I have just realised that it was exactly 22 years to the day yesterday, since Newcastle United’s greatest ever collapse.

In my opinion anyway, the 22 March 1995 will always stand out.

It was a midweek Premier League match at The Dell, the longest journey of the season.

A stadium we hadn’t won at for 23 years…

Everything was going so well: a good drink before the match, the pies weren’t bad either.

The game started off pretty well and then wouldn’t you know it, Paul Kitson scores a smart overhead kick and Newcastle are in front!

I’d been here for the defeats in 1988/89 season and in 1993/94,  surely this time.

Newcastle actually played some good stuff and defended well, plus they could have extended the lead, but as the game moved into the closing stages it looked like we’d have to settle for the one goal win.

Then on 86 minutes, Pavel Srnicek was beaten by Neil Heaney…we would have to settle for a draw.

Within four minutes it was unbelievably 3-1 to Southampton, as the Magpies collapsed.

Pavel had a nightmare, could have done better for the first goal maybe and the second and third were shockers (see below).

I remember standing there no quite able to take it in, the Newcastle fans stunned as the home supporters who had stayed until the end were ecstatic.

The only positive was that Matt le Tissier hadn’t scored!

This became the third game of a run of ten for Newcastle at Southampton which saw nine home wins and only one draw to break the sequence.

It being 2004, 32 years after the last one, when Newcastle eventually won away at the Saints – a 3-0 win in the FA Cup.

Southampton 3 Newcastle 1 – 22 March 1995 

Newcastle lined up:

Pavel Srnicek

Marc Hottiger

Barry Venison

Steve Howey

Darren Peacock

Robbie Elliott

Ruel Fox

Keith Gillespie

Rob Lee

Peter Beardsley

Paul Kitson

Watch it all unfold below – have you got any worse examples of Newcastle collapsing????

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  • Leicester Mag

    Remember watching this game by ceefax stopped “watching” at around 85 mins at which point muppet house mate switches it on 1-1 then does this again despite threats of violence 2-1.

    Still though losing to Charlton at home 4-3 in 1992 after being 3-0 sticks out for me as it seemed likely to condemn us to the old division 3. When Charlton scored to make it 3-1 bloke next to me stated we are ‘cattle trucked’. How right he was thank god we had David Kelly

    • Jezza

      Yes and do you remember who scored the winner for Charlton that day? I’ll give you a clue, years later he went on to become the architect for many a Newcastle defeat.

      • Leicester Mag

        Got me there

        • Jezza

          Well let’s just say that was one he actually did manage to get over the line.

          • Leicester Mag

            Ah the silver $hit heed

      • Damon Horner

        Bit before my time but checked google and didn’t expect the answer!

  • Jezza

    I’ve seen worse Newcastle collapses. I remember Loftus Road in 84 when we were 4-0 up at half time. In the second half QPR pulled it back to 4-3 then we got a late goal to secure the win or so it seemed. QPR went straight up the pitch and pulled it back to 5-4 leaving us with 60 seconds to hang on for victory, we hung on for 59.

    • It’s bobbi fleckman

      Yep, some do-gooders had daubed paint on the plastic pitch as a protest at big Jack liking shooting and that.

  • Leazesl Ender

    You remember a pie from 23 years ago?

  • Gill Ingham

    What about losing a three-goal lead to West Brom on the final day of the 2010-11 season?
    The 3-3 draw meant our neighbours – despite taking only one point from us – finished above us with many of their fans considering it a triumph (not that they thought we were better than them when roles were reversed over the next three seasons).
    Anyhow, there’s a Slumberland season ticket as a prize for the first person to name West Brom’s hat-trick hero that day. Two if you it correctly.

    • RunforPavel47

      Was it ainsworth aka Gareth Ainsworth I seem to remember as I was at the game.

      But you can keep the booby prize, there worthless.

  • Rich Lawson

    I wish I had a quid for every time we have conceded on half time or in the dying seconds of 2nd half injury time in just the matches I have watched,it’s all to predictable.

  • Whickhamrobbie

    Why the greatest collapse ? why the negativity ? why not the greatest comeback ?,Best away win ? ,most memorable trip etc . Negativity seems the norm at the Mag at the moment.

    Come on lads lighten up FFS.