Former Newcastle boss Ruud Gullit has now thrown his hat into the ring for the Holland job.

With the Dutch now threatening to follow up non-qualification for the 2016 France Euros by missing out on the 2016 Russia World Cup, they have ousted Manager Danny Blind.

Ever the chancer, Ruud Gullit has declared:

“Anyone who is offered that (Holland) job would want it.

“I have told them I’m willing.”

Newcastle fans quickly found out that whilst he had been a great player, he was anything but a great manager.

After being sacked by Chelsea, Gullit replaced Sir Bobby Robson and only lasted a year, setting in motion a trend for the rest of his managerial career.

Making it his business at St James Park to fall out with star players such as Alan Shearer and Robert Lee, in some kind of pathetic attempt to impose his ego on the squad.

Feyenoord, the club he supports, were next to give him a chance, Ruud Gullit once again lasting only a year and sacked in 2005.

At LA Galaxy the Dutchman only lasted nine months before being kicked out.

Whilst his last attempt was in Russia with Terek Grozny in 2011, managing a stay of less than five months before they’d seen enough of him.

At LA Galaxy, interesting that he also fell out with almost every star player in the team and certain decisions made by Ruud Gullit were disastrous.

In January 2008 he insisted on bringing in his old Chelsea mate left back Celestine Babayaro who had been kicked out of Newcastle, the Magpies having to pay him compensation to get rid of him!

However, despite agreeing a three year contract, the defender was dismissed quickly without starting a single competitive match, due to an ‘extreme lack of commitment in pre-season’.

When joining Russian Premier League side Terek Grozny, Ruud Gullit said:

“I’d like to believe that I can bring joy into the lives of the Chechen people through football.

“Of course, I won’t deny that I’m getting lots of money as well.”

Sacked five months later having only won three games, the club accused Ruud Gullit of having a ‘party lifestyle’.

So good luck Holland if you decide to employ this clown, though at least we would all hopefully then be spared his ‘expert’ punditry.

If they take him on, it will be the international equivalent of Newcastle giving the job to John Carver and Steve McClaren.

The bottom line is that surely the biggest problem for Dutch football, isn’t the quality of the managers that they have picked in recent times.

Rather, it is the quality of player that they now have to choose from, with a prime example being Newcastle’s dismal relegation last season despite having five full Dutch internationals on their books.

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  • 1957

    A rewrite of history???

    Ruud replaced Dalglish and was replaced by SBR.

    Souness replaced Sir Bob.

    • It’s bobbi fleckman

      Quite, Gullit inherited a bit of a mess with far greater wage contraints than before. He had a team that were ageing and on high wages.

      I’m told that younger lads find him inspiring. He has a role to play in the game, he’s played at the very top so possibly a bit daft to dismiss him in this article.

      • heretickle

        Never underestimate the carnage caused by Kenny Dalglish. He systematically and purposefully dismantled the Entertainers. Was it done because of ego, lack of vision? I do not know, but the results were disastrous. Gullit did not have the man management skills of Sir Bobby Robson, but then again besides Ferguson (Clough, Paisely, Shankly) who does?

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    He’d do better to get his old boots out.

  • Rich Lawson

    In industry people with a history of failing disastrously generally don’t get re-employed,yet in football they cop for a huge payout when sacked and seemingly have no trouble walking into another job ? This bloke’s only qualification appears to be that he is Dutch and available ? They have little chance of getting to Russia now,why not try a talented younger manager on a short term contract and see what he can do and maybe build on it ? Football in general needs to blow this ”old pal’s” nonsense out .

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I hear there`s 89 applicants including Pardspew, Geordie John & McFool

  • hetonmag

    Can’t believe how far dutch football has deteriorated and employing this nugget would set it back even further.