Huddersfield have confirmed that the game on Saturday against Newcastle is now completely sold out.

The official club announcement said that the final home tickets had now gone and over twenty three thousand will be inside the John Smith’s Stadium, beating the previous record for a league match set earlier this season, for the Yorkshire derby against Leeds United.

Newcastle United received a feeble 1,900 away tickets but you don’t quite so much when at least the home fans buy up the rest, unlike certain other clubs…

Speaking of Aston Villa, they also got an honourable mention in the announcement revealing the record crowd v Newcastle.

The club amusingly saying to Huddersfield fans who are missing out on the biggest game of their season:

‘Don’t worry’, as plenty of  ‘Aston Villa tickets are still available!’

Huddersfield play Villa on Tuesday night but it sounds like punters have voted with their feet…

Official Huddersfield Town announcement:

‘Over 23,000 people will attend the match at the John Smith’s Stadium

–    Home tickets for Town’s match against Newcastle United has sold out

–    Huddersfield Town will achieve record league gate this weekend

–    Missed out? Don’t worry; Aston Villa tickets are still available!

Huddersfield Town’s Sky Bet Championship match against Newcastle United on Saturday 4 March has now sold out!

The Club will achieve a record league gate of over 23,000 at the John Smith’s Stadium at this weekend’s match against the league leaders, beating the previous record of 22,400 set earlier this season against Leeds United on Sunday 5 February 2017.

If you’ve missed out on Newcastle United tickets don’t worry! Town faces Aston Villa on Tuesday night at the John Smith’s Stadium and tickets are still available.’

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  • Fred

    Oh the mag again and its obsession with Aston Villa, Villa don’t have to worry about Newcastle Dean Saunders says we are bigger than Chelsea Tottenham & Man city why even bother about “smallfry” Newcastle!!!!

    • imrevaradi

      Villa, Pardew, Sissoko..
      Seriously The Mag need to let go…

    • Andy Mac

      I’m not sure obsessed is the correct term. I’d suggest we’re happy to watch your club plummet down the league as you genuinely believe you’re a big club despite the fact that you close stands at your ground for home games ? Maybe you should try ground sharing with the Blues you might just fill that ?

  • Alan s

    Shocking. You must be so dull if you think thats amusing and worth writing about!!!

  • Mal

    These constant references to Villa on this site are becoming really tedious. Some people need to get out more. At this rate quite a few of us will be off elsewhere. It really does paint Geordie fans in a poor light and it needs to stop.

  • Mancvillan

    Hi Villa fan here. Not sure who you’re having a go at here, Villa for not being a draw or Huddersfield fans for not selling out despite being 3rd. FYI Villa have sold their allocation despite being sh**e all season. This non existent rivalry is becoming tedious. Fair play to Newcastle for adapting much better to the Championship and to the Toon army travelling 590 miles for a midweek game. I’m concentrating on my own team and will continue to support them whatever and will be aT Rotherham tomorrow and Huddersfield on Tuesday UTV.

    • It’s bobbi fleckman

      good luck v Huddersfield

  • Mancvillan

    Apologies for my geography more like 800 miles before someone corrects me!

  • Scottpaige

    Need to let go Jesus !!!!!!! A nothing article

  • Nigel B6

    Villa fan here, your website’s perpetual fixation with this phoney Villa rivalry thing is simply laughable, it does your fine club and loyal supporters a real disservice to keep hanging on to ‘banner gate’ in the way you do and only acts as an irritating distraction from the real resurgence of your club under Raffa. Only those low in intellect and/or those fuelled with alcohol really believe a rivalry exists; the overwhelming majority of fans from both clubs respect the heritage (and fans) of the other. Newcastle are a proud club, so are Villa, and so are many other clubs across England, so why can’t you quite your petty snipping and move on. Or aren’t you big enough in heart and brain to realise how small minded, bigoted and laughable your prejudice really appears. Think about it……?

  • Whickhamrobbie

    i agree with Nigel , Give it a rest FFS Villa are of no interest now we have played them twice and may not play them again for a while.

  • Wor Lass

    As I`ve said before, if some wag makes a funny poster and you don`t like it then make a funnier one. If you can`t think of anything then fair dues to the other guy -have a pint and laugh about it. Everyone`s (well, those with half a brain, at least) getting sick of this petty sniping. If we`re supposed to be a “big” club we don`t need to be so insecure.

  • disqus_GFJ5SSXQ7o

    Notice it’s always the same name on these petty, embarrassing articles? Graham Porter, biggest chip on the shoulder ever. Try actually writing about NUFC instead of these sad articles

  • B7AV

    Who is he having a go at? We’ve sold our allocation so it’s down to Huddersfield to sell theirs. Anyway apart from idiots like Mag I’m fine with Newcastle. Rafa has done a superb job in getting you back up. Hopefully we can rejoin you there next season. UTV