You get a feeling that the penalty given away by Nahki Wells is going to be something discussed in Huddersfield for many a day.

The home side so hyped up for the Newcastle match and the stadium’s record league attendance there to see it, only for Rafa’s boys to spoil the party after only 10 minutes.

Nahki Wells says that he ‘feels like we’ve been harshly done by’ and insists ‘we were the better team, unfortunately a few decisions went Newcastle’s way…’.

The penalty was a massive surprise, mainly because it was only the third one Newcastle have had all season! Ironically one of the other two also came against Huddersfield in the 2-1 defeat at St James Park.

Nahki Wells has revealed that he went and sought out the referee at half-time to quiz him about the penalty decision, the Huddersfield forward adamant it shouldn’t have been given.

The Huddersfield player making a big deal out of the fact that it looked like the referee was going to blow his whistle when the ball hit Shelvey’s arm in the build-up to the penalty decision. Wells saying that Roger East just dismissed it when asked why it looked like he was going to blow and then didn’t.

You get the feeling that Huddersfield’s fans and players need to let this go a little bit, it is a reflex action for referees to do this any number of times in matches before they decide not to blow.

It is quite amusing that whist Nahki Wells acknowledges that Newcastle did a really professional job on them, he is still desperate for them to get some kind of recognition for being ‘regardless of the score, the better side’.

Nahki Wells:

“It feels like we’ve been harshly done by.

“We were the better team, unfortunately a few decisions went Newcastle’s way and they were clinical enough to take their chances.

“It is hard to accept but we have to move on.

“We knew it would be a tough task because the way the set up they were here for a point, not to lose, and they got an early advantage which made it very difficult for us.

“Newcastle are a resilient side, well managed and hard to break down.”

Newcastle’s penalty:

“I’ve cleared it and it’s hit Shelvey’s hand and the referee went to put his whistle to his mouth  – that’s when I shut off. He didn’t blow the whistle and I went back to try to win the ball off Ritchie, he got in front of me and I just stood there. There was definitely contact but I’m pretty sure he’s kicked me and tripped himself.

“But nine times out of ten refs give it, I hold my hands up for it but it was a definite handball.

“I asked him (the referee) at half-time and he’s said it hit his arm but his arm was next to his body. So I asked him why he went to blow his whistle and then not blow it – he just dismissed it.

“The last goal is irrelevant because we were pushing for an equaliser. then again we still feel harshly done by , how Gayle has just come through and tapped it into an empty net.

“We just didn’t have what it took to get an equaliser.

“A really tough side to play against, really hard to break down, they didn’t give me nothing as an attacker.

“They are resilient and top of the table for that reason, what they did was they didn’t give us any space in behind, no space to play through them.

“Regardless of the score, most will think we were the better side, which is one plus.

“Just one negative is we didn’t come out with the victory.

“We really only lost by one goal because we wouldn’t have given that one away if it had been tight.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Huddersfield 1 Newcastle 3

Newcastle: Ritchie 10 (Pen), Murphy 32, Gayle 90+1

Huddersfield: Mooy 72 (Pen)

Possession was Huddersfield  76% Newcastle 24%

Total shots were Huddersfield 16 Newcastle 6

Shots on target were Huddersfield 6 Newcastle 5

Corners were Huddersfield 9 Newcastle 3

Referee: Roger East

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Anita, Lascelles, Clark, Dummett, Ritchie, Colback (Gouffran 72), Shelvey, Atsu (Yedlin 82), Diame, Murphy (Gayle 66)

Unused Subs

Elliot, Hanley, Gamez, Perez

Crowd: 23,213 (Newcastle 1,900)

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  • East Durham Mag

    Well you got a soft penalty as well. Just get over it and move on mate. You lost deal with it.

  • imrevaradi

    Nakka Wells need to get over it same as (small) Town fans..

  • 1957

    In a few weeks time the record books will still show 1-3 and few outside of Huddersfield will remember this gross injustice that changed the course of world history.

    ‘Football people’ in particular always focus on things that go against them and forget times when they get the rub of the green.

