Kevin Keegan has been back in the north east.

The Newcastle United legend was yet again doing his bit for a good cause, linking up with the North East’s Special Olympics athletes.

Kevin Keegan has along with the athletes re-recorded England’s 1982 World Cup song ‘This Time, We’ll Get it Right’ in advance of  the National Summer Games which will be held in Sheffield later this year.

The North East athletes will walk out to the song when entering the stadium.

Predictably asked about the fortunes of Newcastle United, Keegan says he has no doubt his old club will win the Championship and be back in the Premier League.

The former NUFC Manager says that this is ‘where they belong’ and that with the usual backing from the supporters, they can start gaining ground in the top tier once again.

If you ever needed any reminding of just how ridiculous Mike Ashley’s running of Newcastle has been, it is summed up by the fact he has treated Alan Shearer and Kevin Keegan so badly, estranging the two greatest living Newcastle United icons from the club.

Rafa Benitez is on a one man crusade to try and turn the club around but imagine if he had people like Shearer and Keegan also working inside Newcastle United to help push it forward.

Kevin Keegan:

“Football means so much in this region and it is so important that Newcastle get back in the Premier League – I think they’ll do that this year.

They (Newcastle United) will win the league and get back to where they belong.

“Then it is tough – but it’s a big enough club to carry it and it has got all that fantastic support.

“The club will be there forever – people will come and go but Newcastle United will be there forever.

They are great supporters and even when at their lowest after a bad game on a Saturday and they say they’re not going to go next week….

“Monday comes they are thinking ‘ what will I do?’.

“Tuesday comes and they think ‘I’ll probably go again’.

“By Wednesday, they’re going to go again.”

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  • East Durham Mag

    The Messiah…. enough said.

  • TheTradge

    So much love for this man, and it’s such a shame Ashley treated him with such contempt when he returned, that was the beginning of a particularly tumultuous period stretching up to the end of last season. One sincerely hopes that Ashley has finally turnd a corner and we can push on from here, however given his track record I’m not going to hold my breath.

  • Rich Lawson

    Love Rafa,but one day I dream of Kev’ comin ‘ back for that 3rd time lucky to lead us to glory ! (I know,I know b4 u say out)

  • 1957

    I’ve always been disappointed in Keegan leaving during the Hall / Shepherd time. Did he bottle it with the prospect of the share issue (or license to rob the club scheme) and a restriction on transfer spending… I doubt we will ever really know.

  • toonterrier

    If ever a bloke deserved a statue for the work he did at the toon it has to be KK. A pleasure to watch his teams perform and even when we lost still went home or back to the pub with a smile on my face. Maybe the club should bring him back to replace Chumpley but no doubt the large one would put a block on it.

  • Billy Ellwood

    I always love to see KK back in the region. Ashley’s biggest mistake was his treatment of KK. Some things will not be compensated for. Trust was blown away.