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Very interesting reaction from Sheffield Wednesday fans to complaints from Newcastle supporters

5 years ago

Interesting comments from Sheffield Wednesday fans after Newcastle were handed an allocation of only 2,350 tickets for the game at Hillsborough.

The game is a 5.30pm kick-off on Saturday 8 April and the other bad news is that tickets cost £42 for adults (£32 for 18-20 year olds and over 65s etc).

The news was met with extra disappointment, considering that local rivals Leeds were handed 4,500 tickets for the derby match against the Owls and were charged a little less (adults£39).

After the news was announced, Newcastle United reported that it was South Yorkshire Police who had decided on the reduced away allocation, although Sheffield Wednesday can take full ‘credit’ for the pricing.

When looking to see what the home fans thought, I guessed it would be just the usual taking the mick out of away fans and not caring when it was something that didn’t impact on them.

There was obviously some of that but the vast majority were sympathetic to some degree and/or keen that the ongoing issues regarding segregation and the capacity the authorities allowed, should be addressed.

Comments from Sheffield Wednesday fans via their top message board OwlsTalk:

‘They (Newcastle fans) have been whinging about getting ripped off and now they’re whinging that not enough of them are getting ripped off?’

‘They have a point. What will it take to end this nonsense.

Our club is getting a seriously bad reputation. Even if it is South Yorkshire Police (SYP) pulling the strings we should at least be focussing on fairness to the pricing of tickets for football fans coming to visit Hillsborough IMHO.’

‘When we get to the PL its going to be ridiculous

 I don’t understand why they have become so cautious all of a sudden. Not so long ago that away teams had top and bottom areas of the Leppings Lane end.’

‘This season there was Villa (had up and downstairs) for one. Leeds too as I recall. The difference on this occasion is that it’s a late KO hence Geordies drinking around Sheffield all day. I suspect that this will be used as justification. I work with a Newcastle fan and from why he tells me there will be a lot trying to get in home areas.’

‘It seems to me that rather than SYP doing their job properly they’d rather just put such tight restrictions in place they don’t have to bother.

Should be able to put away in the top of the Lep and home in the bottom and have no bother.  Newcastle aren’t exactly animals, we’ve no rivalry with them.

I get that the segregation in the North is for H&S reasons around exits but what’s the excuse on the south stand and the corners of the bottom of the Lep and the top of the Lep. 

You’d have to be Spiderman to get from the top of the Lep to a Wednesday fan in the North or South stand!’

‘Celtic vs Rangers. One of the fiercest local rivalries and they were in the same stand, separated by a line of stewards and netting covering a small section of seats.

In this country that should be as extreme as it gets.

 Why can’t we have our full allocation when we need it? Why do lengthy discussions have to take place? Why can’t Newcastle bring their whole allocation but Leeds could? SYP are lowering our stadium’s official capacity by the minute it seems!

And why, when we have a corner, do a line of stewards have walk to stand behind the goal being attacked? Even against Burton Albion who brought a coach load of people? What possibly can they be stopping? lol

 It really is mental.

 Obviously the Hillsborough Disaster is the reason. But it’s still mental.’

‘They’ve claimed “the concourses are too small so we have to restrict numbers to 3,100 on the top and 1,500 on the bottom”. What a load of rubbish, been on the bottom tier back in January and the concourse floorspace is bigger than the seating area. They ought to take a trip to Pride Park or Turf Moor and see how compact their concourses are, but seemingly have no trouble in allowing 3 or 4 thousand people to use them.

Bottom line we’re being unfairly treated by incompetent forces who are more bothered about their own reputation than they are the interests of the football supporters.

 We have a ground with nearly 40,000 seats and in January we had a “sell out” crowd of 30,500.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with the ground.

 Just give them the full allocation.

It’s hardly going to fall down.’

‘As mentioned Celtic and Rangers in the same stand separated by stewards. Was the same when we were at Newcastle on Boxing Day.

