mistakes.

“It is a tricky game for us and we must forget our last game (win over Newcastle) and think only about what is in front of us.

“We have our battle and Blackburn are in a relegation battle too – they’ve got a new coach and they didn’t lose any of their last five games. The characteristic of this coach is to try and play football.

“It’s very important we win the next game and I try not to look at the table too much, we could be in the top six and we could be out too- but it’s not the last day for us.

“The competition lasts nine months. We started pre-season at the end of June and we’re now in March. We’re in a good position for fighting for the top six, we are where we want to be.

“The Championship starts right now for ourselves in this short league between the seven top teams. It’s very, very difficult for us to be directly promoted but we are going to try and not be bottom of this league. We are going to push ourselves as high as possible.

“We have to fight with some teams who have more points than we have at the moment and we’re going to try and cut this distance.

“This is our fight and the only thing we’re thinking about in this moment is making sure we’re ready for tomorrow night’s game.”

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  • SH.ER

    This fuc*er need to stop comparing himself to Barcelona
    playing in a poor league like this and winning against us away is not an achievement anymore , people should know that by now ….

    • thewildchimp

      He did play at Deportivo, so I guess he was glad. (Like Klopp when Meinz won against Bayern.) It’s still a better league than the most of European 1st divisions.


    • Delashio

      Shut up clown.