  • Wor Monga

    Has Nakka Wells never heard the saying “you play to the whistle”…and that any gestures that the referee makes with his arms only signal that the game is still in progress…
    …’Uddersfield all seem to be a bunch of moaning tosspots who are lining up to have a whinge because they aren’t used to losing, on their crappy playing surface…he tapped Ritchie’s ankle in the box, and then the correct decision was made…EOS…
    …It seems to surprise them that we came with the intention of shutting them out…why not? when realistically we only needed a draw, but to close the gap they badly needed to win…
    …if by any chance we’d have gone behind they’d have seen a very different reaction from the lads, like Norwich, and Bristol did, but we didn’t so now it’s on to Reading for ‘round 3’, and hopefully more whinging from the home side!!!

    • JW1908

      “‘Uddersfield all seem to be a bunch of moaning tosspots” – get your head out of the clouds you child. You’ve read an article written by a part time journo and a few things from kids on twitter and you judge an entire club and town on that? We don’t all think Newcastle is full of dancing fairies because we’ve seen Billy Elliott do we…

      • Wor Monga

        Had on Kidda!… I’m going on quotations from the players themselves so are you telling me that they are not actually saying this sort of stuff to the Yorkshire Post and the other chip wrappers down there, then?…
        …one was even going on about the so called ‘luck’ we’ve had against the other yorky sides like Rotherham…where the goal that beat them should have been blown for a foul in the lead up…well I saw that goal (and the lead up), and it was one of the best goals this season by young Atsu…who had turned them inside out before shooting…
        …but if you’re telling me that those yorkies are just telling us porkies, then I might have to believe you…mightn’t I!!!

        • Wor Monga

          …and if it’s Billy Elliot and the dancing fairies you’re after…that’s down there in Mackem land!!!

          • Leicester Mag

            That’s created an awful image of a fat Mackem with his XXXL shirt perched over his beer gut with a tutu on.

  • Wor Lass

    “You get the feeling that Huddersfield’s fans and players need to let this go a little bit ….”

    Where do I start? It`s monday morning – 2 days later – and everyone`s still talking about the game. It`s current and the result could be pivotal for both teams. Don`t get me wrong, I`m delighted we won and I don`t really care at all if `Uddersfield fans are upset but the mag telling anyone they need to “let this go a little bit”?! Villa, anyone? Or Pardew, Townsend, Carver ……? Then there`s the ultimate from 29 years ago – Trelford Mills.

    Pot … kettle …..

  • hetonmag

    You need to get over it pretty quick son because whenever we beat someone they inevitably go on a downer.

  • Paul Patterson

    Selective criticism from Wells then. What about your own penalty? As a fan you get nudged harder coming out of the ground at full time . .
    “We really only lost by one goal . .” – Well can Newcastle add an extra three points onto the table because we should’ve won down in Nottingham but were officially robbed? No? Thought not, so shut your trap.

  • Dejy

    I can understand defeat is a bitter pill to take but it remains the truth we won and thats it . We’ve had better penalty appeals turned away by refs in the past and this is just the 3rd penalty we’ve had all through the season till now . Contentious YES/NO you had yours too but we still scored two more goals after so lets say we minus the penalty we’d still end up winners 2-1.So take your pill and gulp it down Wells

  • Jimblag23

    And I’d be a monkeys uncle if my sister gave birth to a monkey.

  • Rich Lawson

    Is that pronounced Narkey then ?

    • Whickhamrobbie

      no Nakka

  • Gallowgate1982

    when the ball crosses the goal line it counts as a goal mate so you lost by 2 goals full stop..having more possession does not make you the better team..there are many aspects to producing a good performance..huffing and puffing and having 3 or 4 25 yard efforts doesnt make you the better team…winning 3-1 does however make us the winning team and that stat is the only one that matters..time to move on

    • Delashio

      Tell that to the mag. They love nothing better than spouting out stats when ours are better.

  • Albert Stubbins

    not the sharpest tool in the box is he? a tool but not a sharp one I might add.