That (Leppings Lane) stand holds around 7000 fans there is no reason why it can’t be sold out .

This constant rubbish about safety is beyond a joke . The stadium has been in its current format for around 25 years with no problems . This country’s obsession with health and safety is pathetic.

It’s also unfortunate that Sheffield Wednesday happens to be in the area policed by the biggest set of clowns ever to wear the uniform as well.’

‘Half hope loads of Newcastle fans go in home areas and trouble ensues. Might make people question 1000s of empty seats in a sold out away end, plus ludicrous pricing preventing home sell out.’

‘Do you think it has anything to do with the almost certainty that when the IPCC have completed their investigation into the Hillsborough Disaster, the lawyers representing the bereaved families are going to throw in the biggest compensation claim in the history of the British legal system aimed at SYP?’

‘The stadium was used to full capacity in the 90’s so there really is no justification to restrict capacity by so much, if every police was doing the same fair enough but they’re not.’

‘Point is every club still has its numptys but we live in different times now and we are still being outlawed for what happened all those years ago.’

‘Have the club employed an independent expert to determine the safe capacity along with a plan for safe access and egress of all fans? Or do we just take it on the chin season after season. There needs to be reasoning for the restrictions and an action plan to remedy it.’

‘With FFP the income from ticket sales is massively important.

It doesn’t look like we have restricted their sales to put ours on the Lower Lep, it looks like they’ll want the Lower empty.’

‘Anyone that doesn’t believe that the club would rather have 8,000 fat geordies paying £42 each and their added income is kidding themselves, this is a local safety issue as usual.’

‘SYP don’t want big attendances, big crowds are  a chance to show their ineptness again.’

‘Absolute disgrace from SYP yet again.’

‘We’re only treated differently because of what happened in ’89. SYP/SAG (Safety Advisory Group) need to get with the times and give us control of what we can and can’t sell. The allocation we’re giving Newcastle is quite baffling.

The only consolation we can look forward to is that if/when we go up, something will have to be done because of the demand.’

‘How bad is it going to look when United have their promotion party in front of a sellout crowd and they end up having a larger attendance than us? In a league below too.’

‘What did we get (At Newcastle)….3000 seats at the top of Everest.’

‘Personally it wouldn’t surprise me if the club were doing it on purpose because of their massive away support. I’m absolutely convinced other clubs do it to us deliberately.

As someone has already said what do they (Newcastle) do for us? We get a few hundred more seats but at least they can see the players at Hillsborough, all we see at their place are little dots running around.’

‘Since 1989 we’ve had a semi final and a League CF replay.  And Euro 96 games.

 I don’t get it.’

‘With regards to Newcastle fans getting tickets in the home areas., they will find it very difficult I think.

The game is all ticket and the only people who can buy tickets are those that have an ID number that has been used to buy tickets over the past few years so unless they know a Wednesday fan who will buy them tickets they will find it hard.’

‘If they get wind that a Newcastle fan might buy a ticket in the home end I bet they’ll postpone the game on health and safety grounds lol.’

‘The best way to stop the Geordies getting into Home areas is for them to take a written English test before buying tickets as most of them speak a foreign language which nobody can understand.’

‘The Leppings Lane end holds what, about 6500??

Certain they would sell that out, (They sold out Barnsley and it was 6k) big clubs LOVE away days in Sheffield…most of them haven’t had one in decades.

 Yet again fans are the biggest losers… not to mention all the money the club are missing out on, this kind of rubbish has to stop when we reach the PL.’

Newcastle would sell out the entire away end ,and the triangle if we were allowed to use our full capacity.

 That is one hell of a financial hit we are taking because of the muppets at SYP and SAG.’

Newcastle have every right to be aggrieved, both about the pathetic allocation and our ridiculous pricing structure.

And rather than sneering at them for complaining about both the allocation and prices, we should applaud them for their dedication to the club which means they’re willing to pay the prices, much as I applaud our fans for the numbers we’ve gotten the last two seasons.’


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