Hatem Ben Arfa has released a personal statement via his Facebook page, as the frustration grows for the one-time Newcastle winger/playmaker.

Turning 30 earlier this month, the French international says he is ‘not demanding anything but simply says ‘All that I want is to be given my chance’.

A dream move has gone really badly for the winger, watching on as PSG crashed out to Barcelona in that dramatic Champions League second leg.

Even more frustrating is being denied the chance to make a difference for his latest side, with only five Ligue 1 starts all season.

Hatem Ben Arfa has only made one league start in the past four months as PSG beat Lille 2-1.

If PSG were flying then it may be slightly easier to take but after dominating in recent times and winning the title by 31 points last season, Monaco though are currently hot favourites to win the league as they lead the team from the capital by three points with only eight matches to play.

Ben Arfa says ‘it would be terrible to accept’ his situation and even though he seems to accept he will have to leave at the end of the season, he just wants to get the chance to prove himself in these remaining weeks of the season.

Despite also getting 18 appearances as a substitute in the league, Hatem has only had 626 minutes in total on the pitch.

A superb season last time for Nice, saw Hatem Ben Arfa score an excellent 17 goals but used so little, he hasn’t managed one league goal all season.

As usual, there has been recent speculation once again about the possibility of a Newcastle return with NUFC fans split as always, with supporters continuing to hold the same positive/negative views that they held when he was still at St James Park.

Hatem Ben Arfa using his Facebook page to send out a message (translated by Get French Footballl News)

“I’m not demanding anything, not playing time, not a specific position.

“All that I want is to be given my chance. I want to feel like there is competition in this team. I am a competitor, I am a champion.

“In my head, I love to win. It is difficult to accept to be a substitute.

“You can accept being on the bench if it is temporary, or if things can be turned around. Instead, it is like it was a punishment.

“If I am given my chance and I do not do well, I will leave on my own accord. I would understand. Today, I do not accept my situation.

“It would be terrible to accept this. I will not give up.

“Up until the end of the season I am going to try to force my destiny.”

  • Wor Lass

    Oh dear, another evil manager has decided to pick on wor Hatem. He was probably put up to it by Pardew! I see he`s handling it in his usual mature and professional manner – Emre will be on-side with him in no time, I`m sure. What a shame – he did really well at Nice and seemed to have rehabilitated himself. Fingers crossed he gets a move to somewhere where they love him and where he wants to be – just not at the Toon.

  • Cuh736

    Won’t mind having him back

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    To many top class players at PSG, he set his sights to high

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Wouldnt go near him. His attitude is awful though he’s undoubtably skilled. Instantly sends a bad message and atmosphere throughout a squad in training and on the pitch. Thank goodness we dont seem to have the problem at present.

  • Oldgit

    What a total waste of talent, the guy is an idiot, he is looking for another pay day, would not touch this ungrateful player. His head ain’t right. Do one

  • Andrew Grafton

    PSG wasn’t the right move, I think Hatem can only be happy when he is king, the star performer.

    He should pick his next move more carefully but given that Nice were so good and patient with him I think he’d probably look at engineering a move back there.

    Not sure about Nufc, if Rafa sees it working out I’d love it but if not I wish him luck elsewhere.

  • Polarboy

    Every one who thinks it’s never Hatem’s fault needs to have a word with themselves. How many times does he half to f*ck up with various clubs and managers for people to cop on.

  • Delashio

    The fact they aint gonna win the league by 30 points is more likely the reason he wont get a game. Everyone whos managed this lad cant all be wrong. Obviously his attitude is something to be desired or so it seems.

  • Desree

    One good season makes a newcastle player a legend. We were never this nice about Andy Cole.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      A great Striker