Hatem Ben Arfa couldn’t quite believe it.

The former Newcastle winger watching on as his PSG team surrendered a four goal first left advantage.

Turning to a teammate on the sidelines the footage of Hatem Ben Arfa (see below) is definitely one of those ‘picture is worth a thousand words moments’ but he then utters the words ‘C’est pas possible’ – ‘It’s not possible’.

Just in case you somehow missed last night’s drama…

PSG looked to have a straightforward task after winning 4-0 in the first leg (Ben Arfa an unused sub in both games v Barca) in Paris.

Suarez gave Barca a massive lift when scoring after only three minutes last night and then when Kurzawa and Messi made it 3-0 with goals either side of half-time, 40 minutes left on the clock meant the dream comeback was on.

However, 12 minutes after Messi made it 3-0, Cavani went up the other end and scored a breakaway clinching goal, surely.

At 3-1 and less than half an hour left, Barcelona had to score three goals.

It was a match full of compelling action, with lots of quality, plus a healthy mixture of desperate challenges (10 yellow cards) and cheating.

With 88 minutes on the clock the match was over…then Neymar scored a sublime free-kick and a minute into injury time Suarez dived yet again but this time won the penalty which Neymar dispatched – it was now 5-1 and one more goal needed.

Amid crazy scenes in the Nou Camp, the ball was chipped into the PSG penalty area in the 95th minute and Sergi applied the finishing touch.

It might not have exactly been Newcastle 4 Arsenal 4 but it was a close second!

A night when it reminds us all of how brilliant AND gut-wrenching, football can be.

These images of Hatem Ben Arfa say it all…

  • Wor Lass

    You could get a job on the Chronicle with stuff like this Graham. What a great comeback, though!

    • HappyToons

      ‘C’est pas possible’ – ‘It’s not possible’ No he couldn’t! The Chron would say: ‘6 Reasons Why Barca won…’

      Then they wouldn’t mention any of the goals !!!

      • Wor Lass

        It`s true he`s got a bit to learn before he can worship at the feet of the Great Ryder in the Sky (well, it`s where he gets most of his cut and paste stuff) but come on. The boy`s got potential – that photo of HBA at the top in his PSG strip when he didn`t even play in either game is pure gold. And ” … four goal first left advantage.” is vintage Chron. Classic click bait stuff. BUT it WAS a great story so fair enough for covering it!

  • Simon Ritter

    PSG were playing against 12 men. If you think refs are rubbish in our division, steer clear of the Champions League. Barcelona qualified because they had the better cheats and an extremely dodgy whistleblower on their side.

    • steve

      That’s absolute nonsense, the first penalty was a stonewaller and the second the referee fell for a dive, other than that he barely put a foot wrong even booking Neymar for a dive.

      • gardd

        Throw an elbow in someones throat, no matter hard or soft, or put a hand lightly on someone’s back; if they go down you’ve just made a penalty.

        Incredibly stupid move by Marquinohs.

  • MadMag83

    Who the hell is Kawaza? I thought it was Iniesta who scored the second goal.

    • Geordie-7676

      it was an own goal!

      • MadMag83

        Ahh fair enough mate. I was wondering how he managed to score from there!

        • Geordie-7676

          haha would of been a belter if it was Iniesta’s!

  • Rich Lawson

    Should of played him,what was the bookies price for Barca’ Moose ?

  • Jonny

    Get him back for next season, need a number 10